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Downtown, Freedom City, NJ
Friday, October 28th, 2016

11:00 PM


There were many sounds one didn't want to hear in Freedom City's illustrious tech sector.  Explosions could signify a castrophic event, or even the game changing creation of a new powered player in town.  Screams and wails often followed a tear in the natural laws of the universe.  Then there was of course H.  Gordon Willicker's crickety knee.  A sound that would be inevitably be followed with a ten minute description of the current pains that plagued his body.  In graphic detail.  But, the worst sound?


Absolute silence.  Just after the silence alarm was tripped in the world renowned ASTRO Labs facility, not a peep could be heard.  Or seen for that matter.  The patrol cars had yet to arrive on the scene, but news was quickly spreading throughout social media.  Something weird was happening in ASTRO Labs...

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Social Media were Bonfire’s forte. He had them all, the big ones, the small ones. If it was out there, there was an official Bonfire account. It was the best way to reach him, the best way of knowing what he was doing, and the best way of learning more about him. At the same time, he used them too. Social Media were the best way to quickly figure out what was happening around the city as it was still happening. And right now, things were happening.


ASTRO labs was one of those places that was the subject of the messages reaching Bonfire more commonly than many others. The last few times anything had happened to them, he was not on the scene, either being somewhere else, or just asleep while it had happened. But today was different.


He’d been lucky enough to already be close by today. Cassidy Bauer was sitting in a coffee shop with a few friends of his, just relaxing. Occasionally, he just needed to let Freedom City handle himself and take some time off. And then, the first messages started pouring in. He was amongst the first that saw them on social media, thanks to a few filters he’d set especially for occasions like this.


A quick explanation as to why he had to leave (he’d made up a “always on call” position for situations like these), followed by him downing the rest of his coffee, and off he was. Cassidy Bauer walked out of the store and into an alley. Shortly after, Bonfire left the alley, flying upwards until he was above the various buildings surrounding him, on the most direct route towards ASTRO labs.

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Lucy was an old fashion kind of girl, something expected for some almost 120 years old, and didn’t have much to do with anything to do with Social Media. She had enough normal media she’d been trying to slowly catch up upon to worry about the digital world. Not that she didn’t, or couldn’t, understand such things she still had a sharp brain despite being undead. It’s just something she hadn’t quite go around to learning.


One thing she was good with though was people having garner a large circle of acquaintances that she’d helped as a hero or in court, or just that she’d spoken to on the streets. It hadn’t taken long for her to start to receive texts and calls about the weird events going on at Astro Lab’s. Mobile phones were easy to pick up, being similar to those of her era, just a lot more portable.


Though nothing really told her what exactly was going on, apart from something a bit strange, so she made her way to the lab’s to see for herself.

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The crash of metal on metal thunders through the room, strikes coming fast and hard until a dense Asian woman hits the floor with a thud.


Val helps her instructor back to her feet, sweating bullets.  Her technique has a long way to go, but instinct, strength, and speed go a long way to make up for it.  "Good match," she says, breathing heavily as her phone goes off.


Incident at ASTRO Labs.  Details unknown.  Interesting.


"Hey, Kairi; I gotta take this.  Trouble afoot.  Same time next week work for you, babe?  Great, thanks."


At that, she heads out for a jog, in the direction of ASTRO labs.

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  • 8 months later...



As the heroes arrived at ground zero, they found ASTRO Labs pleasantly bereft of damage.  The sound of explosions were still deafening.  But, the source of the sound was a surprising sight indeed.  It was a singing skeleton.  A singing skeleton dressed up as Elvis Presley complete with the hair.  From its microphone came sonic booms that would send nearby scientist flying in between verses of 'You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog'.


It wasn't the strangest sight to ever strike the streets of Freedom City.  But, it was still far from an every day affair.  The lab turned concert venue was in a complete state of panic.  Scientists trying to no avail to find cover.  Any attempts to coordinate movements all the more difficult with no one able to hear one another over the sonic booms erupting from Skeleton Elvis' guitar.



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Thoughtspeed had been out on an evening run when he'd heard some folks chattering about stuff on social media, and heard a couple cop cars racing down the road. He pulled his phone out, checked what was up, and raced off. What he saw when he arrived...


"What. I....what. This is my dad's fault. Somehow. I just know it."


