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Given that the Clines have open communication between each other, I'll just lay this in the open.


Search Results

15:  This was a rush clean up job, and not everything was grabbed.  Though nothing of importance seems to have been left

20:  There are some identifying bits: pierces of equipment left over.  This happened within the last 24-48 hours.  

25:  Hey look there is a thing!  A pertinent piece of evidence.  Specifically a business card


Notice Results

30:  Holy crap someone is looking are you remotely via Psychic Clairvoyance.

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Paige is going to try and track down creepy watching guy! She wants to use her Mind Reading to try and get in touch with Creepy Watching Guy, wherever he is. If she needs help finding him, she'll try invoking her super-senses, which include Psionic Awareness and (Uncontrolled) Pretercognition. 

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