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Threads for Omen and Glamazon

Brown Dynamite

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I've been pretty bad about taking the initiative in getting my characters out and about and figured I should take the steps to remedy that. An gauging interest in getting Omen and Glamazon involved in..well anything.

Omen needs to actually get to out and about more. In uniform tends to enjoy getting in the way of mob activity, though having him get involved in something more out of his element has its appeal as well. But am Out of uniform, Erick is technically looking for some investment opportunities. So browsing around local businesses could be a possible story hook. Or a black tie event ending with some inevitable chaos.

For Thaelia I'd preferably like to get some rapport established with other Claremont students or some of the sea faring heroes. Probable ideas for Thaelia seeing as she's a bit impulsive so would just jump into some disaster duty, even if she should be in class at the time. For example a ship with dangerous chemicals falling apart and near sinking whether by outside interference or simply poor construction.

Though am open to running or participating in just about anything.

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Hey HG.

My character Tsunami could work well with Glamazon, as she is also at Claremont and very aquatic oriented. (Like Heraldo, does not have a problem with drowning or the like).

As for Omen, I have actually been considering working on some threads based around Freedom City University (he is a student there right?) so that is one possibility. Another is that Velocity is also involved in the investment/business world (currently an intern at Summit Transnational (the holding company owned by TheAbsurdist's character Assad)) and, as she is in the same tax bracket, could easily be at some black tie event as well.


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Good stuff. Any particular not drowning fun either of you have in mind? Seeing as Heraldo, Glamazon, and Tsunami attend Claremont meeting up for a hook should be pretty seamless. Although Wave-Eye being a triton has admittedly its own sort of appeal if he's still taking messages.

Omen is indeed a FCU student, and I haven't played off that much. So a thread set around the university is certainly a good idea. If we went with the Summit Transnational route would prefer to include Assad if TA's interested, though if not that's fine as well.

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At the moment I do not have anything in particular in mind re: Glamazon/Tsunami/Heraldo, but I can put some thought into things. It is always good to get some things going as far as connecting with other characters at Claremont (and there are quite a few). For one thing, as Ari knows, I have some long term plans involving Tsunami, which include at least one multithread story, and it will be easier to include other students that know her than those that do not.

As for the FCU threads, I need see how many other PCs are at FCU (I can think of at least two), but I am not looking for any particular number, just need to do some planning and such. In part I hope to use the thread(s) to help set up for a future new character after I get a new slot from a veteran award.

But I am certainly up for some thread with Velocity and Omen (I currently have a couple threads for Velocity that are at least starting to wind down). I certainly would not mind including Asad (TA), though not entirely sure how to involve anything relating to Summit (though, perhaps with Asad guest lecturing? (though he tends to focus a bit more on the Ivy League schools)). And as I said before, some high society event is certainly a possibility as well (for both Megan and Asad really).

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Im gonna interject here. Has this site now got enough underwater heroes to think about them forming a team and/or an underwater HQ? We have Glamazon, Tsunami, Temperance, and Wave-Eye at least (all similar PL). Arguably some others with more generic life support. Anyway, just an idea...

(And incidentally I am up for running an underwater thread with Wave-Eye's Nemesis...)

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A quick and easy way to set up a Claremont thread is just do a "Glamazon first day at School" social thread and see who bites. Same if you wanted to meet some high rolling PC, with what's happening in Universe I'm sure there would be a couple of charity events.

In a horrible piece of self promotion, and to advoid a Merge needs threads, Nicki goes to FCU and Merge has a bit of history with Asad.

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If Thevshi doesn't mind, maybe something involving Devil Ray, or at least some of his minions? I bet they could have stuff fit to deal pretty harshly with water-going heroes.

TiffanyKorta has a fine idea, have a social thread to introduce the character, then she can get into business fighting crime. Also Tiff, you better believe I'll want KoS and Heraldo to meet Merge! :D

Supercape, I don't think that's such a good idea at present. Throwing them together because of a joined theme of water will be a bit weak of a link. I bet it could become a thing, depending on how it turns out. If you want Skull-Face to clack his sinister jaws again, however, I for one am all for it!

EDIT: As for meeting Omen, King of Suits has a similar kind of deal as him, and they might cross paths again.

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I can see some reasoning in the forming an underwater team. Would be akin to a location based team in comics ( a la Titans East, Justice League Detroit, etc.). Though would definitely need something more unifying than we can all get around in the sea. Not that there isn't a large amount of actual threats in the sea's depths. The setting takes advantage of the whole no one truly knows what lies below aspect of the ocean after all.

I will definitely do the social thread idea as it does seem too logical not to run with that idea.

Thinking over the charity, there's probably going to be some clean up after recent events. So, humanitarian aid would certainly be a selling point for Erick.

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Ari, I have no problem with something that might invovled Devil Ray.

Tiff, I will keep in mind that Nikki is at FCU as I figure things out and be sure to let you know! :)

HG, well, some charity event is always good. Velocity's mother is heavily involved in various charities around the city.

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