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Hell's Strings[OOC]


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That does splendidly!


Pitch knows that Celeste Beaudrie is one of the extended family related to the founder of the Opera House, and has taken up much of the production of the operas. She's a quasi-famous supporter of the arts, unmarried and a beloved philanthropist with no dirt that anyone's been able to uncover.


The Opera House is detailed on page 41 of the Freedom City setting book:


Originally built in 1874 by Richard Beaudrie, the Beaudrie Opera House
has long been a landmark of Freedom City’s theatre district. The Opera
House was painstakingly restored using photographs and information
gathered from the local historical society after suffering tremendous damage
from a super-battle against the Maestro and the Crime League. The
current Opera House is considered even grander than the original but
with at least as much Old World charm and class. The Beaudrie Opera
House is home to the Freedom Philharmonic and Opera Company. It also
serves as host to a number of other events, including plays, musicals, and
even rock concerts.


It's recently undergone a renaissance of attendance.


'Marguerite' is the heroine of the ridiculously famous and popular Gounod opera Faust.

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That hits! DC27 Toughness save: 14. GM Fiating a reroll for her(1HP to Riff) reroll: 13.  Reroll makes that 23, so a Bruise.


So the order is:


Riff: Unharmed, 4HP

Mary Venn: Bruise(x1)-GM


Mary tries to hit Riff with a Snare of demonic piano wires: 20. Another miss!

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It's possible!


DC27 Toughness save: 21! That would be a Daze and Another Bruise.


Round 2:

Riff: Unharmed, 4HP

Pitch: Unharmed, 1HP

Mary: Bruise(x2), Dazed-GM


Well, this is going pretty smoothly, eh comrades?

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Move action: To the piano. 


Standard Action: Ready an action. If the Piano activates again, Pitch will stick her cane on it (I presume it doesn't need a to hit roll to touch an immobile piano?) and use her Nullify power to counter the power. 


I wont post an IC post right now if thats ok Ari, but give me the word to do so. 


Assuming some countering does go on, Pitches counter roll is: 1d20+10=23

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Ok seeing as Riff has this under control, Pitch is going to try and grapple / throw the lady (out of the Piano stool I hope!)


1d20+10=22 for attack, which I guess hits?


1d20+16=20 not so good on the grapple, 


Ill wait for her rolls before posting IC. But basically if she manages to do so, she will throw the pianist away from the piano and to Riff;s feet (or at least as far as she can with STR 22)

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DC32 Toughness save for the piano of doom: 21. Failed by 11, and since it's technically a Construct that's Lethal Damage, Staggered, Disabled, Dazed.


Round order:

Riff: Unharmed, 3HP

Pitch: Unharmed, 1HP

Mary/Piano: Bruise(x2), Staggered, Dazed/Staggered, Disabled, Dazed-GM


Pitch is up once more after a GM post.

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Yeah that misses. Mary Venn and the Piano are Dazed, so no action there.


Round X

Riff: Unharmed, 3HP

Pitch: Unharmed, 1HP

Mary/Piano: Bruise(x2), Staggered/Staggered, Disabled, Dazed-GM


Go ahead Darksider.

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