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Fisticuffs Fundraiser!


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Alright after watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold I have decided that we need more camp on the boards. So, the solution is to have a bunch of heroes do some charity boxing matches against one another. No heat vision, no laser blasts, no flying. Sportsmanship and friendly showboating with the crowd is a must.

The heroes are raising money for the Extra Snuggly Adorable Orphans Foundation.

The actual matches are entirely friendly in nature. They can be RP'd out or rolled out at the player's own preference. In all likelihood, a bout could end without either hero getting knocked down.

Plently of banter before, during and after the match is expected (don't ask how they speak the mouth guards, they just do) as are comments from the peanut gallery.

I'll be playing Atlas in the thread as well. And the bouts will be set up based upon how well matched they are.

Anyone interested?

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Cy, how would DS feel about using his gravity manipulation to control a giant Rock'em Sock'em Robot which is of course versing another giant Rock'em Sock'em Robot being controlled by another hero in a similar situation?

Quote, as much as I would love to see BD get punched in the face repeatedly, I think Colt is definately the better pick.

Durf, swanky.

I'll get this started up later tonight or tomorrow.

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