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Flames of Revenge (OoC)

Tiffany Korta

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Rep tables are here if anyone wants to make any checks.


Skill Mastery with Stealth is DC25 Notice for Mister Strix to not pull a Batman on you.


Skill Mastery with Notice hits DC30 for any relevant checks, and unless there's something stopping him, he'll take 10 on any applicable Search checks to hit DC25.  He'll sniff around, feel up, and listen to as much of the crime scene as he can.


If any Notice or Search checks reveal any clues, then he'll take 10 with Investigation to hit DC25, which is 10 higher than the DC15 required to collect a clue properly.  That gives him a +2 circumstance bonus to the clue analysis, for which he'll also take 10 on the Investigation check, hitting DC27.  His Feature allows him to analyze clues then and there at the scene, as if he had a laboratory (since he effectively is one).


Not really mechanically relevant, since PC behavior can't be affected by interaction skills, but Intimidation check to big-dog everyone as he comes out of hiding: 17.  Not very scary.


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