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The Night Flower (IC)


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CoVic Station


The robot was an sphere of metal a few feet across, decorated with beautiful engraved patterns. It was a work of art. Literally. 


It was owned, and sculpted by the famous and eccentric Lor artist known as Lexa. She was a musician and performance artist, one of the best in the known galaxy, but obscure and erratic. Little or nothing had been heard from her the past few years, but now the galaxy was abuzz with the rumours that she was unveiling a new experimental opera called "The Night Flower"


The Sphere ceremoniously and silently floated to Barrier and Paradigm. One could imagine it bowing, if a perfect sphere could do such a movement. 


Its voice was perfectly soft, low and rumbling, with a lovely inflection. 


"I am Sphere. Thank you for hospitality, dear friends. I have come at the behest of Lexa to invite you to the once only showing of The Night Flower, on the planet Nocturne. I hope you can represent the Praetorians, their noble history, their epic saga, and their everlasting philosophy"

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Amara Val-Ren had watched the small sphere with interest after it had been directed to her after requesting admission into the Praetorian’s headquarters on CoVic Station.  The Naram was dressed in the costume she wore as Paradigm, the Imperatrix of the Praetorians, a full length white bodysuit with black diamonds patterns on the shoulders, upper chest and back, which were surrounded by golden yellow trim.  Black gloves covered each hand, going up almost the length of each forearm, and her black boots went halfway up her calves, each with similar golden yellow trim.  A long black cape draped down her back toward the ground. 

Although it had only been a few standard galactic years since she had been revived from cryogenic sleep on the Curator's ring world, Paradigm had heard of the eccentric Lor artist Lexa.  But her familiarity with Lexa was primarily in passing, given the relative lack of leisure time since the end of the Incursion.   

She also was generally familiar with Nocturne, a rogue planet that was something of a small tourist attraction.  Once again she had not had much in the way of time to venture toward the path of the rogue world, she did have an interest in galactic cartography, given her ability to travel among the stars under her own power.  

When she had first become a Praetorian, Amara had been able to just fill the role of one of the many powerful defenders for the ancient empire they defended, able to focus on the missions assigned her and leaving the missions behind during down times while she waited for the next.  But since she and the surviving ancient Praetorians had been awoken in this millennium by the Curator, she had found herself in a position of leadership that had formally belong to her elder brother and other senior Praetorians.  As a result, not only was she having to constantly focus on the current threats and missions to which she assigned Praetorians, but she was called upon more and more to act in a more diplomatic role. 

However, this invitation was a bit more unusual than many of the events she found herself attending.   

"Greetings Sphere, I am Amara Val-Ren, also known as Paradigm, current Imperatrix of the Praetorians."  She replied with a slightly formal tone, giving the small device a slight bow in greeting.  "We are honored by Lexa's invitation to this event, and would be privileged to attend as the Praetorian representatives." 

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While Kresh has always had some interest in the arts, she could still feel the effect of having missed 2 millenia of culture. She didn’t have much time to catch up, between her assignments as a Praetorian and travelling the galaxy in search of whatever happened to the other Lyankans, a task that continued to get more and more frustrating as she continued to not find any evidence whatsoever.


This mainly meant that her knowledge of current phenomenons was rather limited. She would probably have heard one of Lexa’s songs at some point, if she really was this well known, but the name did not ring any bells to her. She would just have to see then, and perhaps do some research beforehand. The idea of an opera sounded intriguing nevertheless.


Compared to that of her Imperatrix, Barrier’s outfit was a lot plainer. A, surprisingly sleek for its size, helmet covered her face, giving little indication of her emotions. Protecting her torso and legs, a similar set of white armor, polished as always. Perhaps the thing that stood out most was on her back, her shield easily as tall as most galactic citizens.


“I too extend my greetings. I am looking forward to representing our group, and to learning about Lexa’s art.”

