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Incursion: Blockade Runners (OOC)


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Okay, Dragonid and Kharag don’t really take in much beyond the immediate area.

Wraith however is very aware of their surroundings, including the interiors of several buildings as they move away from the LZ. While everything seems generally deserted and empty, Wraith is able to note a number of figures inside some of the buildings around them. She is rather certain they are Communion, but for the moment they do not seem to have taken note of the group.

Ghost Girl will note some of these as well, but as we talked about in chat Giz, she has to deal with the overwhelming sensation of death that surrounds her. People, small bird and squirrel like animals, even the plants, there is death everywhere she looks, and so, so much of it. So she will get a Hero Point and pick up the shaken status for the time being. Once we get into combat, she can start making DC22 Will saves to shake it off, with a cumulative +1 to the save each round after the first if she misses.

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Round One

15 Kharg (unharmed, 2 HP)
9 Wraith (unharmed, 2 HP)
9 Antibodies (12)
6 Dragonid (unharmed, 1 HP)
5 Ghost Girl (unharmed, shaken, 4 HP)

Well, generally not the best initiative rolls for everyone. Will add Bliss in once TA is able to roll, but will just move forward for now.

Rob, Kharag goes first!

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Move Action: Shapeshift.

Elongation 2 (+10') [2pp]

Speed 1 (10mph / 100 feet per Move Action) [1pp]

Strike 5 (Feats: Mighty, Power Attack) [7pp]

[2 + 1 + 7 = 10/10pp]

Standard Action: Charge!

She'll also power attack and take ten, for giggles. 20 seems a nice round number - melee attack +12, charge +2, so power attack -4/+4 for an attack 'roll' of 20. DC31 Toughness for the antibodies, and she'll takedown attack any baddy in range if they fall.

Wraith is at -2 defense until her next turn.

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Okay, starting with the first Antibody she gets ahold of: 26, nope, that one is down.  Next: 9, nope again, down as well.  Last: 17, down as well. 

So three of them down.  Go ahead and post Fox.  In the meantime… 

So, only 7 antibodies left out on the streets now.  Two will move to attack Wraith, two to attack Kharag, then one each for everyone else. 

Wraith: 24 and 13, so one hit, DC 23 toughness save for Wraith.

Kharag: 27 and 28!, so two DC 23 toughness saves for Kharag! 

Dragonid: 27 as well, DC 23 toughness save for Dragonid. 

Ghost Girl: 22 just enough to hit! And then pass right through her. 

Bliss: 13, a miss.

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