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Char Edits Based on New Wealth Rules

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Drawback 1 (Impoverished)

You have the clothes on your back and whatever's in your pockets, and that's it.

Comic Book Example: Man Thing

Complication (Struggling)

You can usually get all your monthly bills paid, if you don't have to pay to have something repaired or replaced... but most months, you do have to pay for something to be repaired or replaced.

You either rent an apartment by yourself, or you live in a small house that either has one or two roommates, or is in either a bad neighborhood (like the Fens) or a remote rural site. DC 8 Disable Device to break in.

If you own a car, it's a Rolls Can'ardly (rolls down one hill, can 'ardly get up the next); most likely you walk, bike, or take public transportation.

Comic Book Example: Peter Parker (most versions)

Standard Wealth

Middle class, salaried employment (9-to-5 job).

You're in either an apartment or a small (1 or 2-BR) house in an average part of town, or a medium (3-BR w/ garage) house in a bad part of town or a remote rural area. DC 10 Disable Device to break in.

You have an economy or mid-size sedan, or something comparable.

Comic Book Example: ???

Benefit 1 (Wealth 1/Wealthy)

Professional employment (skilled lawyer or doctor), owner of a small business, or you draw a regular stipend from some inheritance. Upper middle class or lower upper class. (Complications can be used to reflect any responsibilities your job entails.)

You're either in an apartment or small (1 or 2 BR) house in an upscale neighborhood, a medium (3-BR w/ garage) house in an average neighborhood, or a large (4-BR w/ 2-car garage) house in a remote rural location (since homes like that don't show up in bad neighborhoods). DC 12 Disable Device to break in.

You can have any sort of car short of a high-end sports coupe; you may also have your own prop plane.

Comic Book Example: Captain America, Matthew Murdock, Foggy Nelson

Benefit 2 (Wealth 2/Rich)

You are a millionaire, and may own a small corporation (depending on complications). Solid upper class.

You live in either a medium (3-BR w/ garage) house in an upscale neighborhood, or a large (4-BR w/ 2-car garage) house in an average neighborhood, or a mansion (5 or 6 BR, 3-car garage) in a remote rural location. DC 14 Disable Device to break in.

You can have almost anything shy of a military-grade vehicle.

Comic Book Example: ???

Benefit 3 (Wealth 3/Filthy Rich)

You're a billionaire, with resources comparable to multi-national corporations or government/military branches of major countries.

You can have any sort of (standard, non-tricked out) house you want, or almost any sort of vehicle. DC 16 Disable Device to break in.

Comic Book Example: Gomez Addams, C. Montgomery Burns, Lex Luthor, Tony Stark

Each rank in the Wealth feat gives you a +2 bonus to Diplomacy and Gather Information checks which involve bribery. Having the drawback imposes a -1 penalty on those checks. The Struggling complication means you may automatically fail certain Diplomacy or Gather Information checks at he Ref's option (ex: The bouncer you're trying to talk to simply will not talk unless given an adequate bribe, which you may not be able to afford). Like Attractive, this bonus cannot increase your total effective skill rank higher than the campaign’s power level limit.

The Wealth Benefit does not carry any free status, just the money. (Wealth but no Status = eccentric wealthy recluse whom no one has heard of.)

If you want an atypical version of a vehicle or home (like a motorcylce that can turn into a helicopter, or a house with a magic scrying mirror), you need to pay for the entire vehicle/HQ, not just the upgrades.

Characters may have any sort of general equipment (camera, cell phone, computer, basic flashlight), within reason, for free. Anything which gives a bonus (ex: Masterwork items) or has a real game benefit (ex: armor, weapons) must be paid for with equipment points.

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Thunderstanding: Do not need to spend EPs on your motorcycle.

Sweet. Let's then switch those points to give Thunder an HQ identical to the Abandoned Warehouse from the core book. She'll start with the house that I was going to have her buy down the road.

Updated by Doc.

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Ember Paw: Has Wealth 2. You may wish to consider lowering that. Or not.

Yeah I'd lower it wealth 1. Gaining an allowance from the various Fox grove enterprises as well as working a 9-5 job at Jos Shop, should mean Ember is no longer straped for cash :D

Updated by Doc.

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My comp breaks down and you all forget about me huh? Malice isn't fantastically wealthy so can you please drop his Wealth 3 down to Wealth 2?

He's not uber rich, but because of his Status benefit, he can still get his hands on some good stuff.

Updated by Doc.

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I'll go ahead and drop The Scarab's "Benefit (Wealth)" down to 2 ranks.

Elena made millions from precognitively playing the stock market and the odd legal fees, but I don't see her as being in the same league as billionaires like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, or Lex Luthor. Alexander Rhodes was in that league, but Sofia Cruz is controlling that money now, and Elena is content to let her continue doing so. It leaves more time for Elena to do the superhero thing. And many uncomfortable questions would be asked if Ms. Cruz suddenly just handed most of Rhodes' money to an unknown.

I think "Benefit (Wealth) 2," along with "Connected" and "Benefit (Legacy)," is more than sufficient for Elena to have money to throw around, and get occasional favors from the current caretaker of the fortune her previous incarnation built.

This frees up 2 power points for The Scarab. I'll spend them in the normal Edit thread, at the same time I spend the 1 I earned from May.

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Captain Knievel: Does not need to spend EPs on binoculars of commlink.

Cool. :)

Not sure what I can do with just two spare EPs though. I am working on getting rid of his armor, so I may end up just wiping the equipment feat (except for free stuff like the comm link and binoculars).

Bear with me while I get to my books and do some research. Thanks.

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Doc, Velocity needs some correction based on the changes to the Wealth rules (he Wealth is currently at 4)

I want to drop it down to Wealth 2. One of the extra points will go towards the Interceptors base/vehicle pool. The other point I want to put into Quickness, bumping it up to 8.


Speedily done by Doc.

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