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Fleur de Joie

Fleur is pretty sure this guy matches the description of one of the known members of the House of Swords the League has one file... although those files come mainly from Erik and his teammates in the first place. There was definitely a Dakanan among the ground that attack the Espadas residence in 2012, she remembers hearing that Dragonfly managed to appropriate a sword made entirely of tempered daka crystal from him. If this is the same person she can assume he's a world class close-quarters fighter, particularly with a bladed weapon, but in terms of raw power she ought to have him outclassed by several orders of magnitude. He doesn't actually seem to have any weapons on him right now but Erik never looks like he has a weapon on him until he does, either, so.



Hey, you know that guy on the street! That's the guy who stabbed Fulcrum with daka crystals! You hate that guy! But who's this other guy? You don't know this guy!

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