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Brimstone and Bullet Casings (OOC)

Kaede Kimura

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Right, I double checked and you can take a 10, so I'll run with the 15. I'm also giving you a +5 bonus due to your familiarity with the area and your own involvement with the gangs (No one who runs a gang doesn't know the other gangs)


@RocketLord feel free to roll DC20, not too hard but AFAIK Charlie isn't overly familiar with the area?



The Cardinal Rats were a relatively small and new gang, mostly limited holding a few small streets in an especially poor area. They dealt in drugs and protection rackets for the few businesses within their territory. Their boss is a scumbag who was definitely the sort to make deals with demons to get what he 'deserves'. But from what you remember even if they had a demon for every member they wouldn't have enough manpower to hold more than a handful of blocks. So either the man to demon ratio is significantly skewed to the demon side or they got a lot of new people. 


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Weird flex but okay!



The Cardinal Rats have a history of ambition and failure, attempting to secure supplies of super drugs, trying to steal advanced tech and a variety of other things in attempts to gain an edge over the other gangs. Their attempts always ended in failure, although they always managed a getaway when things went south. Given their constant attempts to acquire superpowers, it is not particularly surprising that they would jump at the chance to gain demonic assistance. 


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hehe ok. I think that Luke is gonna use his telelocation power to find his former gangmates 


Telelocation 8 (Range: 2,000 miles / Continental; Extras: Duration [Sustained, Lasting]; Flaws: Limited [Can only sense relative direction, not exact location]; Limited [Personal possessions and close acquaintances]; Feats: Subtle) [5PP]

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Sounds good! And I'm getting some use out of the spoiler tag. Probably not super necessary, but oh well :P



A handful seem to be spread about in the direction of your old haunts and homes, while the majority are clustered in a roughly even split in two directions, one, slightly smaller is in a similar direction, implying they're near your old stomping grounds while the other leads off at a more obtuse angle, which leads in a line that, if you're remembering the territory properly would lead within a dozen or so blocks of the original Cardinal Rats territory.

Ian is one of the ones not in either group.


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@Nerdzul & @RocketLord this one is a bit longer and will affect things going forward so I figured I'd tag you guys.


Okay, so that looks like a good place to get things going, will get a post out with Muirne tomorrow then do a GM post after you guys reply to this, but if people want to rush in some more snark go ahead.


For now there are two things to clarify for you guys getting a move on. First, just to confirm, you are heading to the group near the old That's territory yeah, not to Ian out anywhere else? I'm assuming that everyone is in possession of their faculties enough but to split the party.


The other one is marching stuff, for example, is everyone sticking absolutely together or is anyone going ahead to scout out anything? Additionally is everyone trying to be sneaky or doing anything else, and if yes then roll stealth or let me know.

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Yeah I think that Luke might want to check on Ian eventually, but his friends closer to the territory of the demonic gangs are a priority at least for him. 

That said the three of them are all pretty stealthy, maybe they can choose a more subtle approach.

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Okay! I have my demon papers with me so I can actually do the stuff now:

  1. Yeah that Trip misses.
  2. Muirne is gonna come outta hiding and throw her spear at the demon!

1d20+8 = 19 (I think she still uses her melee bonus for thrown weapons...) is a hit, DC19 Toughness save, which the demon... MAKES (1d20+4 = 24!) 
IC to follow then it's Luke's turn.

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Free Action: Set Communication Array to Datalink.

Standard Action: Use the Computers action Shut Down Active Remote with the Datalink to get range to turn off the phone. I need to beat DC25 for that, and would you look at Charlie's roll of Computers 27 with Skill Mastery?

Move Action: Follow the gangster into the alley.

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Okay, Muirne is gonna grab her spear and throw it at the demon again. 1d20+4 = 13 (Thank you RocketLord for correcting me) and Muirne misses


19 - Nevermore II - 3HP - Unharmed

16 - Shadowborne - 3HP - Unharmed

6 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed

6 - Spinethrower Demon - Unharmed

3 - Gangster - Unharmed

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