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9:00 am Monday 28th September 2020

Summers Advance Designs, Jasmine House, Downtown West 66


Downtown West 66 was a rather modest skyscraper that housed a legacy of the Summer’s family, one that could be coming to an end very soon. The massive Majestic Industries corporation was looking to buy out the company, what with Jerome King holding a place on the board.


They were obviously hoping that the Summers had no interest in the future of a company they had little to do with for the last couple of decades, but a Summers never lets go of the past easily, especially one that was specially to there beloved…

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Scarab III

Kamala Khanufasa knew none of this but she still wasn’t happy in the slighest. When she’d been asked to discuss applications of some of her technology she’d done her homework and was happy with the companies focus on using technology to help people who put there lives on the line. So she was less than happy when the young excutive she met had wanted to discuss military applications of her technologies. Cross words had been exchanged, and she may have punch the young man, and she’d stormed out of the office.


Stomping through the corridors she wasn’t looking where she was going with a potential disastrous situation.

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Nevermore II


Honestly? Charlie wasn't sure why he was even there. Sure, he'd read up on Summers Advance Designs. He knew what it was all about, it Ms. Summers' late mom's old company, and her dad had kind of let it do its own thing, but suddenly someone was trying to buy it? Alright, he could get why the Summers clan wasn't happy about that, but... he still wasn't sure why he had to tag along with Alek for this. It honestly wasn't his thing.


"Hey, watch out!" He quickly stepped out of the way before a woman smashed right into him. She was pissed about something, but she should still watch out!

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To many in the world of "big business", Aleksander Garen Nakani was a wild unknown. An Eastern European orphan adopted by a couple who were, frankly, unknowns before that point and for years after. It was less than a decade ago that they became permanent assistants and employees of Duncan Summers and Calliope Summers, the wealthy patrons of the prestigious Claremont Academy, as well as a half-dozen major charities scattered around Freedom City and the Eastern Seaboard. Loren Barbeau firmly established himself as the overseer of the Summers' ancestral home, the grounds, and several other private property holdings, many of which were converted to either historical sites and museums, or transferred for charitable causes over time. Melissa Barbeau is the more formidable force, and in the last 5 years has aggressively managed and expanded the financial status of the Summers family, taking the post of "financial advisor" as a sort of open license.


So when their adoptive son, himself an alumnus of Claremont Academy under the direct tutelage and supervision of Calliope Summers, and recent recipient of dual degrees in Business Adminsitration and Computer Administration, summa cum laude from Hanover Institute of Technology. Today he wore an all-black affair, the very picture of young, vibrant business in the new millennium.


As Kamala Khanufasa stomped past, he side-stepped without having to look at her, and with a gentle tug for his apprentice to aid his own maneuver. Only after she was past did he look up, closing his flat black portfolio and tucking it under one arm as he pulled off his gold-rimmed sunglasses (which Charlie knew contained a wealth of AR data visible only to the wearer). As he spoke to Charlie, he gently folded the glasses up and placed them in their padded case, then in his jacket pocket. 


"Best to get used to it. People in business are often irritated or mindlessly hurrying."


He checked his watch, and waited about 30 seconds, before nodding with a slight smirk.


"Alright, now we go in. That puts us exactly one minute after the on-calendar meeting start. Early enough they won't be completely relaxed, but late enough we'll catch them off-guard. Remember, you're my intern here. You're in there with that laptop to provide information, but please try to keep the commentary low. I'll manage the people."


With that, he smoothly walked forward, making his way down the rest of the hall and to the ornate wooden doors leading into the board room. With one arm, he smoothly opened one of them and stepped inside, his face holding what some might think was an almost vapid smile.


"Ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Are we ready to get started?"

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GM Post


The meeting room was an extravagant thing dominated by a massive ebony wood table with inlaid panels and a cutting edge (civilian) holosystem. The room was cold with no touches of beauty, even the original logo had been taken down to be replaced with pictures of the current board.


The board was only five other and the glasses provided a wealth of information about the seven men on the board, ironic considering who had founded the company. The text scrolled in Alex’s vision was extensive taken from the investigations of both Duncan and Calliope, indeed it was possible to tell from the style of the two.


All of the members had minor infractions from basics things like harassment and all forms of unsavoury assaults, traffic violations and all you’d expect from people who used and abused there powers. Two were corporate traders, obviously planning to asset strips parts of the company, who had been investigated several times for insider and underhanded trading. One was a rumoured weapons dealer, associated with several terrorist and supervillain groups, he was rumoured to have personally tested his product on undesirables. The other had ties to organized crimes and was probably laundering money through the company and using company assets to move stuff in and out of Freedom City.


