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Unfair Science Fair (OOC)

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Let's see:

Bluff/Sense Motive

Knowledge (History)

Knowledge (Technology)

checks, please.

For what you guys know without a roll:

Wail: This looks like Black Flame, aka Donna Danson. She was active back in the day (roughly 1975-1985) alongside her partner Black Ice. Nice girl, always there for the community, albeit one with the usual temper problems of fire controllers. That's her costume, certainly; the straight guys back then usually thought it was pretty great. She retired when the Moore Act came down and Keith hasn't seen her since. The weird thing is, Donna would be about Keith's age now, and he doesn't remember her having any powers that would keep her young.

Miss Americana: You can see the holes in her hands, subtly hidden behind what's no doubt fireproof plastic passing as human skin, that the fire is coming out of. They don't look biological. Cyborg, or something more?

If your character would take this opportunity to hit the bad guy, go ahead and roll initiative; don't forget that there's also lots of civilians, kids, and potentially volatile science projects around.

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Miss A: That's a robot (and a pretty good one, too; the same quality Gina associates with herself, the Foundry, or other experts), and the jive-talking is straight out of a 70s blaxploitation movie. That's enough History to know everything Wail knows out of the spoiler tags.

Citizen: knows the Bluff, sure enough, and gets the Tech from Miss A.


Black Flame's story was a tragic one. Donna retired in 1985, settled down with her boyfriend Danny, and they had a little girl named Doris the next year. The Scarpias, an Italian crime family that used to be big news, killed Danny when Doris was two; nothing to do with his wife as such, but Dan Smith, a journalist, had been planning to testify about the Mob moving into Lincoln, and they couldn't abide that. No one knows for sure what happened to Donna and Doris; the apartment was cleaned out by the time anyone went looking. But the Scarpias burned that week; their gentlemen's club going up in one of the deadliest fires of the decade. Thing was, the fire didn't discriminate, and innocent people; staff and civilians there, died too.

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Sense motive: 25

Glow doesn't have Knowledge: History or :Technology. History is for old people and technology is for smart people! :?

Glow doesn't want to start a fight here either but she will still activate her telekinetic shields and make sure she's between Rosie and our friendly pyro.

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I should clarify, of course, that in addition to being a robot, "Black Flame" is a fire controller rather than electrical one as in the sample. No big deal, just a change in descriptors.

Electra reminded me about Miss A's readied action, so go ahead and roll your to-hit + grapple before initiative starts, E. Lacking Uncanny Dodge, 'Black Flame' is actually flat-footed here.

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Glow recognizes that there's plenty of muscle around to handle one strangely-spoken fire villain so she's on civilian duty.

Is it possible for her to stunt create object off her telekinesis to block off the fighting from the civilians? Either a wall or a dome or something? If so she'd like to do that, then start trying to usher people out of the building.

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Have an HP for the neat idea, Scuffles!

Citizen attempts to Taunt Black Flame as a standard action:

DC 25


Black Flame fails, and is shaken:

Demoralizing in Combat: You can use Intimidate in combat to demoralize

an opponent, shaking their confidence. Make an Intimidate

check as a standard action. If it succeeds, your target is shaken (–2 to

attack rolls, saving throws, and checks) for one round.

Miss Americana is up.

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Miss A's skill mastery gives her that; rolls in Knowledge (Technology) and Computers will give her more specific information.


On further reflection, and after some suasion:

These were made from parts refurbished from 1970s-era Foundry drones, somehow remade to work thousands of times more efficiently. The only place in Freedom City that Miss A knows where those can be found is in the concealed STAR Squad special impound warehouse in the Fens, where the cops put old badguy supertech for trial or analysis purposes.
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The police officer clearly looks like the head, but it doesn't match her precisely. She doesn't look surprised to see the head at all; more resigned and a little angry than anything else. She was definitely trying to stall you guys. The other officers, before everything went nuts, definitely saw the connection, but haven't had time to ask her.

Something in the computer wants to get out? You guess? Not really in your guys' wheelhouse.

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Initiative time!

Mini-Blasters: 31!

Citizen: 27

Big Blasters: 24

The mini-blasters have the stats of Dok's PL 7 Photon with Fort Immunity (and no Insub) and fire control

The big blasters have the stats of Dok's PL 10 Photon with same same.

Computers check: 45

OK, Gina will need to break DC 45 on Computers to break Tomorrow out of its confinement. The DC for this will go down -1 round to round if she doesn't crack it first thing.

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