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Upstairs at Monty's - October (OOC)


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Okay, so it looks like our first poker night will have to be on Saturday, October 17, since Grim and Colt first met at the carnival on the 16th and joined the Interceptors on the 18th. Does that night work for everybody? We can always change to a different day of the week for future games.

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Yay for Skill Mastery (Sleight of Hand). Colt hits DC 26 for anyone trying to notice what his shenanigans actually are (They are just casual tricks of the eye, he isn't actually pocketing any chips or anything.)

Grim runs a very close second, with a DC 25 on her mastered SoH :D

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Are we playing with actual poker hands? or are we just hand-waving the entire game?

That’s actually a good question; how exactly do we want to do this? I’m mostly interested in the roleplaying aspect myself, plus I suck at poker. Can we come up with some sort of mechanic, based on Bluff or some other skill to figure out who wins each hand?

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There was a suggestion a while back to have a ref PM poker hands to players and actually play this out. It would take a long time, but it would be fun. I think Sand offered to do it.

It may be better for the RP aspect if we just come up with some sort of bluff mechanic.

Here's an idea: Each player rolls an unmodified d20. That determines how good their hand actually is. 20 being a royal flush opportunity, and 1 being a 2-7-off-suit, or something along those lines. From there, we could set up some sort of bluffing system to determine who wins each hand, etc.

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That system might work except for the fact that no matter how terrible or good your starting hand is, there's always the chance the flop could come out in your favor. If someone rolled a twenty, no amount of bluffing with your proposed system would keep someone from playing their "Big Slick" or "Pocket Rockets." One thing that might help is if the result on the unmodified D20 we added as a situational bonus to bluff/sense motive checks, but that's just adding another level of complication to the system.

I think the idea with the ref PM'ing hands to people and letting them roleplay their hand out would be the most fun solution. It's up to everyone else though, I'll go along with anything.

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I don't really have a strong opinion one way or the other.

With Atlas' skill set, he's not very good at bluffing people, nor is his Sense Motive stellar. He does however have a few ranks in Knowledge: Streetwise so he may know a few of those shadier methods for playing, but he's too nice to use them of course :roll:

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