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Survey! For SCIENCE!


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Well, SCIENCE!, or something vaguely like it!

So, I was trying to figure out how to do this, and rather than clutter up Character Building, I've put this here.

My next project after my "team of Midwest Hero NPCs, and their Rogues", is going to be some builds. Specifically, Transformers!

"But KD!" you say. "But KD, there are so many! And there's like 15 billion versions!" you say.

"This is true!" I say. But I have a solution! I have a vision! :flashfact:

Specifically, I'll be using Generation 1 Transformers to guide the builds. Because I'm old school :clint: , and because those old figure cards (and occasionally the cartoon!) gave us some nifty powers to work with.

Now, the first build will be Soundwave. Soundwave superior.

But after that, it's up to you, my fellow forumites!

Here's how we'll do it. I'll let this here thread simmer for a few weeks; probably until the 2nd week of October or so. Then, I'll tally up all the votes as best I can.

In the meantime, everyone gets to vote once. Use the above list/link, and pick 5 Transformers. The top 5 votes will get builds. After those builds, any other votes will get built in descending order by vote #, and as I have the will/Energon.

Now, Vote, and Roll Out!

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