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Yeah, they don't see anything, and would be pretty unlikely to anyhow!


Polarity sees five young men wearing silver dragon masks getting closer to a slightly older(not by much, probably only a few years older than her) unshaven man in warm but ragged-edged clothing with a large backpack bearing the American flag. There's a gun in the alley, and three of the dragon-masks are carrying short pieces of metal crackling with electricity at the tips. The other two have tanks on their backs attached to their masks, which are heavier-looking than the others. One of them still has wisps of blue smoke curling from the mouth.

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Notice rollllllls: three failures and two successes. He's spotted, and while they show a pretty sharp increase on the terror-ometer they get ready to fight: initiative roll for them is 14. Of course, Nevermore has substantially better ways of getting around than them, and no Freedonian is quite crazy enough(unless very drunk) to chase alone after somebody with those kinds of glowing green eyes.

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No, because that action takes her clean out of hiding. If she gets back into hiding then it'd be reinstated.


Flat-Footed(and they're PL4 Minions, so you can Take 10 to hit them), so that hits. DC20 Fortitude save: 5. He is Paralyzed to Hell and back.


Round time!


Round 1

Polarity: Unharmed, 2HP

Dragon-Masks(x5): 5 Unharmed, 1 Paralyzed-GM

Solvrytter: Unharmed, 3HP

Nevermore: Unharmed, 1HP


Go ahead GooseInduced.

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Okay, sorry for the delay there. The Dragon-Masks make their move!!


Two(a flame-mask and a shock-sticker) attack Polarity, the other two attack Nevermore and Solvrytter!


The two attacking Polarity: flame-mask makes an Area(Cone) attack on her, DC14 Reflex save to halve the DC19 TOU damage/evade it entirely. Then the electro-guy runs forward and waves his shock-stick at her general direction like a badass: 7. Miss!


Flame-Mask #2 enacts the same fiery assault on Solvrytter, DC14 Reflex save, DC19 TOU save/halved if first roll succeeds. Shock-Stick #3 charges Nevermore with a mighty flailing! 15. That hits, DC14 Fortitude Save to stave off a DC19 Toughness save. EDIT: Nevermore isn't even on the blasted ground. Disregard!


After that, Solvrytter is up!

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