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Temporiad: Hasten Slowly (OOC)


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Blue Stinger:


DC5: On a first look, the tears appear to act as siphons, draining in them whatever is within their reach.

DC10: A more careful look, however, reveals that some tears work in reverse, spewing out stuff rather than gobbling them up. Some of the stuff that appear wouldn't look out of place in, say, a medieval faire, while others look like they've jumped straight out of a science fiction novel.

DC15: It is becoming Increasingly apparent that the tears are some sort of portals, interconnecting various moments in the human history together. At the very least, they seem harmless, insofar as whatever gets spewed from them, appears to be relatively intact. At any rate, each tear only works as a one-way, either bringing stuff TO this current moment in time, or sending stuff FROM this current moment in time and towards others.

DC20: The tears exhibit a particular, if slightly erratic behavior, in that they are comprised from millions of energy strings that spin wildly, in a semi-random fashion. Curiously enough, each tear displays an almost exact spin, regardless of which angle they are being observed.

DC25: The spin rotation appears to be significant, at least as far as the tears that spew stuff are concerned. Tears that spew stuff that seemingly appear from the past, are spinning Clockwise. Likewise, Tears that spew stuff from the future are spinning Counter-Clockwise. An educated guess tells you that the tears siphoning stuff should work on a similar principle, but you are unsure if a Clockwise spin would send stuff to the past, or to the future.

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