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Lost in the Supermarket - OOC


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That'll work!  There are several roughly ten foot diameter tunnels being bored by van sized digging machines heading toward the surface they should emerge all around the plaza in short order,  there is one tunnel that looks to be angling for a bit further afield, up to maybe five blocks away on current trajectory.

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Alright due to a couple of you being able to pinpoint likely points of the drilling machines breaking the surface they do not get a surprise round and kimbers display wil send enough people scattering to mostly clear the plaza of civilians.  You all will get HP for any threatened bystanders.  So we're into initiative then.


Sub-Terran Engineers go on 11

Rampaging automatons go on 18

Sub-Terran Infiltrators go on 17


Miss Grue and Volcanic can detect one tunnel continuing to dig toward a spot probably a few blocks south of the plaza.  Pop Culture DC 20 to note that would be the vicinity of the Hero Museum.



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Alright Ms. Grue and Ghost Girl both recognize the trajectory of that otehr mole machine to be hte neighborhood of the Hero Museum and its assorted Super Artifacts of past battles.


Initiative round 1


Blue Fox       22    5HP   Uninjured

Ms. Grue      19    1HP   Uninjured

Automatons  18             30 Minions

Infiltrators      17            Off Screen

Volcanic         16   1HP  Uninjured

Engineers      11            10 Minions and their Project

Ghost Girl       8    3HP  Uninjured


Blue Fox is up first.

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