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The River Claims Its Own (OOC)


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Which of the heroes knows—or at least knows of—which others? Jubatus and Blue Jay know each other, having face-to-face. Also, Jube and Edge have worked together As for the rest, Jubatus can safely be assumed to be aware of any hero who has shown up in publicly-accessible data sources (i.e. the news media and/or social media), but it's not clear to Jube's player whether or not Arcturus, Myrmidon, or Tsunami qualify on that count.
As for which characters know of Jubatus, his identity is public, and his appearance, seriously exotic; on those grounds, I'd expect he's got more media exposure (both news- and social-) than he might otherwise merit, which would boost the odds of J. Random Hero having some knowledge of the cheetah.

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Arc would know Myrmidon, mostly as 'hey, that guy goes to Claremont too', if nothing else. Blue Jay, I'm not sure about; there was a thread featuring her and Arcturus, but because it never got finished, I don't know if they ever would have met.


He'd know of Jubatus, on the grounds that an animal shifter would almost certainly have heard of a guy who looks like Jubatus full-time. :)

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Gran, I believe it is generally accepted that students of Claremont know each other at least by site (have passed in the halls between classes) if nothing else.


Tsunami and Myr know each other (as menioned in my IC post :) ).  She also knows some of Blue Jays friends (El Heraldo, Blode), so it is possible the two know a bit more about each other.


While Tsunami has only been at Claremont about two months, I believe it is also known among the students that she, along with Adamas, Crow and Edge, helped save the school from a bomb planted by the Summers duplicate robot.


Cubist, I don't think Tsunami has done anything that would get her much media attention thus far.  (Actually, I take that back a bit, she was likely mentioned as "Tsunami" in some media reports about the attempt to steal the Deep One infants from the Freedom Aquarium back at the end of January, along with another teenage heroine, Warp (no pictures of her though). 

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Cube, Myrmidon is a publicly known hero but avoids the press like the plague. What information there is on him typically is major things like the Day of Wrath where he worked with the Freedom League Auxillary, or the Archville incident where he rallied together a makeshift milita to drive the Deep Ones back into the ocean. Everything else is mainly rumor-mongering (except that he DOES tend to be around or know about things when SHADOW is involved).


As for his fellow Claremonters, John is the weird senior exchange student from Germany who doesn't seem to have any family or they never show up. They might know a little about his abilities if he has trained or fought with them, but for the most part he keeps to himself.

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Everybody from Claremont knows Edge - he's dynamite! Tall, handsome, incredibly successful with the ladies and a powerful hero on a respected super-team, he is somebody your teachers still compare you to. And look at him, with his fancy job and international travel, and barely 21, if that. But you gotta love him, because he's just so awesome!

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Okay, this will give everyone a chance for a bit of social interaction, unless the consensus is that we want to just move ahead.


I am going to try to put a list of the members of the DI relief team along with a few details on them here so we have it in one accessible place.

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Jubatus is definitely going to familiarize himself with the lay of the land while waiting for the supply transport to arrive. He'll want to know where everything is, be it hill, valley, stream. river, termite mound, and Magellan only knows what-all else—and he'll also try to memorize all the local scents, on the theory that any would-be attackers are likely to carry scents which aren't found in the immediate area, hence said intruders will be easier for his educated nose to detect in spite of any camouflage. He'll scout out all the land within a 1-mile radius of this camp.


Also, Jube will inquire about the "super-mercs or something" Edge mentioned: What's the likelihood of any super-type antagonists actually showing up—10% (low chance), 50% (strong possibility), 80% (not just possible, but expected), something else? Why would these potential threats show up—are they just opportunistic scavengers, or are they hirelings of some über-rich jerkwad whose toes this project is stepping on, or what? And what sort of super-powers might they possess? Not sure how much information Jube will be able to gather in the time available, but he'll at least make an effort. He'll start by asking local types, not Americans or Europeans, on the grounds that people from outside aren't as likely to have useful data on local politics/villains/etc.


As for the MREs… hm. Jube's an obligate carnivore. He'll be happy to trade the vegetable matter in his MREs, for meat from anyone else's MREs. He'll also make quiet inquiries about what local beasties are safe to eat (not poisonous, not members of endangered species, etc); if the Good Guys run short on food for whatever reason, it'll be good for Jube to have an alternate source of munchies.

