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Flight of the Osprey (OOC)

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Ulysses is moving as much as he needs to reach the place he thinks the sound he's looking for is coming though, opening doors and whatnot as required.

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Okay, Synapse is going to try to mind control the red head to have her excuse herself and leave.  Shall I roll?

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No need, Bystander and all just go for it

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Foreshadow's Initiative: 1d20+15 21


Street Thug's various Initiatives: 12#1d20+2 3 9 10 7 22 20 17 10 11 21 1211


Thugs are three floors down.  I'll start posting their actions in the next OOC post.




Thev if you want to probe into the rally he's talking about give me a Power Check with mind reading, plus give me a notice check.  If not, just give me the notice check.



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Sure, makes sense, Synapse gets a 28 for her Mind Control power check and a whooping 16 on her Notice check (which is almost as bad as she can do).

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Well he can't beat that, but let's see how well he does.  Will Save: 1d20+4 10


I'll get the description up of the madness she's seen.


Nothing worth noting with her Notice.





                                                                     Round 1


Initiative                          Character                                   HP                                           Damage Condition
22                                  Street Thug 5                              GM                                           Unharmed
21                                  Foreshadow                                  1                                             Unharmed

21                                  Street Thug 10                           GM                                            Unharmed

20                                  Street Thug 6                             GM                                            Unharmed

19                                  Ulysses                                          1                                             Unharmed
17                                  Street Thug  7                            GM                                            Unharmed
12                                  Street Thug 11                           GM                                            Unharmed
11                                  Street Thug 12                           GM                                            Unharmed
11                                  Street Thug  9                            GM                                            Unharmed

10                                  Street Thug  3                           GM                                             Unharmed

10                                  Street Thug  8                           GM                                             Unharmed

 9                                   Street Thug  2                            GM                                            Unharmed

 7                                  Street Thug  4                            GM                                            Unharmed

 3                                  Street Thug  1                            GM                                            Unharmed


Ignore this next bit, it's just for my reference.  So I don't forget which builds I'm using for which thug

1,2,5,6,11,12 (R)

3,8,10 (H)

4,7,9 (S)


Street Thug 5

Move Action:  Draw Weapon

Move Action:  Begin Ascending up the stairs.



Move Action:  Take 10 to hide using Stealth

Move Action:  Begin moving throughout the hall silently (-5 Stealth, half/speed)


Thugs 10 & 6 also draw their weapons.  But, begin walking around the first floor.

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Ulysses will draw attention to himself by whist!ing sharply at the thug clambering the staircase, hopefully drawing his friends in so foreshadow can flank them and attempt to demoralise the first one he sees.


Intimidate 1d20+10=18

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Intimidate to resist Demoralize: 1d20+3 7 He's demoralized

Alright the rest of the "Street" thugs will pretty much all be drawing their weapons and storming stairs.  There are three sets of stairs so they're coming in three different directions.  I'll post shortly


Don't hesitate to have YB start her flirt game, Tiff.

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