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The Sphere sparkled and glowed a moment. Interestingly, its ambient light seemed to compliment its speech, in so much as it reflected what one presumed was its mood. With the complete absence of facial features to augment communication, the effect of light and sound together was impenetrable but soothing. 


"We will be most pleased to have you present at the opera"


Sphere had arrived in a fast and sleek shuttle, without armour or weapons, simply designed to get from point A to point B as fast as possible (or, arguably, to bend space so that point A and point B where in fact the same), and to do so in comfort. One might imagine the Silver Bullet (for so it was named, thanks to its speed and hue) might also be designed to evade sensors and detection if one construed its architecture and materials as there for stealth rather than art. Nevertheless, it would be a quick and comfortable ride. 


"Would you do us the honour of providing transport?" asked Sphere. "We have some complimentary Oogian brandy, very rare and quite popular with organics I understand". 

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"I am afraid our limited number of spacecraft are either all in use for missions or needed here in case a new situation arises which requires a response from the Praetorians."  Paradigm replied as she and Barrier walked along side Sphere back toward the hanger that in which the Silver Bullet was currently docked.   

Once they were aboard, the Naram took the pilots seat of the shuttle, quickly preparing it for departure from the station.  At the offer of the Oogian bandy, Amara shook her head.  "I thank you for the offer, but alcoholic beverages are of no effect on me."

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"As you wish" replied Sphere, floating silently. "Perhaps some music? Might I suggest Septuplets in Sevens? Apparently it formed the foundations for the Night Flower" suggested the Sphere. 


Through the speakers, softly, came the piece. It was complex, an acquired taste, using the most intricate and obscure time signature, but despite its oddity, it had (at least, to some ears), a beauty. 


The Silver Bullet itself was a beautiful ship inside, and handled well. Its speed was excellent, both in normal space and through the dimensions of hyperspace. It would be an hour at most before they arrived at Nocture. 


As they sped through space that was not space, Sphere floated two the two Praetorians. "Whilst we traverse the galaxy, I am at your service. I was designed by Lexa herself, although not built by her. I am, apparently, quite the work of art" sparkled Sphere, apparently polite and happy, with glowing embers floating over its metal skin. 

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Barrier quietly walked along with Paradigm for now, letting her handle the diplomacy. Kresh wasn’t terrible at talking, but usually that involved making an entrance and telling people to get out of the line of fire, not speaking about art. So, wherever this opera would lead them, it would prove to be quite interesting. Perhaps she would learn something new.


Getting into the shuttle proved to take some effort, as was usually the case with any spaces designed to be rather small. But, once she was through the door, she had enough space to actually make herself somewhat comfortable. The music was quite interesting. It felt exotic, strange, but also familiar in a way. Some of the tones that made up part of it felt similar to what had been considered to be popular music back on Lyanka. Them, mixing with the rest of the sounds, made it quite interesting to listen to.


“I have heard good things about Oogian Brandy, so if it is not a problem I will agree to a single glass. I doubt the alcohol has any effect on me, but I am intrigued about it’s taste. Can you tell us anything about the Night Flower? I do not ask you to give away information, just inform us of it's general direction, if that is possible.”

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The Oogian brandy was served in a small wooden flask. The Oog, it transpired, were a primitive simian species on a distant jungle planet renowned for tribal wars and excellent brewing. The brandy had an brusque harsh texture and was more interesting than pleasant. It would linger on the palate for hours. 


"I am afraid I am not privvy to the Night Flower" replied Sphere, smoothly. "Lexa keeps her works quite close to her chest, working with a small group of fellow artists and automatons to construct the opera itself. I understand it will run continuously for three days, although most of it is more a fixture, with background music and images, rather than the story itself. The piece is interactive, with the audience being present for its major events, whilst in between these events they can peruse the piece, as if one would stroll through an art gallery" explained the robot. 