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Well, MRE’s main meal usually has meat (check the link I provided, further down the page there is a drop down list of the menu choices for MRE’s, figure there are options from the 2011 and 2012 list).


Asking Edge IC about his comment could be some good interaction over lunch.


As for scouting, well, the plan is for everyone to help get things unpacked before the next transport arrives.  But, Jube can certainly go scout around instead if he wants, though, I would like to avoid everyone just wondering off (least at this point, plenty of time for that to come!)  I don't plan to spend a whole lot of time with these scenes.

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Okay, as previously promised:

Danger International Disaster Relief team:

Medical Personnel:

Dr. Mario Conte: Senior medical doctor and senior member of the relief team. Dr. Conte is from Freedom City and is in his late 40’s. Dr. Conte speaks Swahili.

Dr. Mansi Rangan: Female doctor from Mumbai, India. Dr.Rangan is in her mid-30’s.

Dorothy Cofield: Female registered nurse from New York City, 32 years old.

Andrew Myers: Male registered nurse from Freedom City, 35 years old.

Engineering and Support Personnel:

Denise Gorrell: Senior civil engineer from Freedom City, 42 years old.

Lais Tambe: Civil engineer from New Delhi, India, 30 years old. Lais speaks Makhuwa.

Steven Wilker: Support personnel from New York City, 24 years old.

Colette Fournier: Support personnel from Paris, France, 27 years old. Speaks Portuguese.

Security Detachment:

Danimir Kvesic : Head of the security detachment, a Croatian national and former member of the French Foreign Legion, 38 years old. Speaks Swahili.

5 security personnel: who I will provide names/info for if it ever becomes necessary.

Mozambique Army liaison:

Lieutenant Paulino Lidimo: In his late 20’s, in addition to speaking English and Portuguese, he also speaks Makhuwa.

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Okay, sorry for letting this sit for so long, but as no one has posted, I am moving us forward. :)


Here are how the two teams will be organized:


Group one (north bank):

Dr. Conte, Nurse Cofield, Lais Tambe, Steve Wilker, and 2 security members. 


Group two (south bank):

Denise Gorrell, Dr. Rangan, Nurse Myers, Lt. Lidimo, Danimir Kvesic, and 1 security member.


With six PCs (counting Tsunami), that is three to a team.  I will let people choose where they want to be (first come first serve!) and I will place Tsunami as needed.


If your characters had any specific questions, you can ask them there, or in the IC thread.

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Let's put Jube in Group 2, on the south bank, on the grounds that he wants to inquire about what sort of violent opponents this operation is most likely to encounter, and Lt. Paulino "liaison to the Mozambique Army" Lidimo strikes Jube as the best person to talk to on such a topic. Also, Jube would like to make use of his Master Plan feat discuss tactics and strategy with someone who knows what he's doing, just in case any violent encounters happen to take place while we're here. Fortunately, Lidimo speaks English; if there are problems with English anyway, Jube's Spanish should sorta-kinda overlap with Lidimo's Portuguese.

Also: Jube would like to ask about dangerous animals in the area, the better to recognize them & deal with them before anybody gets hurt, and what Endangered Species List critters… and plants, for that matter… can be found in the region(s) we'll be working in.

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Okay, I have allowed this game to languish for far, far too long.  I am still interested in continuing with things (we were just about to get to the real plot of the thread).

Are others still interested in continuing?


Sorry for not keeping this moving.

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Rav, I can understand the frustration, that is my fault for moving things along so slowly and leaving it a bit too open to start with.  There certainly will be things for Jay to do (and everyone else), I just need to move the plot forward more.

There is a lot more going on than is immediately apparent.  The humanitarian mission, while important IC, was mainly just the plot means of getting the heroes here (and out of Freedom City).  AA has dropped a few hints in his previous posts already, but there is more for the PCs to go uncover and look into.

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Rav, that is just what I was acknowledging, that I have done a poor job with the start at providing ample opportunities for people to get engaged.  If people are willing to continue, I will work to get things moved ahead faster and get to the point where there is stuff for people to be doing.

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