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  1. shazam

    Player Away Thread

    I'm gone for...well, the foreseeable future. I just don't have the time and mental wherewithal these days, especially not with the school year coming back. I'm sorry to dump out on a couple of threads like this, but it's not fair to keep jerking you guys around like this. See you in the future, Shazam, aka Mike :(
  2. OK, I posted my montage, down below for easier reference. A little different than the first one, pushing the limits of the Wreck Room more, but I think it's OK. Sorry I was gone for so long, all, but now I'm back.
  3. When the World's Mightiest Man steps into the Wreck Room, for a moment or two the World War II veteran looks decidedly out of place in the super-tech environment. A moment later, though, as the combat drones rise around him, their laser cannons priming, Captain Wonder's manner changes. Gone is the hesitation; the unsurety; ladies and gentlemen, the Captain of the Sun and Stars is on the field. Flying faster than the eye can see, he falls among the combat drones like a wolf among sheep, his hammer-like fists shattering steel and plastic apart with blows that could seemingly crack a skyscraper in twain! The small confines of the room hardly seem to hold him, and sure enough by the time he's done pieces of the combat drones are literally bouncing off the walls. A few moments later, his training exercise begins. Fred knows full well that the walls rippling away around him are an illusion, the rise of tenements on either side just a holographic projection. But as his opponent, a hard-light construct with a familiar visage lumbers towards him, Fred has a moment to wonder if it isn't _too_ real. As the giant glass-headed robot with the swastika on its breast raises its arms to squish the flying golden bug before it, Wonder flies into it with an impossible blur of speed and a crack as his fists make contact. The subsequent fight between the Golden Guardian of Good and the Eisenmech of the Aryan Ape is a straight-up brawl between two power-packed pugilists of preternatural potency, all of it played out in the small confines of the Wreck Room, one that comes to an end only when the simulated Nazi robot disappears in a flash of light. As the gauges in the control room beep, recording the energy absorbed by a god's punches, the recorded image of one of the biggest superbrawls of the 1940s fades away around Wonder. Shaking his head, an odd look on his face, he leaves the room with a wry "Well, that was fun."
  4. shazam

    Player Away Thread

    Okay, I am back! My online time isn't big, though, and I've been gone so long I've plain forgotten where I need to post! If anyone needs Captain Wonder, send me a cit message, would you? (My wife's laptop died, and being a good husband I naturally shared.)
  5. OK, I am back! Commence to jiggling, everyone!
  6. shazam

    Player Away Thread

    I will post either tonight (Tuesday) or (Wednesday.) Am not dead, only sleeping.
  7. shazam

    Player Away Thread

    Hi all. We've had a computer emergency around here, which means a sharp curtailing of non-essential activities. I should return to my normal posting duties this weekend, but until then, feel free to sub for me.
  8. Wonder gives his friend a cordial greeting, pleased as punch to be back in friendly company. (Not that Dr. Archeville's house wasn't friendly, mind.) "Somethin' always goes wrong in training, Emissary. That's OK." For a moment it looks like he's about to start narrating an anecdote about that, but the crowd coming up behind him convinces him to head on in of his own accord.
  9. shazam

    I have a son

    Hey, congratulations!
  10. There is a moment's pause, and then the door to the men's bathroom bursts open. With nary a thought to his awkward accomodations, Captain Wonder flies out to accost the interloper. Wonderful, another mercenary, likely one of the magical ones Medea is so fond of hiring. Hovering high above the marbled floor of the lobby, he glares down at the Norseman. He greets the Norseman in the tongue of Baldur and Loki, the ancient Norse fitting perfectly on his tongue. "Do the sons of Ask and Embla sell their swords for gain? How the mighty have fallen.
  11. Man, you go on one time-travel adventure back in the day... ;)
  12. "Yes, let's clear out," agrees Wonder. He looks on as Rusty ad Gossamer debate, and then interjects politely, "You know, I could carry both of you."
  13. Vaalus? Are you sitll out there?
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