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It's a minor quibble, but "lack of depth in titles and genres" would absolutely not be true. And the Empress would not be the only one who seems to be writing books in this world, but she'd always have a coauthor credit. Remember, she's not forcibly suppressing anyone or anything. It's just that she's so consistently excellent, virtually everyone else got discouraged from even trying. And yes, she did that intentionally. So she could then teach them how to do it correctly. Correctly being her way and her way only.

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Ugh, that's even more frightening!


I was thinking like most despots she would begin censoring other voices, when in fact she's so confident that she doesn't consider other voices to be a threat!




I will make the appropriate changes.


EDIT: changes made!

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Sure, sure. As long as you're not implying the Empress had them murdered. Because again, much too direct. She'd just defeat them with a brilliant plan over and over and over again with a hand held out in, well...not friendship, but you get the idea. Until they got desperate and trying something lunatic that got them killed because she was ready for that too and just really didn't care whether or not they lived.


She's also not above "inadvertently" escalating a situation to the point where heroes have to lay down their lives to save the day. By being "indisposed" at serious inconvenient time, or "bravely" putting her own fragile, indispensable, and irreplaceable self in harm's way. Basically something subtle and manipulative that couldn't be said was the wrong thing to do at the time, but somehow it was and she was (obviously) the only one who knew.


Either way, she'd build the monument, get some good PR, and never speak of them again without being prompted.

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Let's assume I roll decently on a Sense Motive or two and a Perception or two. 


What's the general impression Gabriel/Carson really gets of the "crowd", aka the folks all around?

What, if anything, can he "pick up" off of the guy with the guitar?

What about the lady struggling to keep up?

Does he notice anyone beyond these two?

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Let's take it from the top!


The people around are pretty much normal, with the exception being the lack of anyone loafing about on the street. Absolutely everyone is either going somewhere or already there. Not a single person is spacing out, or just standing around doing absolutely nothing. Additionallly, nobody's wearing clothing that's worn out from age. For fashion, certainly, but not otherwise.


James, for all he looks the consummate slacker in his clothing, is actually quite clean. His hair is cut professionally, his nails are in excellent condition. Meaning underneath his style preferences is a consummate professional.


Honoka is essentially the flip side of James. She's wearing her suit perfectly fine for the most part, but her tie is crooked. Her hair looks great on the whole, but she probably hasn't combed it today. And for all she seems forthright in talking to Gabriel, she's not making eye contact. Not because she's lying, but out of shyness. In short, professional image, but a bit of a mess under the surface. Also, probably couldn't lie to save her life. Forgot to put it up there, but she is carrying a long, narrow bag with her.


There are other members of the IDF around, but there are only a few and they're paying the three of them no extra attention. In fact, they seem to be somewhere between police and tour guides. Not a one is wearing an actual gun, though most have some kind of weapon on them. Nobody else seems abnormal.

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KD>One other thing slipped my mind. James's headphones and guitar, while very much appearing to be those items, appear to be either really good versions or something a little extra. They're visibly techy for such regular items, is what I'm saying.


Rav>That is what I figured, but the IDF is tracking his DNA, not his appearance.


All of you>Just like KD did, you can ask me anything. If it's general info, I'll most likely just tell you. More specific things you'll need the dice for, though.

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A note about that hallway. The teleport pads alternate sides, and there's just enough space between them that you can't see into one from another. There's a little foot traffic in and out, like the private entrance of a city hall or a courthouse after lunch but before quittin' time.

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