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Sakura no akuma

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24   Sakura          Unhamred     GM

14   Tsunami        Unharmed     4hp

11   Ulysses Unharmed     2hp

3     Endeavor      Unharmed     2hp


Sakuna no On'na, the Cherry Tree Woman, cover's the area with wirthing grasping roots. DC 17 Reflex to advoid a Snare.


Lot's of civilians will also be trapped by the roots, so a HP for everyone, and remember the roots will be flammable...

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Reflex Save
DC 17 Reflex Save vs Root Snare: 1d20+5 8 - Using Hero Point to Re-roll
DC 17 Reflex Save vs Root Snare: 1d20+5 12 - Rolled a 7, so that is 17+5 = 22.

Made the save.

Move Action: Fly in, mid-flight (Move-By Action) attack Sakura no Onna with my EM-Wand in Magnetic Plasma Blade mode.
Standard Action: Magnetic Plasma Blade attack on Sakura no Onna (+7): 1d20+7 25
Strike 8 (Extra: Penetrating 4; Feat: Accurate 2, Precise 1) {15/16 pp}Magnetic Plasma Blade

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Okay, Tsunami will pull some water from a pond and use it as her platform to fly over to the main fight.

She will then send a water blast at Sakuna, getting a 20 on the attack roll.  That is a DC 27 toughness save if it his (and a +14 attack for knockback purposes)

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