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  1. High Note tries to hide an embarrassed smile at the question. The only 'Stakeout' he had ever performed had gotten him a talking to from his father. He still believes that his father was more uncomfortable. 'I've got the patience to wait for things, if that's what you're asking. I'm not sure I should say anymore about what I may or may not have done. Sounds like a legal grey area."
  2. Gordy's lips curl up in a mischievous smile. The barrier held. That was more than he expected. Perhaps he should try something else, something also unexpected. The vocally gifted hero begins to sing low. Very low. His very skin seems to rumble with the deep bass sound. "Lets see if that that thick skin protects you from this, pretty boy." At first Gordy has trouble laying a hand on the rhino man. A quick change of direction though seems to allow Gordy to lay hands on the beast. "Sonic energy coursing through your guts. See if you can keep your lunch."
  3. My fault. For some reason I read the initiative list as having a turn by the villains between me and geckoman.
  4. "Should we have it so that there are two of us on duty at all times? I mean I don't-that is to say wouldn't having more people give us more tactical options?" High Note tried hard not to show that he was nervous at the idea of actually doing planned out hero work. Most of the time trouble found him, and he didn't have time to panic at all about it. "I guess that doesn't need to be answered now. What's next? Find good hiding spots at the dock?"
  5. Gordy smiles. So far this seemed to be working out ok. And his teachers said his impetuousness would get him into trouble. "So I suppose what remains if for you to explain just exactly what you would like us to do about these...extortionists. I mean, we can't very well go hunt them down and wail on them. I'm fairly certain that would be frowned upon. Do you know a specific time when they are coming back? That we could catch them actually doing something illegal?"
  6. A reversed color version of Nightwing, so mostly blue with a black outline. Hence the reason I hero-talk in blue.
  7. High Note smiles at Terhune, a smile that seems to be laughing at him. Being in his costume seems to have eliminated the nervousness he felt earlier in the day. "Yes, these are my co-workers, as it were. I thought I should let you go into the specifics, but they certainly seemed interested in helping the people of Freedom." 'Or more accurately in solving the mystery of what the crap you're up to.'
  8. It was the power, yes. Does a tie in an attack go to the defender or the attacker? EDIT: NM, that questioned was answered by reading the IC posts. Combat: 12pp Attack: +2, +2 ranged, +6 w/ Blast, Fatigue, and Sonic Control Grapple: +2 Defense: +6 (+2 flat-footed) Knockback: -3 (-2 flat-footed), -1 without Force Field (+0 flat-footed) Initiative: +2 Saves: 14pp Toughness: +7 (+5 flat-footed), +1 without Force Field (-1 flat-footed) Fortitude +3 (-1 Con, +4) Reflex +8 (+2 Dex, +6) Will +5 (+1 Wis, +4) My damage is a DC 22.
  9. Gordy found himself royally angry. He doesn't even notice that Chris is singing, something he'd normally make a snarky comment about. He'd finally had a chance to talk to Changeling, and now these freaks, costumed or otherwise, had gone and messed that up. The teen super calls up his wall of sound, narrows his eyes and screams at the Rhino in front of him for all his worth. "You SUCK!"
  10. So, ideas seem to have stalled out for what I was trying with Matthias. Anyone out there need a PL10 to fight? Or any villains need a leg man/fall guy? I'd like to get in at least one more thread with Matthias before June and camp drag me away once again.
  11. I'll skip if that's the going trend, though I'd rather do the scene in the park.
  12. Thanks. I am now one year further into my twenties.
  13. Gah, I need to check in here more often. If anyone drops out, I'm in.
  14. Iniative Roll (1d20 2=14) Just to clarify, do we have the Hero Point for the complication and the normal point for the thread? Or just one?
  15. I'm in as the ranged support Fighter/Ranger
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