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Danger in the Lost World! (OOC)


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GM note: guys, as part of the problem it's not for me to say, but I'm requesting that we start using shorter posts so this can move ahead at a quicker speed.

My apologies, I enjoy reading your writing but I don't want this to drag.

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Semi's pointed out that on the face of it, this is kind of arbitrary, so I'll explain. This meeting, going to the city and the feast is basically the placid starting point before all the crazy happens. The actual plot will show up in a second.

So...backtracking on what I said earlier, length of posts is not an issue if you want to write a lot or respond to something in a thorough fashion.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Heraldo will do as he is bid, flying up next to one of the ptero-riders and punching him in the face: 21. Using the Soldier archetype from the Core Rules, but without the modern equipment or Skills, and Handle Animal and much more STR and CON. Hits. DC26 Toughness save: 5. Well, he's out.

Three more fliers, their rolls: 10, 15, 19. #2 and 3 go after the T-Rex, #4 goes before it next round.

Thevshi, would you kindly commence?

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That hits. DC25 TOU save: 21, Bruise! It's Dazed, so no actions on its part.

Round 2

Blodeuwedd: Unharmed, 1HP

Myrmidon: Unharmed, 3HP

Heraldo: Unharmed, 4HP

Tsunami: Unharmed, 2HP

Ptero-Rider#4: Unharmed-GM

T-Rex: Bruise(x1), Dazed, Staggered-GM

Ptero-Rider#3: Unharmed-GM

Ptero-Rider#2: Unharmed-GM

You're up again, Tiff!

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