"The premise of the Night Flower is a fragile and beautiful flower that blossoms when the sun sets, only for one night, and despite its brevity and fragility it is alive, and all that behold it experience love. At least, that is the official word" said Sphere, politely. Whilst Lexa was known for grand advertising, she usually threw up surprises, some of which were not much appreciated. 


"But you may of course ask Lexa herself. She is awaiting you on Nocturne and will meet you personally, although..." came a soft electronic chuckle and witty sparks "...you will find her more cryptic than me, I would think". 

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Amara was hardly the most skilled pilot among the Praetorians, not much of a surprise given she could traverse between the stars under her own power easily enough, but she had been trained well enough she could handle the shuttle.  For the early part of the flight, she had been busy getting them on course, just listening to the music Sphere had put on and the small robot's response to Kresh's question. 

Once they were well underway with their course set for Nocturne, the Naram turned around in her chair to face her teammate and their robotic host.  "It sounds as if Lexa has prepared a very intricate presentation for a complex story.  I will be interested to see how it unfolds."

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And it seemed it would not be long. The Silver Bullet fired out of hyperspace into orbit around Nocturne. 


It was a cold, dark world, in cold, dark space. One could only see it as a silhouette against a sky densely cluttered with stars, thanks to the proximity to the galactic core. And the stars were beautiful. 


Nocturne, a planet with no sun. Its atmosphere breathable, its gravity low. Terrible cold in most places, but several dozen massive geothermal vents that melted the ice and could even create steaming scalding geysers. 


The Tinker had housed himself in one of the best spots, a vent not too large, not too small. As the Silver Bullet descended almost silently through the clear atmosphere, his home could be seen from the lights. One could even make out the magnificent opera stage that had been built, next to a lake of pleasantly warm water that bubbled in places. 


The Tinker had named this place Triton, after an Earth mythology that he seemed to be familiar with. It was glass and chrome and quite beautiful in a cold lonely way, as befitted the Tinker himself. In contrast, the Opera stage, designed by Lexa, was full of colour and textures. Woods from a thousand worlds, quilts, textiles, and dyes from more. 


The Silver bullet floated into dock. Amara may have not been the best pilot, but she was good enough to slip easily into the bay, and she knew the ship handled superbly. 


"We have arrived" said Sphere, glowing warmly. "Some normal tourist advice. Outside the lake, the planet is extremely cold. The atmosphere is quite breathable, and no precautions need be taken. However, the whole planet is low gravity for most species, so please mind your step!"


"We have arranged living space on Triton, which you are free to check into. There is also an observation hall in the base, with a view of the Opera, although for the main performances, the best position would be in the open air. We have arranged an elevated box for you. I believe there is already a number of guests at the hall, where drinks and refreshments will be served. You might even catch Lexa herself there"

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Barrier enjoyed the Brandy with slow sips every once in a while. It was truly as good as she had been told, an experience. The flavour was something different from what she usually tasted when it came to alcohol. She didn’t drink much nowadays, but bars still were the main spot when it came to finding information, a galactic constant it seemed.


“Three days? That is quite a long piece. It does sound intriguing, I have to agree. An interactive opera. I am looking forward to meeting Lexa, it sounds like she is quite the personality. Cryptic, you say? Interesting. ”


Then, as the planet approached, Barrier took a closer look. A rogue planet. A rare sight. She had made a few interesting experiences on one before, in times past. These planets still fascinated her in more ways than one. So far, she had only heard of ones created through actions in space, but was it possible to perhaps artificially change a planet’s orbit? It could be what her people had …. No, this was not the time for that. This was an official Praetorian Mission. She needed to remain focussed.


“Thank you for your advice. I do not believe those should be an issue, but we will keep it in mind. “


As the door opened, Barrier got ready to step through. The first one to enter, the last one to leave. It had always been like that, and just because this appeared to be a diplomatic mission, that did not change.


“Imperatrix, your call. Where do we head first?”


