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Synth (PL 10/14) - Supercape (Platinum)

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Player Name: Supercape

Character Name: Synth

Power Level: 10 [14] (207/215PP)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent Power Points: 8

Progress To Impervium Status: 35/150 (Platinum status earned with Supercape)

In Brief: Synthetic socialist shapeshifter

Alternate Identity: Various

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Sweden

Occupation: Odd jobs

Affiliations: None

Family: None


Age: 2 (DoB: Created 18th August 2010)

Apparent Age: 25

Gender: Female (broadly speaking)

Ethnicity: Caucasian (broadly speaking)

Height: 5’9†(normally)

Weight: 65 Kgs (normally)

Eyes: Blue (usually)

Hair: Blonde (usually)

Synth can take a variety of forms, but her normal “resting†form is that of a Caucasian woman with Scandinavian / Aryan features. She has an exceptional physique and appearance, both in terms of athleticism and attractiveness. On careful inspection that very “perfection†gives her away (see complication below)

Power Descriptions:

Synth’s are all biological in nature, and relate to her ability to rapidly grow (or shrink) new, designer, cells as she wishes.

Synth’s variable power involves growing (or occasionally shrinking) new body parts based on human DNA: including splitting these off from her own body (and retaining control over the part as a hive mind). It is therefore somewhat limited. As the variable power involves literally growing new tissue, it is somewhat slow and uncomfortable. Any human tissue can be grown. Normally (although necessarily) this tissue would take a similar form to the shape it takes in a human. A non-exclusive (but pretty comprehensive) list is given below; note that some of these powers may be mutually exclusive, and many would invoke the “ugly duckling†complication.


Synth was “born†on august 18th 2010, in that the first customised cell was made on this date at a secret research facility in north Sweden. The small team, led by Dr. Ingvar Nyberg, were researching stem cell technology, cybernetics, and artificial biomolecules – the SCAB project. Unbeknownst to the leading researchers there, it had been funded, and was subtly directed, by SHADOW, a way of researching how to produce the perfect “Aaryanâ€.

Fortunately it managed to operate largely independently initially – under Dr Nyberg’s team they managed to create Synth (based partly on some DNA and technology from Superior and the Utopians, although the connection to Synth is now convoluted at best). In one year “she†(her chromosome pattern is only vaguely human, but it is XX, loosely speaking) grew up to adult as a rapidly maturing, designer organism.

With such success, the SCAB project was overtaken by SHADOW in full force, keen to collect on their investment. Dr. Nyberg managed to arrange for Synth’s escape when SHADOW arrived, and destroyed all research. He apparently died in the process.

With no identity, birth certificate, or any other legal identity, and largely ignorant of the world, Synth made her way across to America to land in Freedom City, hoping there to evade SHADOW and to learn more about the world. Having heard of the “super’s†in that city, she felt it was the best place to fit in and explore the world.

Personality & Motivation:

Synth is inexperienced, but a quick learner, with a lust for life and living. One peculiarity of her brain is wired up so she cannot tell a lie, although she understands the concept well enough.

She has developed into a person who believes deeply (and perhaps in a way is programmed too) in equality, fairness, and liberty for all sentient beings. Above all, she values life. However she is still young and developing – whilst far from stupid, she is somewhat ignorant about the world, and her passionate idealism is not tempered with realism.

At the end of the day, Synth is not a human being. She is damned close to one, an almost perfect replica of one. But occasionally her synthetic nature will betray her.

She has various motivations – none of which dominate the other. She is a caring, fair person always out do a good deed for the common good or safety of people – and this can make her quite political and radical (she disapproves of wealth inequality of western societies, for instance), so she has a political agenda too. She is of course motivated to maintain her own safety, so dislikes undue attention and will not want to settle down or become famous – she is a drifter. Being young she is naturally curious and wants to explore the world – artistically, scientifically, and personally. Finally, she does harbour some resentment towards SHADOW, although she only vaguely understood Dr. Nyberg hurried explanation during her escape.

Powers & Tactics:

Synth’s powers all derive from her being a customised, designed, synthetic organism. She has basic cellular and biochemical structures (including a form of DNA) but these are all modulated by silicon-based molecules that work in harmony with carbon-ones, making her neither totally organic or android (although she is more organic in nature). Her cells are highly adaptable and customisable, all having stem properties, and communicating by a bio-electrical field.

Synth’s body, even at rest, is much superior to even the most exceptional human, being stronger, tougher, faster, and exceptionally agile. Her senses are keener than normal human, and the particular configuration of her silicon based nervous system allows her to sense vibrations and tremors.

However, what makes her even more capable is a reservoir of designer stem cells. She can use these to grow or shrink more human tissue, typically things like increasing her musculature, or growing extra limbs. In addition, she can use her stem cells more actively, to heal, split off duplicates, or more aggressively, invade and attack other biological organisms she comes into contact with. Normally, this pool of stem cells is used to fortify her own biochemistry, effectively rendering her immune to any biological attack.

