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Fast-Forward: 45 

Angel of Death: 39 

Renegade: 19 

Phalanx: 16 

Nick: 15 

Hologram: 9 


Everybody gets an extra HP because this is such a big thing! 


Fast-Forward charges Helixa as a full-round action. 

He uses his Paralyze attack. 

Attack vs. DC 17

http://orokos.com/roll/421747 = 16 


Huh, well, what do you know. I'll spend an HP on that one (now down to just Complication HP). 


http://orokos.com/roll/421748 = 30 


Okay, that was better. That adds +5 to the DC by exceeding its Defense so ludicrously. 


Reflex save vs DC 25. 


http://orokos.com/roll/421749 = 11


Okay, that's a full-on Paralyze. 


Renegade will be up as soon as I post IC. 


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Renegade will use his move action to clear the way through the window since he already has his wings out. He'll switch his array to its move object effect and see if he can drag the paralyzed Helixa with a surge I think? So you need a to-hit and then a grapple check, right?


To hit: d20+10 = 29

Grapple Check: d20+20 = d20+20 = 40


I have never rolled so well in my life!

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Okay, you've got the Angel of Death. It will have a chance to break that Grapple when no longer paralyzed. 


Phalanx will be up as soon as there is an IC post.

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Durf wanted to know if I could instead stand in place and grab and throw him out the window with my move instead so he has something more to do on his post than wait to catch him :D

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So assuming the baddie is on the ground outside now.


Full Round Action:  Charge Helixia (+2 Attack -2 Defense)  Power attack +2 Save -2 Attack 1d20+12=20 DC 35 Toughness

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Hologram is going to continue to use her Emotion Control power to try and bolster Roman into helping fight off the demonic possession, figuring that this might at least distract the critter. She will be projecting hope and emotional fortitude. 


Rolling the rank, spending an HP thanks to a truly awful roll, she gets a 27

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All right, that's good non-traditional thinking! Take an HP for that. 

We'll say that'll make the Angel of Death flat-footed for the next attack against it. 


Go ahead and post IC. 

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Fast-Forward runs down and attacks the Angel of Death - hey, finally he gets to use some of his big damaging spells! We'll call this The Light of Sirius. 


http://orokos.com/roll/426979 = 21 That does hit the flat-footed Angel of Death! 


Tou vs 31 


http://orokos.com/roll/426980 = 24 


I'll make that another Bruise - and take the HP!


The Angel of Death is free to act - I'll have it shake that Paralyze without a roll and give Richard the HP. 


Which is good, because he's going to be targeted by the Angel of Death!


Perception Range Move Object Grapple: 

http://orokos.com/roll/426982 = 60! Sooo with the crit that's 65, all right. 


Let's say that grapple is for Fast-Forward - fair is fair. 

The Angel of Death then throws Fast-Forward into the ground.

Tou vs 32:9


Well. That's bad! 




That's a 23 with the HP. 


Fast-Forward is injured and dazed.


Renegade is now up. 



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As much as I want to do something super bad ass and ritual the bad-angel to hell or something, I think Ray should probably use his healing power on Fast-Forward so Paige can concentrate and leave Phalanx to wrassle the demon. Boo, fighting smart :D


He'll switch his array to his healing effect for this and then surge to get the movement action needed to get to Fast Forward:

  • Alternate PowerHealing 10 (Benediction) (Extra: Total, Restoration, Flaws: Limited to Others, Power Feats: Persistant, Regrowth) [32 PP]

And use that on Fast-Forward for his action this round. 

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Move Action:  move to a position to keep myself between the Angel of Death and the city/bystanders if any are still evacuating and so any knockback will send it back toward the empty hospital.

Standard action:  All-out/Power attack +2 1d20+12=23 Defense is 8 for the round. DC 35 Toughness if that hits.

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Free Action: Stunting Super Movement 1 (Slow Fall) off of Comprehend Spirits. 

Move Action: Leaping out the window and using the wall to skid down slowly.

Standard Action: Using Nullify 12 (All "Dead/Death" Effects) on Helixa again. 26 to hit, with DC22 Will save. 



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Is Paige getting any response from Roman that she can sense? Does it seem like he might be coming around, or is she basically poking at an empty shell at this point? 

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She is - I wasn't sure how much Paige was paying attention at this point. 


Give me a quick Concentration check to reflect the ongoing distraction, and I'll let you know the quality of information she's getting. 

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