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Family Takeover

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OoC for this one here.


Going to take an oppertunity to split us up for the time being, not to long though I promise!


Nevermore and Scarab need to do Notice rolls please 


For Scarab [url=https://orokos.com/roll/851446]Notice[/url]: [u]1d20+10[/u] [b]17[/b]

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Keeping the two group seperate for a little while longer for ease of plot.


Also Alek's and Kamala can have a HP for a none costume complications, Nevermore can choose to if he wishes but obviously he's a few PL down on the other two.

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I'm going to spend a Hero Point to temporarily gain the feat "Benefit (The Raven)". This in turn will justify Nevermore (and potentially Alek) having access to a spot where they can retrieve a costume (not, like, an old dusty one, a new one, they prepped for this) to change into, as their outfits aren't 100% "under street clothes" friendly. 

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