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Okay, IC thread is up


I am going to say that Velocity is listed as available to be called for any alerts, though she is off in England.  Of course, that hardly means it will take her long to get back to FC and where she needs to go.


I will leave it to Electra and Fox to determine where Fleur and Gaian/Tiamat are, although, might be helpful if both were off in Sanctuary, so it would not take long for Fleur to dimension portal them all back to Earth Prime.   Totally up to you two.

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Just so no one goes crazy trying to look it up, Fairview is a fictional town (well, if there is a Fairview in Pennsylvania, I was not aware of it). 


Gabe is able to find that it is a small rural farming town with a population of a bit over 800.  It is at the intersection of two rural highways, with a few smaller roads leading out.  From what he can pull up, there are maybe 140-150 buildings in the town, over 80% of which are houses.

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Okay, posted for Velocity, she shall be back at Freedom Hall very shortly.


KD, for NPCs, we can say Gabe gets in touch with Deadalus who is up on the Lighthouse.  We'll say Captain Thunder and Lady Liberty are both unavailable, there is another team of Leagues off on some other mission, and while there are a few other League members up on the Lighthouse, Deadalus wants to keep them in reserve for the moment.  So you can cover that in your next post.

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Well, Fleur gets a lot of mileage out of her teleport but it isn't GK's only means of getting around! :D

I'll just say he was elsewhere in the city and have him teleportal back. Presumably he has an anchor stone by the League HQ.

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Okay, those outside by the south barrier can go ahead and post with them blasting a section of it apart (it is hunks of scrap metal and some wrecked cars that had been piled up on the rural highway).  If I could also get notice checks from everyone out there, and probably an initiative roll (to just get that out of the way).

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Time for HAM.


Gabriel Notice Check: 21.

Gabriel Initiative: 18.

Also, Gabriel's gonna do a bit extra. 

Array's set to his wide-area Communications power (gotta revise that at some point due to house rules).

And he's using Bluff to try and trick one or more of the blokes in town int...monologuing. We'll just Skill Mastery that for 30 (at current "settings").

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Okay, Aries makes a counter-bluff against Gabe’s attempt to get him to monologue, and gets a 41!


55 Velocity (unharmed, 4 HP)
30 ???
30 Aries (unharmed)
18 Gabriel (unharmed, 6 HP)
16 Aquarius (unharmed)
14 Comrade Frost (unharmed, 1 HP)
10 Libra (unharmed)
8 Gaian Knight (unharmed, 3 HP)
7 Tiamat (unharmed)

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Aries charges Gabriel, attempting to overrun him. He has Improved Overrun, so Gabe cannot chose to avoid. He hits with a 25, and gets a 27 on the Trip roll. Aries has Improved Throw, so choose for Gabe to roll his Str against the Trip, and Gabe cannot beat that, so he is knocked to the ground.

Aries continues, moving to Comrade Frost next, hitting with a 21. A 43 on his Trip roll against Frost, and it does not matter what he has Frost roll, as Frost cannot beat that, so is on the ground as well.

Gaian is up next, and Aries hits again with a 24. A 39 on the Trip roll, which Gaian also cannot beat, so he is on the ground as well.

Aries moves next toward Velocity, but misses her with only a 22, so that ends his movement.

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Acrobatics Check to try and land on my feet: 24. I'll fluff that as his Flight helping things. 

On to my turn!


Free Action: Switch Array to Ranged Paralyze

Full Action: Inspire! -1 of my HP. +5 to everyone nearby (this is going to end up not including Fleur) to basically all the things.

Free Action: Extra Effort to Surge! I'll be burning an HP to keep from Fatigue, so my net HP after this will be 4. 

Standard Action: Ranged Attack vs Aires: 30. That probably hits! That's gonna be a DC 23 Will Save against a Paralyze effect.


EDIT: Changing up my action economy a bit. Forgot Inspire is a Full not a Standard. So Gabriel is still technically standing, and is in the same place he was knocked back to. 

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Free Action: Comrade Frost activates his Icy Body and assumes Insubstantial 2 and Flight 1. 

Move Action: Comrade Frost stands up 

Standard Action: Comrade Frost uses his mass heat drain attack vs Aquarius. He will All-Out Attack for +2 

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4644239/ = 12! 


Not willing to let that one stand, so I will spend an HP and try again. 


http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4644240/ = 25 


Much better. That's a DC 27 Tougness save for Aquarius.

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