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Ruminations: Mission to Mars (OOC)

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While watching the intermittent flow of traffic in and out of the parking garage, you notice that a large number of black SUVs have been coming in and out.  They will park for a few minutes, and occasionally people will even leave the vehicle enter the main building.  But like clockwork they are out in a set time frame.  On close inspection you notice that they seem to be armored vehicles.


The Dreamer

You are within the line of sight of a lower rooftop and are able to spot three people with a pair of binoculars looking at the MarsTech building.  They're too far out to get any clear details with that check.  But, you can at least see them occasionally gesturing to the building.

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Alright, as mentioned previously, Rebellion sneaks up on one of the guys that's alone and uses his Paralyze power, then uses the Morph power from his Terror array to become his twin. Picking up anything he can about the man, he then puts him inside the trunk of his car.


Disguise roll at 50 with Skill Mastery.


Anything about the guy's appearance, name and apparent job?

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