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Amara took a moment to look out over Nocturne as she brought the shuttle into the planet's orbit to begin the landing.  As a member of the Praetorians, two thousand years ago and in the present time, she had visited hundreds of worlds.  Nearly all had a beauty about them, and Nocturne was no different.   

As she brought them down to land, Amara glanced down at the intricate stage that had been created for the opera they were to attend, appreciative of the effort that went into the production.   

When they had set down and prepared to debark, Sphere provided some warnings about the planetary conditions, although for Amara they were not of any concern.  "We thank you for your hospitality and the cautionary advice."  She replied to the small robot as they exited the craft into the Nocturne atmosphere. 

Looking up at her towering teammate, Amara gave a small smile.  "I do not believe we need to be quite as formal while we are here Kresh.  Amara would be fine, or even just Paradigm." 

Turning back out to the facility before them, she then added, "as for our first destination, I do not believe there is any pressing need to go make our way to the living quarters that have been set aside.  So we should likely not delay in meeting our fellow guests, and possibly our hostess as well."

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Trident Hall


The panoramic glass hall did indeed offer a magnificent view of the opera, where it seemed the final preparations for the opening were going on. There were fifty people, at a guess, gathered. Drinks were being served, alongside a variety of foodstuffs for various palates. Some were clearly delicious, some clearly repulsive, according ones olfactory system. There was, however, a slightly synthetic quality to it all - perhaps unavoidable, on a lifeless world. 


A few faces were recognisable. Famous artists, famous politicians. Most were not. It was a big galaxy, after all. The Tinker (and nobody was quite sure what he looked like), was not present - or at least, could not be seen. Several robots manned the foods and drinks, tall, slender chrome robots with red eyes, smooth movements, and silent politeness. 


"There she is" said Sphere


Lexa herself was a slender, slightly short woman with white skin and black robes that clung and flowed in a pattern that was somehow both revealing and concealing at different moments and angles. She was Lor, but looked (bar her tone) fairly human. Beautiful, perhaps, in an unconventional and fragile way. What was not fragile was her magnetism, for the social atmosphere bent to her gravity. She was holding a clear fluid drink and chatting to an enraptured Fish-man. 


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At first, Barrier didn’t seem to be quite sure how to react. Instead, she simply looked around the area they were in, judging the room. After a few seconds, she spoke regardless, sounding a bit unsure.


“Of course. Please excuse that, I am still used to the old way of things. “


The low gravity environment seemed to affect her somewhat. It wasn’t a complete lack of experience judging by the way she moved, just the fact she wasn’t used to it anymore. Her steps were a bit slower than they already were, even if that hardly stood out. Moving along, she seemed just the slightest bit on edge. This was a Praetorian Mission, and a diplomatic one at that. There was no need for it, but still, perhaps out of habit, whenever she acted in an official manner, she was just a bit more attentive to any potential attacks.


Either way, once they arrived at the Trident Hall, Kresh managed to take her mind off of it. It was quite the event. Of course, like with most of these, she stood out, towering over the crowd, but that also meant she would have a better view towards the stage, at least.


“You are better at the diplomatic side, you make the introduction. I will have a quick look at the foodstuffs, then join you, unless that poses a problem. “

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There was a long bar of white ceramic and steel, behind which, a range of expensive drinks in expensive bottles. Several synthetic food dispensers plugged away, providing tasty delicacies for those that wished them. Quite the rainbow of aromas for Barrier. 


Most of the work was being done by the half dozen chrome robots that walked like cats amongst the hall, but directing them seemed to be a nervous little man. 


He was probably only four feet, if that, wizened and grey, with the occasional tuft of white hair. An undiplomatic soul could call him a shrivelled little gnome. He was clearly nervous and deeply uncomfortable, polishing the bar and keeping an eye on the robots. He had an intense stare that he instantly averted when catching somebodies eye. He was not, it should be said, the most charismatic of souls. Quite the oddity amongst the smooth, rich, famous and handsome that trod the hall. Even the chrome robots showed more charm than he. But he did seem to be good at polishing, a knew precisely where every one of the hundred plus drinks were, plus exactly what species it would suit. 


