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[OOC] Irradiated Intervention


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I don't have a whole lot planned to say, personally.  Though this seems like a good time for a Diplomacy check, maybe with one of us aiding the other (Upgrade has the higher bonus, so I'd let him lead).  We could at least play out our sales pitch, so to speak. 

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They see a point in the arguments, but are still hesitant to actually allow it, a few of them are in favour, a few are against, so there's hesitation towards making a decision.

Or do you want anyhting more precise? Like, what they say? If you, just say it! :D

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That works, I suppose.  Adept just wanted to nullify whatever legal loopholes the Gas Man was using for this particular bounty, so they can arrest him when/if he tries again.


Then again, perhaps "I brought a walking tank this time" is all the argument we'll need.

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Adept is Fatigued from failing that Drawback roll at the beginning of the game (glad I remembered that), so I believe his bonus drops to +9.


Initiative: 1d20+9 23


Pretty sure that Upgrade can't mathematically beat that, so I assume I go first, but I'll still wait and see how the big guy weathers that hit before I act.  Just in case he goes plummeting to the ground and Adept needs to grab him instead of going after the Dragon or something.


I assume that if Adept does attack, his Perception-range Telekinesis can hit even from his current position?

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Okay, my first ever slew of rolls for Upgrade!


Initiative Check: 1d20+2 21.

Whoa, Blarghy, I came closer to beating you than we thought! A 20 would've won regardless.


Reflex Save: 1d20+6 24.

Oh, man! Nice!


Toughness Save: 1d20+11 23.

Absolutely savage. This couldn't have started any better.


So, Upgrade weathers the fiery assault, Adept takes his turn, and then Ethan can retaliate.


Blarghy, do you want a quick descriptor of what Upgrade does to avoid damage so that Adept can describe what he sees?

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If you like.  I don't feel the need to give a full preview of what you're about to write, but if you're planning something particularly daring or flashy, then Adept might react to it, even if only to roll his eyes at the pilot.


Either way, I plan to catch up on my posts after I get off work, about twelve hours or so from now. 

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Fire and, I assume, quite a bit of distance by this point.  It's a good thing that the Horned Dragon is green, or else we might have an awkward mistake when he and Upgrade swarm close together like tiny bugs in the sky. 


As said earlier, Adept will use his Perception-range telekinesis for an auto-hit, Toughness DC25.  For the record, I mentioned a bit earlier in the thread that he activated his force field before originally going for the Gas Man, in case it wasn't obvious. 

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