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Gorillas in The Mist - OF CRIME

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9 AM

May 1, 2014



The giant gorilla pointed a huge pistol at the storekeeper, the gigantic weapon fitting into one oversize paw like a derringer in the hands of a human. "Your cesium! Where do you keep your cesium!? And other radioactive materials!?" 


"What?" It wasn't every day, even in Freedom City, that one was robbed by a half-dozen gorilla goons in armored military uniforms, each carrying some dreadful weapon that bespoke both super-science AND sinister purpose. They had simply burst in through the front window as if they'd appeared out of nowhere. "I don't know anything about that, we just sell imported electronics from-" 


"Sergeant! The smoke detectors!" One gruffly-voiced ape with a dark leather patch over his eye gestured. "All of them!" With that news, the apes moved quickly to ransack the store - Bob's Electronics, of everything in the smoke detector and fire safety section (just to be safe), even taking the store's own smoke detecting equipment. 

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The aggressive apes were just about to leave, perhaps making a final threat or seizing a last piece of equipment, when a flash of red and black arced out of the sky, slamming into the pavement outside the store! Rising to his full height, the new arrival surveyed the gang of high-tech hoodlums with a critical blue eye. In a whirl of movement a square piece of metal was in his hand, weighted, and with a flick of the wrist sent hissing through the air!


Quivering in a wall at eye-level to the one-eyed bruiser, the weapon revealed itself to be signed like a playing card, bearing a jolly-faced king and each of the four French Suits.


"Good morning, visitors," the King of Suits said with a wan smile, "I do not see a bag or box for your purchases, but I do see firearms." Dropping into a ready stance, one hand hidden behind his flowing cape with the other poised to block, the young European crimefighter added sharply "Forceful seizure is unjust and unlawful, surrender your ill-gotten goods or pay the price!"


Marceau had been passing through the decaying industrial district on his usual patrol route, having gotten off night-shift and a luxurious 5-hour sleep some time ago. He had been expecting something out of the ordinary when he'd overheard somebody running by yelling about 'space monkeys', but now...now that he was mere yards from several massive and well-armed apes with a distinctly military air, he admitted inwardly 'You're never really prepared for something like this'. The size of the cannons in the mighty paws alone made his armor feel so very thin and sparse.

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Wesley barely took time out of his schedule nowadays to be Wesley anymore. He wasn't slavishly devoted to the Life Knight persona, no, but he seemed to be making up for four years of lost time. there was no crime and/or task too small. Sometimes he even multitasked. Still, Wesley needed to exist sometimes. Knight's Ink, his friends, his life in general needed upkeep. Right now something that needed to be kept up was his tablet. Wesley could have taken it to a big name dealer to fix, but he enjoyed shopping locally.

Bob's Electronics was on Wesley's short list today. His tablet, however, was put on the figurative back burner when he got there though. Gorillas were robbing the electronics store. It looked like something straight out of the Centurion's old comics. "Apes, really," he questioned himself under his breath. Still, there was no shortage of heroes in Freedom City to stop monkey business. One King of Suits was all too eager to jump at them. Wesley was happy to see the hero.

"I'll think of a quippy line later," Wesley smiled as he added some size and mass to his s own form, "but you got back up."

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Not expecting a friendly voice, Marceau almost darted around when he heard Wesley and saw his nearby shadow grow until it loomed over him. Catching himself in time as the words clicked, the crime-buster tossed a hasty grin over his shoulder at the new arrival "That is good to know! Not really my element, this sort of thing." he indicated the swarm of massive apes with surly faces and plus-size hand cannons.


An ally! Out of nowhere! Seemed tough and strong too. 'Just what the doctor ordered' sighed the young man inwardly, his aching legs relaxing just a touch and torso arcing just a smidgen forward. 'Yes, we're only two, but that's no account for my skill and his power...we can do this...we must...'

If only his feet would stop complaining about the impact on the asphalt, and his hands would stop sweating, then he could really feel like they had a chance.

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