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Okay, so we've got Bad Guys With Guns and hostages. This can be dealt with!

Overclock, who has conviniently been listening in, promptly zips over to a nearby alleyway and does a quick costume-swap. (Quick Change! :D) Then, he proceeds to crank up to Speed 18 (unless the GM wants to invoke my Complication - Adrenaline Rush - Zeke can only tap into the full force of the Woosh when in a situation that would merit a huge adrenaline rush; a fight, a building collapsing, chaos all around him. Sometimes he can give it a kick-start, sometimes he can't. (Save for Speed 2 and Quickness 2, full range of powers will only be accessible at GM's discretion.))

If this works, he then rushes at top-speed (5,000,000MPH or 50,000,000' per round), taking a Move Action to bolt down to the vault, picks up both hostages (STR 26 - if that's insufficient then he takes two trips), and promptly speeds back upstairs and out, dropping them off in front of the cops with a big smiley-face under his mask and a bit of showboating. 'cos he's the Arrogant Kung Fu Guy.

If any of this gets interrupted or he strikes a booby trap, then poor him! :twisted:

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Move Action into the building, up the stairs, and say hello to robbers 1-3 and gang boss. Standard Action, Power Attack shift (+2 Damage, -2 Attack), Take 10 on the minions for Attack 16, DC 25 saves on all of them. 3 thugs can't make it, so they go down - gang boss gets the save since he can make it on a natural 20.

Then Overclock will note the big ol' hole in the wall! :D

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Take 10 on attack (assuming the van counts as a minion, being an object and all). 18 to hit, which should is enough to hit a core rules van, and DC27 Toughness, which a core rules van beats on a 18 or better. 15 or better if it's armored.

Point's to take the van out of commission, rather than reduce it to a smudge on the ground.

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Very well, then. Butterfly can make her appearance now.

Overclock has taken care of the 4 robbers in the 1st floor, the 5th robber is on her way to the Van in the sewers, and Stormbreaker is poised to strike at the Van as soon as it surfaces.

The last 3 Robbers are in the ground floor.

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Alright, I've waited for more than a week.

:arrow: Magic, I understand that real life can get in the way, and if this were a thread between just the two of us, or one more, I would have no problem stopping it, for a month, even, until you were able to recommit. As it stands, however, I'm affraid I cannot do so. If you are able to return to posting, at a frequent pace at that(about once per day), I will allow you to participate in this thread. Until then, however, I'm continuing updating the story as it is.

:arrow: Quinn, I'm sorry for the delay. If you wish, feel free to continue posting. Same goes for Blue Rose as well :)

:arrow: Arichamus and Scuffles, I'm sorry I haven't allowed you to enter the scene so far. By my estimation, it will be merely a matter of time until our characters arrive, and by the time they do, trust me, we will all have our own share cut out for us.

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