He took stock of the situation, and noted the other heroes present. They all quickly felt the mental equivalent of a combination ringtone and doorbell. Assuming they didn't actively resist, they'd hear Thoughtspeed's voice in their head.


'So on a scale of 1 to Nope this is at least a near-Nope, but I think we ought to do something. Name's Thoughtspeed. Who all am I talking to? I'm fast, sneaky, and I can hit harder than it looks, if that helps ups plan.'

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Though maybe not as fast as some Lucy could when required move at quite a speed when necessary, so wasn't that far behind in arriving. And yet again Freedom surprised her in how little she was surprised now with the weirdness this city produced almost daily. Whilst she was very behind the times she couldn't have helped but learned a little about Elvis and his impact, though she'd been confused for a while about two singers with the same name. Personally, she still preferred her Jazz, but his music had an undeniable energy to it.


"When he sang hunk of burning love I didn't think he was being quite so literal." she looked over at the others and raised a bemused eyebrow before adding


"I'm Revenant, but you can call me Lucy. I hit things hard and recover from injuries, oh and I'm un-dead!"

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This was, almost certainly, one of the strangest things Cass had ever seen. Both as part of this career and else. Yet, he immediately knew what he had to do. It was the only way he could approach this, after all.


The cloud floating above the streets disappeared, not that it had been too visible beforehand. And seconds afterwards, only a short distance across from the skeleton, smoke burst forward into two directions, leaving a bit of space in between.


A bit of space, in which yet another Elvis appeared. This one, more alive. It was a simple trick. Usually his clothes were more casual, and he’d never really done a wig. But this time, it felt appropriate. A friend of his had done Elvis impersonation before, and talked about it. And that was all he needed.


“Imposter! There is only one true Elvis!”


He was totally focused on slipping into this role. But between that, he had a moment of time to respond, sing-thinking to the tone of Jailhouse Rock, the actual music actually slightly audible.


“Bonfire here, checking in …  and rock and rollin’”

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  • 5 months later...




The Evilses, Elvisi, the Kings of Rock and Roll would soon be joined by more and more doppelgangers.  All manners of Elvises began filing out from ASTRO Labs.  Gorilla Elvis, Werewolf Elvis, Merman Elvis.  The list went on and on until at last count fifty two different Elvises had filed out from ASTRO Labs and into the city.  Every time the heroes would attempt to near the lab the shockwaves from the music would push back.  Giving enough time for the weirdest game of Where's Waldo (or Elvis rather) to begin.


The skeleton Elvis whose singing had been acting as a sonic barrier pointed to the flaming Elvis construct that Bonfire had created and nodded.  "A pretty handsome guy once said, you only pass through life once; you don't get an encore.  But you're such a hot act I think you'll set the roof on fire."  Skeleton Elvis then reached into its white rhinestone jacket and pulled out four microphones.  Blowing into each one not a single sound came out.


"Oh right, no breath."  The skeletal Elvis began laughing its mandible loudly clacking along as it did so.  One hand still sticking out with the four microphones, clearly thinking flaming Elvis was part of the Kingtourage.  From behind the skeletal Elvis sounds of screaming could still be heard from inside the lab. 

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Well, this was a turn up for the books, a horde of Elvisi and a story that she suspected they'd find out soon enough, once they dealt with the problem in front of them.


"Well looks like we need a plan against these rampaging rock stars. Anyone got any ideas how we deal with screaming Elvis there?"


Still, time was probably of the essence so they could dwell on it too much


"I'm happy to try punching if no other option presents itself."

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Is that... are those...


...The King?  ...sort of?


"Well... this is certainly the weirdest disaster I've ever seen," she says for the camera as Mer-Elvis flops by.


As other heroes gather, Val goes for the most belligerent of the Elvices, the skeleton and fire ones.  How does a skeleton even still have hair?  Deep roots?


"Well here's a blast from the past.  Does The King still have the pipes to keep his crown?"

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Still sing-thinking, with a slight melody in the background, Bonfire responded. “Well, we need a way to get inside. And I don’t think fighting a few dozen …whatever they are exactly, will make that go fast. Time to think outside the box, I can probably get you all some Elvis outfits too, but I can’t promise they won’t look weird once you move. And then … well, let’s see“


For his own part, Bonfire, now under the guise of firey Elvis, moved towards the skeletal Elvis with swagger, looking at him and reaching for one of the mics.


“I can try out- singing or dancing him. But I doubt that’ll do more than serve as a distraction. “

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