"Yes Madam, how can I...guh...help?" he squeaked at Barrier. Unfortunately by mischance the four robots beside him had all wandered off in a masterpiece of bad timing, and he had to attend to a guest himself. 

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Barrier took careful steps through the room, making sure that nobody was disturbed by her presence. All the while, she continued to look at the assorted crowd, to learn some people’s faces. She didn’t know any of them, but just knowing how people looked always came in helpful.


As she approached the bar, she tried to get a first look at just what it offered. This was, by all intents and purposes, the most choice she’d seen in a very long time. She slowly approached, and seeing how nobody else was currently occupying it, went to the counter.


As she was asked, she took a second to think of a response, doing her best to look nice and not threatening. Which wasn’t entirely easy considering she still was wearing her helmet, making facial expressions nigh impossible, but she’d learned to at least try. And then, she responded, doing her best to speak with a soft voice.


“Greetings. A carbon-based one please, bitter yet sparkling, if your awe-inspiring collection contains something along those lines? Otherwise, do you have any suggestions?"

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the shrivelled bar looked nervously at Barrier but seemed at least to enjoy the brief distraction of racial and palatal analysis. With a little peer and rub of his nose he proclaimed "Lyanka! Why, I haven't seen your kind for..." he trailed off, looking sad for a moment. 


"I believe you will find a drop of Terran Gin rather satisfying. Bit of a backwater world, not really part of the galactic community. Still using fossil fuels hahaha!" he shook his head in despair at the mere prospect. "That said, they have a plant called the juniper bush. Its berries can be fermented at...."


There in followed a precise and exhaustive description of the chemical reactions, temperatures, conditions, and methods of fermenting Gin. Despite the mans clearly excessively comprehensive knowledge of the process, it was - in honesty - a deathly dull speech, and was in danger of becoming a vexatious lecture, if he had not stopped himself, averted his gaze again in a downward manner, and finished off...


"...and err...anyway, here is your Gin, madam"


In any case, the strange little man had chosen astutely; it was perfect for a Lyankan nose. 

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Amara looked out over the crowd of guests a moment, carefully making an initial glance at those gathered around.  While she had attended functions such as this back during the height of the Delzatri Empire (and ones far larger), they had not been her most comfortable setting.  But that hand changed during the Incursion and since, as she had been required to take on a more diplomatic role in dealing with galactic leaders.  Time spent with Elite and Ambassador Th'emme had helped her hone her skills in such settings.   

"No, that will be perfectly fine."  She replied to Kresh when the Lyankan indicated she was going to see what there was in terms of food. 

As her teammate moved away, Amara started forward as well, noting a few recognizable faces out of the crowd in addition to Lexa herself.  The aquatic humanoid speaking with Lexa was a leader within the Lor Republic she recognized. 

Then there where the two bounty hunters, Devil Dog and Red Spear, who certainly stood out among the crowd, but that was not completely unexpected, given Lexa's reputation.  Amara had encountered her share of bounty hunters, both in the past and since she had awoken, and they could range from freelance law enforcement officers to little more than hired guns for criminal syndicates, with some shifting between the two extremes regularly.  

Starting off in the direction of Lexa and her aquatic companion, Amara moved smoothly through the crowd over to the pair.   

"My greetings Lexa, President Munn Marneen."  She stated as she reached the pair.  "I am Amara Val-Ren, also known as Paradigm, current Imperatrix of the Praetorians."  She gave a slight bow of her head to the two. 

"My teammate and I are both greatly honored for your invitation to attend your latest production."  She added, focusing on the Lor artist. 

