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Nightmare: The Waking World


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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Claremont Academy


Evening. The end of another long day at Claremont Academy, surely the oddest school in the world. For Tona Baudin, the day had been full of learning, and exercise, and honing her mind and body into a singular, powerful machine. Many of the students had unusual powers of one kind or another and they focused on using them instead of their own physical talents, but all Tona had were her body and her skills. She kept herself in top form, because there was no other way for her to compete with her fellow students, and Tona was far too competitive to be anything but the best.

And this day had been another success, one well earned and fought for, and Tona was ready to go to bed. She had showered and taken care of other matters in the floor's communal bathroom, and now she was standing outside the door to her dorm room. Hesitating. Inside was her roommate, Cerys Pefr, one od the few girls in the school who could understand just how hard Tona worked, and why. One of the few who Tona considered a friend -- except for that day almost a month ago, when a Curator drone masquerading as Tona had tried to kill Cerys, and a lot of other people. Now the air between them was tense, strained, and Tona had no idea had to fix things.

But she couldn't stand outside the door for much longer without an RA coming over and asking questions and making things a thousand times more embarrassing. So Tona opened the door and stepped through. She kept her eyes firmly fixed on her bed and grunted a greeting to Cerys.

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The day was ending, and Subito was sad to see it go. He'd made new friends around campus, had an awesome time with the ones he already had, stopped a gang war in Lincoln before breakfast, gotten all his exercises down perfectly, learned new boxing moves that he couldn't wait to try out, had a great idea for his next date with Blodeuwedd, and helped another student overcome his fear of flying! That and he was a little behind on his actual schoolwork.


Subito rubbed his face brusquely, flicking aside the loose black curls that had gradually slid down into it as he had stared into a space shared by the book on his starkly-lit desk. Pausing to glare at the words on it, he tried again. "The Morlock city of Eloi" he began, reading aloud as he always did to fill the room's silence about the distant subterranean metropolis, until a gauze seemed to slide over the world, and all grew still...


The boy jerked his lively hazel eyes open. He stared at the page, then slammed the book shut with a frustrated growl. Glancing at the alarm clock his heart sank at the time. "Already too late. 'Course. Oh well, I'll talk with El, do it in the morning. At least nothin's due tomorrow." he grumbled as he rose from the swivel chair, deftly stripping, tossing his clothes into a laundry basket and switching off the light before quietly praying for guidance, and then hurling himself in a somersault onto the bed. He rested on top of the covers, his supernatural immunity to cold making them more trouble than they were worth, as he stared at the icon-studded ceiling with muscular arms crossed under his head and one powerful leg swung over the other, he closed his eyes, schooled his heartbeat, and prepared for sleep.

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It had taken a lot of time and effort but Blodeuwedd had come to terms with the event’s of the so called day of Wrath. The problem now was with Tona. Neither girl knew how to talk about the event’s that had happened that day, or even the day’s before when Tona had been replaced with a duplicate.

After a hard day of academic study and a harder day of combat training Blodeuwedd was currently sat on the floor in a lotus position trying to clear her mind. She hadn’t figured out yet if she was going out for the night or just get a good night’s sleep.

When Tona enter their shared room Blodeuwedd open one eye and managed a smile in her friend’s direction, but didn’t press any further, she could tell that the whole thing was still stressing her out.

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Sam gets back to her room and does some mental math in her head. Homework's ten percent of the grade, she's done a little more than half so far, and she can eat a five percent hit, so... that means no English homework tonight!

She picks up enough in lecture anyways.

Now, the question of what to do. Of course, she feeds Soot and cleans the cat box, but after that... sandwich. Could go out and call Tona, but...

They hadn't really talked much since the whole robot thing, and the Freedom League didn't let her join in on the rescue. She just sat on the sidelines and said hi when Tona got back.

So, she stares at her phone for a while, and next thing she knows, she's gotten through her English homework. There goes that distraction.

Eventually, she decides it's late enough to go to bed early, but manages to get a text off. "gnite tona xoxo"

And with that, she settles in for the night.

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If Tona remembered to charge her phone more than once a week, she might have gotten the text, too. As it was she just managed to convince herself that Cerys had totally slept through her greeting. She stepped up to the window and made sure the blinds were drawn so she'd wake up to the sun.

Tona stared out the window for a minute, over the moonlit Claremont campus and the twinkling city lights beyond. She had a sudden, wild impulse to run away and leave it all behind her -- the crazy school, the incomprehensible city, the depressing funk she fell into whenever one of her friends came into view. It only lasted for a moment though, and then she turned back to her bed and her computronium-tipped arrow and her daguerreotypes of her parents. Running away was an idea that could wait, at least for another day. Instead she crawled into bed and wrapped herself in her blanket, and tried to fall asleep.

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