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The Hard Hand of Fate (OOC)

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Mara is going to determine that the suit is activating because someone is pumping subspace energy into its systems from another dimension, using a system that seems to be some kind of communications array. (Someone is 'hailing' it, but so brute-force that they're activating everything simultaneously)

It's too weak to read what they're saying without some kind of amplifier, though.

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That'll do it, Giz:

As near as Jill can tell, this unfortunate man is decaying from the inside out. He's in very bad shape and will probably be absolutely and awfully dead in seconds if nothing is done. As for the cause, he has what looks like mild burns on his hands and face, and she remembers what Heartbeat said about dragonfire. The mood around her has suddenly gotten tense, so this has to go right!

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Short on time and low on options, we'll be Jury-Rigging.

Device 1 (Feats: Feature [self-destruct trigger], Restricted 1 [Earth Prime residents], Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [5pp] (dimensional tunnel device)

A large, pylon-like device capable of transporting a group of nearby people to Earth Prime.

Super-Movement 1 (Dimensional Movement 1, here to Earth Prime only; Extras: Affects Others, Area [Cylinder], Feats: Area Progression 1 [10']) [5pp]

So, once or twice per round the device can transport as many people as can be packed into a 10' radius circle, more or less. It can only be triggered by our quad of intrepid heroes, though Mara intends to run it with Datalink as much as possible.

No design check; craft check is DC15 (base) + 5 (pp cost) = DC20, which she's incapable of failing, no matter whether it's a Mechanical or Electronics check. Shaen's wisdom lives in us all.

Crafting time: five rounds, plus or minus plot speed.

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Wander goes on 12, but I have been informed that she gets a surprise round against Squad A, who are unobservant. She's going to use Slow Fall to get off the cliff, then Charge through the window at the Omegadrones of Squad A, because doors are for loser squares. The charge will carry her into the first drone of Squad A, who she will proceed to beat with her bat.

These guys are minions, so taking ten will allow her to hit, which means DC 25 toughness save. If that puts it down, she will continue to use Takedown Attack 2 (Move-by action to split her move from the fall earlier) to try and get the rest of Squad A.

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Harrier's going to surge, taking an accelerated move (so he can match Wander's pace) and then attack.

He'll power attack for +5 vs. the last standing drone, taking 10 since it's a minion.

It can't make a DC 32 Toughness save on a natural 20, so it's dead.

Boss Omegadrone B enters through the rear of the gatehouse and fires its pike at Wander.


And that's a miss!

Boss Omegadrone A does the same, its squad coming up behind it. This one will blast Harrier


And also miss. Well.

The still-standing squad readies an action to blast the first person who comes through the door!

26, 25, 22, 19, 17, 16

Wander is up.

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Wander will attack Squad Leader B, since he tried to shoot her first! She's going to start off with an Acrobatic Bluff, skill mastered at 27, to try and catch the guy flat-footed, then mount a charging Power Attack against him. That'll mean a -3 to Attack, -2 to defense, and +5 to damage, should she hit. She rolls a 21. That'll be a DC 30 toughness save, then.

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Round 3:

Harrier: 16 -1 HP

Boss A: 14 (staggered)

Boss B: 13 (staggered)

Harrier attacks Boss A, doing lethal


That hits.



Aw hell, I'll roll with that.


Blast vs Boss B


Tou vs 32:


Boo. Well, scratch another HP.

Down 2

Boss B uses its Detect Weakness on Harrier, gaining +5 to its next attack vs him (I lost the link, but he rolled a natural 20). As low as his defenses are right now, he'd better kill it next round!

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Mara extra-effort stunts the following off her Auxiliary Power Array:

Teleport 4 (1 mile; Extras: Accurate, Flaws: Long-Range) [8pp]

Presumably she spends the next minute or so (20 miles, 20 move actions at 1 mile each, ~10 rounds) blipping across the landscape to Wander and Harrier.

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It's an invent-y kind of thread, I guess.

HP to jury-rig:

Device 7 (35pp device; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose, Unreliable [5 uses]) [14pp]

bad science

Drain Toughness 10 (Extras: Affects Objects, Area [General Burst], Linked [Damage], Selective Attack, Flaws: Action [Full], Distracting, Feats: Progression 2 [Area; 150' radius], Slow Fade [5 rounds]) [23pp]

Damage 10 (Extras: Area [General Burst], Linked [Drain Toughness], Selective Attack, Flaws: Action [Full], Distracting, Feats: Progression 2 [Area; 200' radius]) [12pp]

No design check; craft check of 15 (base) + 14 (pp cost) = 29.

Craft Check (jury-rig), DC29 (1d20 + 20=32)


Crafting time: 14 rounds (approx. 1:30).

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