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Monster under the Bed

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Since the thread I was engaged in seems to have paused for awhile, I was wondering if we were allowed to be engaged in multiple threads?

If so, I'd like to start one for Kiera. Her shadow powers still have workings that she doesn't understand and she's accidently constructed several self-aware and malicious little gremlins. They come out at night and plague the Academy with little misdeeds such as misplacing tests, breaking dishes or breaking electronics.

Good idea? Yay.Nay?

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Yep, Nyrath has it exactly correct. :D Being in more than one thread isn't a problem at all. If I were you, I'd go into the new thread with an idea of where it fits in the story of your character (Is it before or after your other thread? How are they connected? Stuff like that). Any other continuity problems (if any) can be cleaned up after the fact . . . comic book style. :D

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State that due to time constraints things which to the observer appears to be occuring at the same time actually don't from the perspective of the characters?

Blame extradimension, nigh-omnipotent entities for interfering with the fabric of space and time? (this is partly my own fallback point, I've even got one stuck into my characters' backgrounds).

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Feh. You're assuming that DC won't use some hackneyed plot device to bring him back at some point, voiding the grand sacrifice Conner made. :roll:

Honestly, he was one of the best written characters in the current DCU because of the changes he'd gone through over the years. And it's because of that I hope the guy stays dead instead of having some wannabe writer cook up yet another intellectually insulting situation in which he returns from the grave. (Jason Todd, anyone?)

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I nominate Dr. A. as CMO. :D


......... blast!

*shakes tiny fist*

(Actually, this was sorta something I was working on, trying to pin down when assorted adventures were occurring to try and formulate some sort of Official FC PbP Timeline. And not just adventures, but stuff from character backgrounds, too, where dates were provided. Unless otherwise indicated, I'm using the date the character was fully approved as the date they 'debuted' in FC.)

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Awesome I'm going to go ahead and make that then. As for continuity, I already thought of that just wanted to make sure I could have multiple times going at the same time :P. As a Marvel lover (Ugh? DC? You guys are crazy!!!) It drives me nuts when someone stomps all over continuity.

That said, Monsters Under the Bed will occur exactly one week after the events of We Are Legion. No idea when that occured though.

Dr. A, if you want, I will gladly go back through my background and provide dates. Little details please me :X

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