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"Aha" bubbled Munn Marneen. His vocal chords were filled with the thin mucous liquid of his species, giving his voice an unusual flavour - one which was not always easy to understand. He spoke and understood Lor and several other languages perfectly well. 


"Yes, I know of you well. Historically as well as currently. A man of my position has to you know" he gurgled. "And let me introduce to you the magnificent and beautiful Lexa!" he fawned, almost dribbling at her. 


If Lexa was awkward over Munn's sycophancy she did not show it. Cool and warm, hypnotic. Her voice was perfectly modulated, projected and rich. 


"Thank you"


She paused, enough to be cool. Her white eyes with black make up met Amara's, scrutinising her. 


"I, myself, do not pay so much attention to the Galaxy. At least at that level. But i do known of Paradigm. As a figure. What I don't know is Amara the person. A woman of two ages" she explained. 


"I wonder what you will make of the Opera. I wonder...." she paused, tapping her mouth thoughtfully. "...tell me, what does a woman with your gravity, your power...what does she love most in the world? I don't mean honour, or duty, or sacrifice, for surely these things are your agenda, but what makes your heart sing?" she asked. "This is the question of art, I think. To find meaning in even the meaningless..."

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The mention of Lyanka seemed to wake something within Barrier. Whereas before, she was simply standing there, doing her best not to look intimidating, she now seemed a lot more active. Everything told her to interrupt the bartender, to figure out what he knew. But, judging by the event she was at, and common courtesy, that seemed like a bad idea.


So instead, she simply waited for him to finish talking. She’d heard of Terra a few times, there seemed to be a fair bit of activity originating from there. But she’d never visited herself. It was interesting to hear that it had not yet moved beyond fossil fuels, something she’d not expected considering what she’d heard.


As the man finished talking, Barrier took a closer look at what she had just gotten, before picking it up and taking a first sip. It was just right, just what she had been looking for. She gave the bartender a friendly look, as good as that was possible, before replying.


“Thank you. This tastes quite good, just what I have been looking for. Could you please get me another one, for my lead- …partner? Oh, and also, tell me, what do you know of Lyanka?“

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The small man nodded, head bowed, and promptly whipped up another gin served (as previously) with ice cubes scooped from an asteroid. It was, of course, just plain dihydromonoxide. But it was artistic. The cost was ridiculous, of course, but everything on this strange planet was free. Either you had an invite, or, as was the case for many of the guests, you paid the fee for a ticket. And the fee was eye-watering in expense. 


Of course, no one actually knew where the water came from. 


The small man seemed to be calming down slightly. Still edgy, but less jittery than before. As the chrome robots scuttled around, serving everyone else, he had seemed to drum up the nerve to actually speak to someone. Namely, Barrier. 


"Lyanka? Well, that was a long time ago. Memory...well...yes. It was sad. A planet, a sun. They tried, you know. Tried to save it. Did everything. If only...well...if only they had asked for help...if only they had trusted..." he shook his head. 


"Ah. Lyanka. Yes, very sad". 


The man actually wiped a tear from his eye. 


"Why, you made me cry!" he said, looking at the tear on his finger with a genuine smile, as if he was happy to feel so alive, even if it was alive with sadness. 


"Tell me, if you don't mind" he asked the tall alien. "Your race is long lived, yes? And very few of you around, now. Don't you get lonely? No family, no kin?"

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Everything she’d been told so far was something she’d heard before. Yes, Lyanka had been destroyed quite some time ago, even on a galactic timeframe, but some select few species survived long enough to remember it first-hand. And many others had observed it and kept it in their history books, as a warning. It was nothing new, but perhaps he knew something Kresh had not yet heard of. Even if he wasn’t the best discussion partner.


She set down the drink she held in her hand on the counter once more. Then, she replied, not showing a lot of emotion in her voice.


“I am not sure. I have not met any of us ever since waking from stasis. But even before, I had not seen them for some time. The Praetorians were a large commitment, and time off was rare. And what little I had, I was usually busy with other things. “


As she talked more, her voice became slightly excited. She spoke faster than before, clearly trying to get whatever she could learn out of this man.

