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Blood is thicker than water


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Wave-Eye hangs out in the South River sometimes so as not to be wholly isolated from the people in the weird city he's supposed to be benefactoring, chances are good he and Temperance could meet there. Or else just hearing about it from hanging around Coast Guard vessels in case they stumble upon something.

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Ok a little bit of railroading - assuming you would all go to see the captain and his flare (hope that is ok). Feel free to chat and socialise. 


Arcane Knowledge DC 20 to clock this is, or is very likely to be, Captain Blood (dum dum daaah!)


If any of you have Knowledge (Technology) and want to look at the readouts and quiz the captain about the engine failure...


DC 20

The engines got gummed up from the outside, and whatever gummed them up then spread to the inside, which means they are seriously damaged

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SC, on the note of Wave-Eye's statement, I've always had Temperance's "Detect Spirits" be up in the air. I've usually had it that it applies to spirits (as animistic concepts) but not ghosts, but as Captain Blood walks both ends of that spectrum as a result of getting a power boost from Baron Samedi, you can choose whether or not Temperance's magic eyes pick him and his crew up.

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I'm going to do a brutal scene cut, unless anyone has something to add? do you guys want to go to the Engine Room, Entertainment Room, somewhere else, do something else, or split up? Otherwise I suggest following the supersenses and going to the Entertainment Room (i.e. follow the screams!) :)

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Ok, so let me know when you guys want to enter the Entertainment Room...


Coupla things: The Captain wont follow (craven!) but you do have full access to the ships blueprints and layout from him. There are ducts and pipes into the hall, but not easy to get through: You will need Insubstantial 1+, Shrinking 4+, or an Escape Artist DC 20 (you could take 20, but that would be a loooong time) to squeeze through. 


The hallways has four entrance doors. 


Feel free to narrate pretty much any prep you wish, as long as it is not hours long! :)


Let me know when you want to boost in. If necessary, stealth rolls. And initiative rolls!

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We have a surprise round for you guys!


Surprise Round


22 - Tsunami - 2 HP

19 - Temperance - 3 HP

11 -Wave Eye - 1 HP

9 - Glamazon - 1 HP


So feel free to burst in however you wish! The foes will be flat footed. Remember only a standard action for surprise round (if you want to sneak in to mellee, please make a DC 19 Stealth Roll to get there and act, other wise its just a move action!)


Note that Captain Blood is Insubstantial. Make a DC 10 Notice roll to pick that up (as you are busting in and orientating yourselves). 


Your enemies are the good Captain Blood, 25 of his crew (Skeletons, minions!), who are not quite together (but you could attack in clumps of 5 with takedown), and a pillar of barnacles in the middle, which has a toughness of 10, and uncertain nature!

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That is no problem at all! They are not strong enough to blast that, so they splinter spectacularly!


Whilst that clearly alerts all to your presence (but they are still flat footed on suprise round), it also gives everyone a nice +2 bonus to intimidate checks this suprise round and round 1. 


Temperance is up!

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Ah, yes. Sorry for the delay.

Free Action, I'm assuming: Notice to pick up on Insubstantial. That's a 15.

Move Action: Demoralize. -5, because I do not have Challenge (Fast Demoralize) yet, but +2 from incidental bonus. 24.

Standard Action: Move Object on as many skeletons as 9 5-by-5 squares will get me. As it's Area Shapeable, that's DC19 REF to halve, DC24 TOU to beat.

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