In combat, Synth will use blows and grapples to subdue opponents. Being somewhat of a pacifist, she would probably prefer to restrain people if viable. To this end, she will often use her shape shift ability to grow extra arms and to elongate her limbs. This also helps with her mobility. If she needs to attack at range she would probably maximally elongate her limbs and fight that way.

Her attacks are very fluid and fast, as she has exceptional co-ordination and agility.

Synth may occasionally use her morph ability for subtlety or surprise, although it is not extremely effective (she retains that somewhat “flawless†look).

When she uses her cellular pool to attack, she normally places some of her own cells in the target where they will infect and weaken the target, giving them a mottled, diseased look. These cancerous cells are contagious and effective, but non – lethal, making it an attractive option for subdual rather than violence. She can also use the cells to actually parasitically eat and drain other life forms, which is a more aggressive and dramatic effect, and one she would only use in grave situations.


Not quite human: Synth is midway between a biological and an artificial life form, neither one nor the other. Medical care is highly likely to fail (or at best be of limited value) on her. On close examination, her external appearance is slightly odd: her skin is flawless, homogenous, hairless and even slightly waxy quality. Internally, she is only very loosely “humanâ€.

Honest: Synth’s brain is wired up so she cannot directly tell a falsehood. She is able to hold her tounge, or selectively tell only some truths (which could be deceptive), but she can make no statement that is deliberately a lie

Stuck by acid: Aside from her vulnerability to acid, any part of her body that is hit by acid is unable to shape shift, and is stuck in that form until it heals (or a certain period of time passes representing the acid neutralising).

Ugly duckling: Whilst Synth, in normal form, has a flawless physical beauty, her shapeshifted forms may limit this, or even turn into something that is frankly repulsive.

Struggling: Synth needs little money (she only needs to eat and drink half normal human food consumption at most, and is highly resistant to the elements). This is fortunate, as she has little. She works odd jobs, so she always has some loose change, enough to buy the basics of food, clothes, and sometimes rent, but that’s it.

No (legal) Idenity: Synth has no legal papers, country of residence, passport, birth certificate, or the like. And she would like to keep it that way.

Ignorant: Due to her sheltered, short upbringing, Synth is relatively ignorant about modern culture and history, and may fail even basic knowledge rolls, or put her foot in it as a result.

Socialist idealism: Whether due to her upbringing or her brain, Synth holds an ideal of (democratic) social equality. She finds capitalism, materialism, and inequality horrible. Whilst she supports western ideas of democracy, liberty, and freedom, she would support communist ideals of equality and fairness (of wealth distribution) too. This can make her “anti-establishment†– but not anarchistic.

Abilities: 16 + 24 + 20 + 4 + 4 + 24= 72PP

Strength: 26 (+8)

Dexterity: 34 (+12)

Constitution: 30 +10)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 14 (+2)

Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 20 + 20 = 40PP

Initiative: +12

Attack: +10

Grapple: +22

Defense: +10 (+10 Base), +5 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -5

Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 3 = 3PP

Toughness: +10 (+10 Con)

Fortitude: +10 (+10 Con)

Reflex: +12 (+12 Dex)

Will: +5 (+2 Wis, +3)

Skills: 24R = 6PP

Acrobatics 4 (+16)

Diplomacy 4 (+6)

Knowledge (life sciences) 4 (+6)

Languages 4 (English, French, German, Russian, Swedish [native])

Notice 8 (+10)

Feats: 11PP

Acrobatic Bluff


Attractive 2

Grappling Finesse

Improved Grab

Improved Pin

Jack of All Trades

Takedown Attack 2

Uncanny Dodge (Tactile)

Powers: 35 + 15 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 5 + 12 = 76 PP

Stem Cell Array: (31PP, Feats: Alternate Power 4) [35PP]

BE: Immunity 30 (Fortitude Saves Extras: Duration (Continuous); Flaws:Limited (Only Half Effect, linked to innate Fortitude Immunity to give complete immunity) ) [30 P] “Cellular Fortificationâ€

AP: Duplication 14 ( 210 PP Duplicates, equal to Synth without the Stem Cell Array Power Extras: Duration (Continuous); Flaws: Feedback; Feats: Mental Link, Progression 2 [5 Duplicates]) [31PP] “Cellular Mitosisâ€

AP: Healing 10 (Extras: Energizing; Feats: Regrowth ) [31PP] "Cellular Regeneration"

AP: Nauseate 10 (Extras: Contagious; Feats: Reversible) [31PP] "Cellular Infection"

AP: Strike 10 (Extras: Alternate Save (Fortitude), Vampiric ) [30PP] "Parasitic Cells"

Immunity 30 ( Fortitude Saves; Flaws: Limited to half effect ) [15PP]

