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  1. Reaper

    Mail Call

    "I'm not exactly sure what he is. If he was though what would you think?" Kurt asks with a puzzled look on his face.
  2. Reaper

    Mail Call [OOC]

    Sorry I have been away. Back now.
  3. I finally made it back to the site. Sorry for the long absence. Has it progressed far enough that Shadowman is out of luck for this?
  4. If you want to allow some others it's ok with me.
  5. Reaper

    Mail Call

    "What the ... dude that's not cool." Mentally Rip hop out for a second. From Kurt a little shadowy creature literally hops out his stomach and lands on the floor. Kurt points down at him "This is Rip."
  6. I'd like to get Shadow Man in on this.
  7. Reaper

    Mail Call

    "What...?" slight confusion fills Kurts voice then "Oh don't worry it wasn't anything you did. This is Rip's fault." I'll get you back eventually you little jerk he sends to Rip through their mental communication. Kurt sighs as he reaches down to collect his mail.
  8. Reaper

    Mail Call

    Kurt walked into the growingly packed room and headed for his mail cubby. Nothing sentimental ever came but he did occasioanlly get his bank statements from his attorney which detailed his allowance. Still don't understand why they wont just give me my money. Who cares if I'm not 18 yet. He says to Rip through their mental connection. In reponse Rip excitedly fires back Who cares! I just want my chips! Kurt begin reaching for his mail as he sends back What is it with you and chips? Shouldn't you eat food from your own dimension? Just as he almost grabs his mail Rip pops out of his chest half way and grabs the mail hurling it into the air before sucking back into his chest. "Dang it Rip!" he shouts.
  9. Reaper

    Mail Call [OOC]

    Is it to late to pop another student in here? Just got my teen hero who is going to Claremont approved.
  10. Well I found a simple solution. I forgot to give him any stealth which I orinigally intended him to have in his shadowy gestalt form. Skills: 12r = 3pp Language 1 [Dark Mind], Notice 4 [+5], Sense Motive 3 [+4], Stealth 4 [+9]
  11. Yes I've just been to busy with the holiday weekend last week and work that I have not been able to make the edit yet.
  12. Reaper

    Casting Call

    Sentry absorbs the impact and engages the second drone head on with a punch .
  13. That absolutely have to be spent? For the kid I don't want to give him abilities just to get rid of points.
  14. I've added the trade off part right above the stats as requested.
  15. Reaper

    Casting Call (OOC)

    So what's happening? The thread has practically fallen flat on it's face.
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