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Shark Week: Baby Shark (OOC)

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That's enough to tell him that Detective Archer is a decorated detective of the FCPD with years of outstanding service.  She was accused of some crime years ago that made the evening news, and Ghosts doesn't remember the exact details.  But, hey she still has a shield so was probably not guilty.

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From the angle they're standing in both Ghost's X-Ray Vision and Sea Devil's Sonar are able to find runes inscribed in between the walls of the closet. Not visible if looking straight on the walls as they seemed to have been drawn or carved into the insulation itself.  In fact they're so thinly made it had to have been done with precision as Ghost's X-Ray Vision will only catch any one rune when looking at it head on at any other angle from the walls they fit right in with the rest of the wall cavity.

Knowledge Arcane Lore Roll
DC15 to identify what the runes are meant to do
DC20 to identify known magical associations who use such means
DC25 to identify a means to activate the runes again (Not Safely)
DC30 to identify a means to activate the runes again (Safely)

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Yes.  Nothing that a roll will improve upon.  But there is a mention of Kāmohoaliʻi in the Atlantean that the runes were inscribed with.  

The Runes are used as a sort of teleportation circle.  Anchored from one location to another.  While used by certain Atlantean nomadic sorcerers, this specific configuration has also been ascribed to common use by three groups known in magic circles.  There's the deep a fanatic group of called "The Deep".  They are a human cult dedicated to actually trying and flood the world and provide various human offerings to dark gods in the hopes of achieving their goal to "start anew."  There's the Samebito, the Atlantean Sharkmen colony.  And lastly, The Maw.  A group created and inspired by Megalodon!  Their ultimate goal is to become shark human hybrids like the famed villain and have learned various magicks with that goal.  Even appealing to various Shark Gods!  To date, none of their attempts have been successful.

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She does indeed have the time!  I'll even play with the rules a little.  Instead of stunting for the low low price of that HP Rocket Lord, Ghost can essentially do the Aid on the task and I'll give the +5 circumstance bonus instead of the +3 that would've come from allowing a Power Check/taking 20 to be the basis of the Aid bringing that Arcane Lore total to 35!  

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