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Anyone need a GM?


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So, work and other aspects of RL have been demanding all my attention of late.  But things have gotten a bit more under control recently, so time for me to get back into some posting. 

To that end I need to get some new threads going, so am offering to GM some threads for those that are looking for something for a character (or some characters).

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I could use one, yes. I am essentially threadless. I very much would like to do a thread where Terrifica doesn't have to be a jerk because nobody's made any stupid mistakes. Or where somebody gets that telling the mistake makers "don't worry, us heroes will fix it" does precisely nothing to prevent them from learning from the mistake. So they don't screw up again and put themselves and/or others in danger.

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17 hours ago, Heritage said:

I'd be happy with either, but I always enjoy a good team-up. If you're up for Claremont threads,  Casey hasn't had much interaction with several of the new kids (Riley and Jimmy, for example).


Speaking of Claremont threads, I just got Brandish approved and I would like him to get one with the other Claremonters as well.

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Well, not to say that I would not try to include Brandish in anything CC, but it is generally traditional for new Claremont characters to have an "intro" thread that others join in to start making some RP connections with other students.   

I will start doing some planning.

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