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  1. While Alicia did enjoy the warmer climes of the world, there was no place like home. Freedom City's cold weather greeted her when she got off the plane and followed her home. Luckily she had some tailor made clothes for this, but the restrictiveness of it was quite annoying. Still she was glad to be home. Freedom City's wonderment would always amaze her. After a hot shower and getting dressed in her cold weather attire (a red sweater dress and black leggings), she was on her way out the door. Checking the news on her tablet, she saw that there was random events happening in Freedom, but one caught her eye. "Monkeys," she questioned aloud. This was something she would have to see for her self. She took to the air and a few minutes later she was at the scene. When she got there the sea of monkey people was alarming. Though there was at least two non-monkeys. One Aryan looking fellow and... Jubatus. Oi, this was going to be awkward. 'How were things since you were mauled, Butterfly?' Alicia thought in Jubatus's voice. She landed next to Jubatus. "Hello," she said, "Anything I can do to help?"
  2. Magic

    Magic's Shop

    Hey, everyone's doing it, why can't I? This will be where I throw random ideas I have for characters and stories. You guys, in the peanut gallery, can judge them accordingly. Kay?
  3. I'm throwing my hat in. Since this a dimensional thing, if you can handle one more, I can ask Miss Rabbit if she wants to throw Sidestep in.
  4. So, Heironymous King and Franklin Moore are not the best of buddies at the moment. King wants money. Moore doesn't want to give him money. Two crooks fighting, why should anyone care? Well the gloves have come off, somehow. Moore has a bounty on his head. No one knows who put it there, but it's a substantial amount iron age dudes are crawling out of the wood works to get at him. Where do we come in? Well, Butterfly is Moore's daughter. Even though there is a mutual contempt for each other, she still loves him as the father that raised her. So I need some advice on the setup and some partners in heroics.
  5. Magic

    Crikey! (OOC)

    Here, have a HP so you can zip away afterwards.
  6. Butterfly got one post in last month! viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6467
  7. Magic

    Crikey! (OOC)

    Arichamus, there's no way she could pass that save. Even with a 20. Not wasting the HP! Cubist, move action to get to her, possibly another move action to grab her (not so sure on this) and a move action to get away? That's two or three move actions. Also, is Move-by Action not on Jubatus's sheet or am I missing something? Hm, we can do this semi-narrative, seeing as even if she is revived from unconscious, she'll still have to recover from staggered somehow. Any suggestions?
  8. I know we can't play as canon NPCs, but I've seen a few reimagined in the NPC section by other players. Are we still allowed to do that?
  9. Magic

    Crikey! (OOC)

    Butterfly's Toughness saves: 1d20+2=12, 1d20+2=5 Failed by 13 Staggered and Stunned Failed by 20 Unconscious Attacking King of Suits: 1d20+10=21 Miss Attacking Jubatus: 1d20+10=11 Miss
  10. Magic


    The feline beasts that grabbed Butterfly were quick in their work clawing and biting at the young heroine. Without her mobility she was a sitting duck. The first one knocked her in the head, with a massive mighty paw. The second one ripped into her abdomen. She felt a slight sting before going unconcious. The other three were focused on King of Suits. After taking out one of their own with a flash, the two looked two each other knowingly. One ran after King of Suits and missed! The other ran after Jubatus and nearly tripped over it's own feet!
  11. Magic

    Crikey! (OOC)

    Butterfly hitting with Nauseate: 1d20+10=22 Feline Beast saving: 1d20+6=8 Helpless Feline Beast but... Fealine Beasts delayed grapple: 1d20+10=28, 1d20+10=30 both hit! Opposed grapple check for them: 1d20+20=32, 1d20+20=25 Butterfly cant beat that with a 20.
  12. Magic


    Butterfly looked down at the people moving around. One was quicker than the eye could see when moving. She held the charge of spores on her arms and swooped down again. The cat she hit rolled over with sickness and couldn't do anything but yowl helplessly! Though the other cat's were ready to pounce when she came down. They both worked together, snatching her out of the air and pinning her to the ground. There was no way for her to even react to the readied beasts, they were just too quick! She struggled but even that was no use! She yelled a curse in protest.
  13. Magic

    Crikey! (OOC)

    Reflex 1d20+14=30
  14. Magic

    Swiss Format(OOC)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is there a giant visible spacecraft there now?
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