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No worries, always good to ask questions when your unsure.


Round One

26 Wildcat (unharmed, 1 HP)
21 Coiled Lightning (unharmed, 1 HP)
19 Skaere (unharmed, 1 HP)
16 Thugs (4 in car)
10 Phantasmo (unharmed, 1 HP)

Okay, Wildcat is up. Go ahead and post your action here. They thugs are minions, so you can Take 10 on them (DC 13 to hit). Some people wait to see what the results of their actions are before the post (like whether the target makes a toughness save or not), others post right way, with the results of their actions pending in the IC post. Your choice how you want to do that.

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Sorry for the delay guys. Work is kicking my butt right now!!


However the idea of a band sounds like great fun *Skaere howls in the background*


Another note: We seem to have two Charlies in this group XD


Okay, So I need a clarification for how something would work. Not sure what forces would be in play so I need some GM input. What would it take for Skaere to tank the car? As in go toe to toe with and stop that bad lad? I don't know if she even has a chance at doing it because I don't know what it would take.


PS: Charlie is civilized. She's a werewolf, not a monster XD

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