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The Night Flower (OOC)


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For This!


Barrier and Paradigm contemplate life the universe and everything. In a literal space opera. 


Knowledge rolls [Galactic or Art]



DC 20

Lexa is a Lor species artist who has been around for several decades, possibly longer. She is a percussion-based musician and singer of exceptional standards, whose performances are outstanding - in general. She can get too "experimental" and bizarre, but everyone acknowledges her talent. However, there are some suspicions she has lost her touch recently.


DC 30

Lexa has written on art theory and has a broad skill set. She is often critiqued as being too self obsessed rather than creating good art, but this just splits the art world. Over recent years she has often collaborated with experimental scientists (aka "Mad Scientists" to mixed results




DC 20

Nocturne is a rogue planet, travelling through the galaxy in no orbit. It is cold and dark (predictably) but has several geothermal vents which allow water and heat, and even some monocellular life. There are some stations and habitats on Nocturne, which has a small business as a tourist attraction. the night sky is meant to be amazing.


DC 30

Nocturne's main person of interest is a scientist known as "The Tinker", a strange but brilliant recluse. It is he who is hosting the opera. You also know that the monocellular life form is known as "the Bloom", a rapidly changing / evolving fungus that explodes into various patterns and colours with bursts of activity from the thermal vents. Again, something of a tourist attraction, as well as a target for scientific interest

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Just a refresher:


The centre of the vent can be considered a hot environment, whilst if you submerge yourself to go actually to the vent entrance, it would be extreme heat (actually swimming into the vent would be direct heat damage). 


Just past the lake, you will have a mile or so of a cold environment, whilst any further (the bulk of the planet) would be extreme cold. 


You are also under low gravity. As a reminder:

Speed: A creature’s speed increases by +5 feet in a low-gravity environment. This bonus applies to all of the creature’s modes of
Carrying Capacity: A creature’s normal carrying capacity is doubled in a low-gravity environment.
Movement: Creatures in a low-gravity environment gain a +10 bonus on Climb checks and an effective +20 Strength for jumping.
Attack Roll Penalty: Creatures take a –2 penalty on attack rolls in a low-gravity environment unless they are native to that environment or have the Environmental Adaptation feat.
Damage from Falling: Creatures do not fall as quickly in a low-gravity environment as they do in a normal- or high-gravity environment. Falling damage is halved.
Long-Term Effects: Long-term exposure to low-gravity conditions can cause serious problems when returning to normal gravity. A
creature that spends 120 hours or more in a low-gravity environment takes 2 points of temporary Strength damage upon returning to normal gravity, which recovers at a rate of 1 point per day.


Of these, the Attack roll penalty is probably the most pertinent. The Long-Term Effects of STR loss are unlikely to be (we should only be on Nocturne about 3 days), and we can probably ignore that (always open to roleplaying something like a Gravitronil drug and a medicine roll, of course!)


Also note that environmental adaptation (low gravity) will do away with all the penalties of the above (which Paradigm has!). You can spend an HP to gain that feat for a scene (but not the entire thread!)




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You may wish to make Knowledge (Galactic) or (Current Events) rolls to spot a few faces. Eidectic memory would count!


DC 20 to spot / recognise


Fish Man Speaking to Lexa


Is the president of a Lor water world called 

Marneen who is a huge fan of Lexa and her art. His name is Munn Marneen


Horribly ugly big dog-man

A mercenary / bounty hunter called with a ferocious temper known more for his ghastly looks than anything else, called

Devil Dog


DC 25 to Spot


Red haired, Red eyed, red clothed woman with horribly ugly big dog-man

Another Bounty Hunter, called Red Spear, from a primitive hunter-gatherer low gravity world known for her amazing reflexes


Half rusted robot wearing a splendid suit and bandana. 

A very old robot turned art-critic from the dawn of the Lor empire who know calls himself 

Existential smirk mystery. He cultivates a pretentious attitude and deliberately adopts a rusted, beaten up look. If you make this roll you could theoretically make a Knowledge [Art] roll at DC 20 (trained) to understand him better


In addition you may wish to make a knowledge [Technology] roll DC 15 to note that

The serving robots are extremely sleek and advanced, well above the "standard" robots of the galaxy


Or DC 25 to note that (trained)


They bear the hallmarks of the TInker (unsurprisingly). They have no weapons but clearly are physically very able
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I forgot to post this; an optional notice roll for Paradigm: She gets a +2 Bonus to this because of her supersense


DC 20

You hear and/or see (your call) that Lexa has significant and advanced high tech cybernetic equipment in her vocal cords / mouth. This includes the ability to project her voice in volume, direct it perfectly, and communicate in a wide range of frequencies (hence, your ultrasonic hearing might pick up some faint ultra high / ultra low frequencies



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again, another Galactic Lore Roll, with +4 for Eidectic Memory. 


Dc 20

you recall Kit Klikk as a rather underwhelming member of the Star Knights. An insect by race.


DC 25

You also recall Kit has an interest in art and performance, and has had a few missions protecting artists, archeological missions, and so on. Presumably why he got the invite


DC 30

You recall details of his escapades. He is a fair Star Knight, although some have called him unduly sensitive and emotional. He is an insect by race, of a low gravity world, with a closely knit hive of workers. Some have suggested removing Kitt from his hive was a rather unsettling or depressing trauma for him

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Barrier (and for that matter Paradigm) may have heard of Zaul Zeno


Its probably a DC 15 Galactic lore to have heard the name. DC 20 for details. As its not that critical, Ill trust you guys to make a roll and take an estimate about how much you know. 


On another note; because of the nature of the whole thread, Ill just sound you out; are your characters romantically linked to others (I presume not each other, but that's always possible), and if not, how would you feel about NPCs in this thread falling in love with you guys (nothing sexual, and within the parameters of the thread - i.e. not magic love at first sight, but some romantic attraction)? Whilst it may or not be relevant, I suppose romantic orientation of your character may be good to know. No need for this element to the story at all, I'm just pinging you for your thoughts. 

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Thevshi, could you make a CHA roll? (ok, technically an untrained Perform [oratory] roll...and yes, technically perform is trained only, but screw it, I view trained as reasonable for playing the flute, but not for acting, oratory, or comedy...)? :)


Also, can Paradigm make a WIS roll, DC 20 at this stage. However, if she makes DC 15 on her oratory roll she can have a +2 situational modifier, if she makes DC 20 oratory she can have a +5 situational modifier. 

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Initiative: 1d20+11 17


Ok, so Paradigm will arrive on Round 3 (Feel free to post IC to resume search Thevshi, or if you want I can add in Sphere updating you). Might be worth making an initiative roll for Paradigm for that Round. 


This is not a straighforward combat, stuff will happen. On that note, can Barrier make an untrained DC15 know (Tech) roll to estimate when the Deep Wave will take off


DC 15

Round 2


Round 1:


20 - Barrier

17 - Robot

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Okay, so her Standard Action is a

AP: Create Object 12 (Impervious 10; feat: Selective; Flaw (Only create defensive barriers); linked Mind Shield 4 (extras: affects others; area; power loss: only inside protective barrier) 34/34 (spirits)


Move Action is, I guess, moving to the ship depending on how the Initiative we're doing is going, otherwise she's taking none. Unless you want me to roll for her talking.

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