“But tell me, what else do you know? You mention there still being few of us around? Does that mean I am not the only one? And what about Lyanka? What do you remember, what do you know?”


She stopped for a second afterwards, before realizing what she had just said, how she insisted on asking this poor man this many questions. And then, she continued, having gone back to her previous tone.


“Please excuse that. I am very interested in potentially learning new things, but I hope I am not disturbing you. “

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The Barman gulped. "Ah..." he said nervously, again averting his eyes. "Well, you seem to have answered my question. You must be lonely, at least of sorts. For that, I am truly sorry. Loneliness is a noxious thing, it creeps into the heart and kills it by slow petrification". 


"Some escaped, yes. Of course. Most did not. And even those who escaped, well, they died - of old age, broken hearts, of emptiness" he explained, again sad. Although there was a hint of anger there, to. As if the history vexed him personally. Understandable, of course. It was a vexatious event. 


"Some went mad. Left this galaxy. Some stayed. Transformed. If you feel you are alone, singular, then transformation can appeal. A way of belonging. Be it by religion, cult, or affiliation. Or, sometimes, by changing your very cells, your bones and flesh" he answered. "I have seen that, too. I have even..."


He paused, pressing his hand to his temples. 


"Ha. You make me feel alive again. I...don't talk much, you see. Something wrong with me. I am most at ease around these robots, but there is always something missing, even if that missing thing is what also terrifies me. Mph. This is why I need Lexa around. To connect..." he mused. 


He shoved another Terran Gin and Asteroid Ice towards Barrier. 


"For you, I think, the years have not yet ground you down with loneliness. Pray they do not. Have you found something to live for?"

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Amara would have been a bit surprised if Munn had not at least heard of her, given his position.  As for Lexa, the Praetorian had given even odds on how much the artist knew about her. 

Amara met Lexa's gaze with a friendly one of her own, rather expecting behavior such as this given the artist's reputation.  She gave a small smile at the Lor woman’s questions.  "I would certainly not say I love honor, duty or sacrifice.  Value them to be certain, for I would have been ill suited as a Praetorian if I did not." 

"As for what makes my heart sing…that is an interesting question."  She then continued.  "Once, long ago, I would have said that it was my people and my family.  Now, I would likely say that it is my fellow Praetorians, those who are all that is left of our collective past, and those who have chosen to join us since our reawakening."

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Lexa gave a soft and warm laugh. "Ah! A kind of family, then?" she replied. "Your race is long lived, if I remember. Long enough to start a second family after the first one has gone. Maybe even several. So you have assembled a jigsaw family, from the past, and from the now. A buttress, a foundation". 


Lexa spoke in a whimsical manner, not always paying attention to whom she was talking too. She seemed to listen intently and then reply to nobody - except, perhaps, herself. 


"I think you should find the Opera interesting then. And I daresay the Opera will find you interesting too. You project an aura of safety, I feel. You protect, and have the power to do so with certainty" again came the whimsical speculations. Perhaps that was just how she lived; finding meaning in everything even when there was none. 


"Have you heard of the Bloom?" she asked. "I guess Sphere explained it to you. A monocellular organism that lives in the thermal vents of Nocturne. It grows more rapidly than anything in the galaxy, and dies just as fast. It was the inspiration for The Night Flower. Life and death so quickly. Strength and fragility in one" she explained. 


"Wrwunderful!" clapped Munn with slightly damp, webbed fingers. He looked enraptured with his idol. 


Lexa seemed to ignore him with a half smile directed to him without a glance. 


"The Bloom is in fact being studied here, and I hope will be part of the Opera. Would you care to see it?" she asked Paradigm. 


"Ooooh Yesth!" fawned Munn, although the question was unambiguously directed at Paradigm - and presumably by extention Barrier. 

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