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Training/light sparring and such


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So, I've found that setting up training threads is a good way to meet and initially interact with other characters someone might otherwise not have had a chance to do much rp with yet.

Soo.. in that vein, anyone want to join me in playing out making use of the Freedom League's facilities for a training and/or sparring routine? I'd be playing my character, the Emissary.

Heroes only, obviously.

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Mongrel Angel could probably do with a bit of sparing and getting to know a few other of the heroes in the city.

Exile on the other hand could possibly sneak in disguised as Jackhammer; his budding hero-infiltration persona. And seeing how Exile is making damn sure to keep his original form, and cover identity, from being associated with his villain persona he could explain away minor inconsistencies in his disguise in the event that someone notices that. And if worst comes to worst he'll teleport away.

Of course, first I'll have to get well enough to manage to post something in the time I've got.

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Alright, as a suggestion, how about going with that the Emissary, Mongrel Angel, Legionnaire and Captain Wonder are using the Freedom League's training facilities that day, but Mongel Angel and Legionnaire focus to a different training sequence/spar routine, being far closer in power level.

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Hrm. Okay, I can handle 4 people by pairing off, not sure what I'd do with 5.

However, if we get one more person of PL 10 or more, they can be grouped with Velocity, and that's three pairs.

Soooo... one more person who is PL 10, come on down!

(Hero only please)

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