Leaping 2 (x5 Jumping Distance, Running 90’, Standing 45’, High Jump 22’) [2PP]

Morph 2 (+10 to disguise, any humanoid form; Extras: Duration (continuous); Drawbacks: Action -3 (full action to morph), Limited -1 (can only morph body/flesh, not clothes ) [2PP]

Quickness 3 (x10) [3PP]( Improved brain / nervous system)

Speed 2 ( x5 Running Speed, 25mph, 250’/rnd ) [2PP]

Supersenses 5 ( Extended 1 (Hearing), Extended 1 (Vision), Scent, Tremorsense ) [5PP]

Variable Power 2 (Extras: Duration (continuous); Flaws: Limited (only human tissue / DNA based) ) [16PP] "Tissue growth" [12PP]

Sample Shapeshift Traits

Additional Limbs

Anatomic Separation

Concealment [Olfactory] (Eliminating sweat and other scent producing glands]

Enhanced (or indeed reduced) Strength, Constitution, or Fortitude saves.


Feats: Attractive (Physical alteration, pheromone secretion), Endurance (improved and enlarged cardiovascular and respiratory systems), Rage (adrenal gland enlargement).


Leaping and/or Speed (Coiled, elongated and springed leg muscles and bones, massive leg musculature, and additional legs) – similar, no more than 2 ranks could be justified, stacking with these pre-existing powers)


Skills: Climb (More powerful, extra jointed digits), Escape Artist (Additional, or hyperflexible joints), Sleight of Hand (elongated, slender, prehensile digits), Stealth (Silent Fatty pads on feet), Swimming (Webbed hands and feet, buoyant air sacs)

Strike (Bony projections, teeth, Enlarged club like hands)

Supermovement: Sure-Footed (Enlarged, prehensile feet)

Supersenses: 1 Rank of Extended Smell and Hearing (Enlarged nose and ears), Radius Vision (eyes on the back of her head), Low light vision (enlarged eyes)

In addition, there is also a wide variety of effects that are best simulated as limited features, caused by Synth growing or shrinking internal organs. These might include:

Super-stomach: Growing extra stomach’s and/or producing extra acid, so she can eat almost any food spoiled food stuff, or gain +4 bonus against any digested poison.

Body Sac: An internal cavity she can store things in.

Super sweat (or other secretion): Profuse sweating allows +4 on all environmental checks against heat, and some escape checks due to lubrication.

Fatty: An extra thick layer of body fat provides +4 on all environmental checks against cold

Detox: Extra liver tissue allows rapid metabolism of toxins, including alcohol, +4 on fortitude checks to shake off the effects of drugs and poisons (including alcohol).

Other: 1 PP could be spent, for instance, for growing a mouth, ear or a nose on the end of a fully extended limb to speak, listen, or smell at that location with no penalty

Example shape shift configurations

“Mighty Limbsâ€

Enhanced Strength +4 [4PP], Elongation 3 (Extras: Continuous) [6PP]


Enhanced Fortitude +5 (5PP), Feat: Endurance 3 (3PP), Speed 1, Leaping 1

“Grappler’s Stanceâ€

Additional Limbs 3 (Extras: Continuous) [6 PP], Elongation 2 (Extras: Continuous) [4 PP] (Giving +2 to Grapple, or +5 if all limb’s used)

“On the Alertâ€

Supersenses 3 (Radius Vision, Enhanced Smell and Taste) [3PP]

“Going to piecesâ€

Anatomic Separation 2 [4 PP], Extra Limbs 2 (Extras: Continuous) [4 PP]

Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -1PP

Vulnerability (Acid, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [+1]) [-1PP]

DC Block

ATTACK       RANGE        SAVE                      EFFECT

Unarmed Touch DC 23 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)

Nauseate Touch DC 25 Fortitude (Staged) Sicken / Nauseate

Cell Attack Touch DC 25 Fortitude (Staged) Damage

Totals: Abilities (72) + Combat (40) + Saving Throws (3) + Skills (6) + Feats (11) + Powers (76) - Drawbacks (-1) = 207/215 Power Points

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After discussion with AA and Giz, resubmitting Synth. She used a PL12 slot, but I built at PL 10/150PP. Talking it over with AA and Giz, they felt it was reasonable (for various reasons!) to resubmit using the full 180PP and earned PP (as that was what I would have done if I knew it was an option!).

After playing Synth a while, the major overall changes are that I wanted her to be a bit more "biological", as I find playing repressed cold machines dull! ;) I have increased her stem cell array power, and made her CON and STR separate from this. Her variable power and morph are now a lot slower to change, which fits much better with someone who has to literally "grow" new tissue.

Some fluff changes regarding personality and power descriptions, a bit more detail and again reflecting the increased "biological" approach to the character (she is more human!).

Various changes to just make her more streamlined. It's not completely optimal, of course, but just easier to read.

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