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Two Openings for PL 6 Heroes

Dr Archeville

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I'm running a short adventure for Ember Paw, and wanted to know if any heroes would like in.

Background: Word has gotten out on the street that a new "protection racket" has started operating in Riverside, starting shortly after a fairly gruesome murder. In order to "prove" how dangerous the city is, they've been hitting the docks and either stealing or destroying shipments.

A shipment of valuable artwork and antiques is due in to Freedom City on Tuesday, at Pier 18, but the owner of the shipment (local businessman Jos Terhune) has scheduled for the shipment to be unloaded at 9:00pm that evening.

Perhaps a PC hero takes it upon himself to approach Mr. Terhune and offer to act as an escort for the shipments. Perhaps the hero just shows up on his own, due to a desire to fight crime wherever it rears its head. Or perhaps there's another reason.

A caveat: PCs who are not currently engaged in any adventures/stories will be given preference for consideration -- we do want to make sure everyone has a chance to play in something here. So if three people apply, A is in no adventures, B is in one, and C is in two, A and B will be chosen.

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