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Medieval Times

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Since they're here, this is Jay's chance. She's going to Stunt off her Bow Array.

Snare 5 (Extra: Area/Burst (Targeted), Selective, Flaw: Action [Full Round])

Power Attack, All-Out Attack, all the fun stuff. Attack check vs. all dem, and then DC 20 Reflex save vs. the ones I hit. And no check for Wander et al!

Jay's ranged attack check. DC 20 Reflex (1d20+15=24) I don't think Invisible Castle likes Blue Jay much.

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Wander is going to attack Morgan, wielding her sword like a bat in such a way as to produce non-lethal damage because despite what she might wish, Medea is not an Acceptable Target quite yet. Alas. 


Move action is going to be to Leap straight up into the air the thirty feet or so to Medea. Attack is a regular bat attack. Fail, it's a horrible fail, again! 


Since I already squandered most of my HP, that's just gonna have to be that way. 

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