And then there was Jerome King. The Raven’s files on Majestic Industries went right back to the early days of Duncan Summer and covered all the other crimes commited here and so much more, and frustratingly they’d never been able to pin even the most minor crime on the company. Jerome might be young but rumours suggested that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Hello there I’ve don’t think we’ve met before, I’m Jerome King.” he had a rich soothing voice and a winning smile as he offered his hand to Alex.

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Scarab III


Kamala was going to let them go and just get out of here, bubt something the oldest of the two had touched her final nerve and she turned back to give them a piece of her mind. She’d missed Alex by second but managed to catch Charlie, the little firebrand stabbing at him with a finger.


You tell your boss that I’ve never been so insulted as to be invited here to even consider using my technology In such way, I will take my battery and shove it so far…”


Maybe it was her extra senses but something seemed off and looking around she spotted something that was off about this situation.


Wait did you see that?”

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Nevermore II


"Sure, you're the boss. I'll take notes, no funny business." Charlie quickly adjusted his tie. He liked wearing ties, he liked dress shirts and all that, but the jacket that Alek had made him wear? That was a bit much, to be honest. It was a bit tight over his shoulders, he didn't feel like he could move properly in it. 


He only just got a quick look inside and heard the man greeting Alek, while he shifted his suitcase with his laptop back from his wrist and to his hand, when the woman that had almost hit him came storming back and stabbed at him with a finger. He instinctively moved his suitcase up in front, using it to protect himself.


"Woah, woah, hey, chill lady!" There was something about her that was scarier than just about anything he had seen as Nevermore so far. Maybe because he couldn't just hit her with a ravenrang or pop out of there? "I got no idea what you're going on about, everything going on here is normally so far above my paygrade that I wouldn't even know where to begin! I'm just the guy that takes notes for the boss, you're the one that almost hit -"


See what? He was almost about to slip into Nevermore mode, but... no. Secret ID and all that.


"What?" he instead asked with a flat tone.

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Alek took Jerome's hand with a beaming smile, eyes sparkling in delight.


"Good to meet you, Jerome! The pleasure's all mine! Hey, nice to meet you, you too. Nice tie!"


He quickly made the rounds of the table, shaking the hand of each person present. In the back of his mind, Alek made a note to scrub his hands with the strongest safe soap he could after they got out of here...


"It seems something held up my assistant. My apologies; he's serving as a part-time intern. Paid of course, don't want the journalists coming down on us about unpaid labor or whatever, right? Haha!"


He gave the group an exaggerated wink before casually dropping the portfolio he'd been holding onto the table. He sat down with a flourish, sweeping his suit jacket just so to keep it out of the way yet look fashionable. He flipped it open as he continued to smile, taking just a second to glance at it before looking up at everyone present. He clasped his hands on the table and leaned forward a bit as he spoke.


"I'll be honest, I'm absolutely a new face here. I'm sorry for the surprise entrance, but I'm eager to get to know how things go around here! Oh, you know what, how rude of me! I apologize, Mister King, I forgot to give you my name a moment ago."


He leaned back, one hand moved to rest on the side of the lush chair, the other positioned to prop up his head as he leaned it to one side. 


"My name is Aleksander Nakani. I'm here as the duly-appointed, legally-empowered representative for Mister Duncan Summers and Miss Calliope Summers. They recognize this may seem a bit odd; the Summers family has been fairly hands-off for several years now. But it's a new decade in a new millennium. Time for a change! Alas, Mister Summers must be cautious of his travels at his age, and Miss Sumers is ever so busy with running that little academy. So they sent me. I do hope that's alright? I have all the paperwork regarding Power of Attorney, Proxy Voting Power, and so on. Boring stuff, really. So. Catch me up, if you don't mind?"

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GM Post


Both of them saw the same time, from either end of the corridor were a series of people in SAD jumpsuits and pushing what appeared to be cleaning trolleys. Innocent enough if it wasn’t for some rather suspicious looking bulges under there arms. Cleaning staff did not tend to go around armed, even in a city full of Super villains.



Jerome didn’t see non·plussed at Aleks credentials, instead giving a smile that looked liked he had to practice to do such things.


I will be honest Mr Nakani we didn’t expect that the Summer’s estate to send a representative.”


As Jerome spoke out of the corner of his eye Alek’s saw the exchange of a large note between two of the men, so someone even jokingly excepted some would be sent.


Do you need to know why we’re here today Mr Nakani or are you also up to speed on why we’re here?”

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Scarab III

When she saw the guys moving around with some potentially malicious intent Kamala quickly considered her options. You didn’t just wander into a business meeting with a Scarab Pack, all she had was the suit she was wearing a few samples of her tech and her wits. So at least she had that in the plus column.


Even though there was no way she was going to just let these people capture the building, though she would need time to figure out a plan. Having not been spotted, as far as she knew, she ducked low and began to make for a nearby office whispering loudly to the idiot she’d be chastising, he could be useful in a crisis.


Quickly this way we need to work out why they’re here.”

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Raven III


Alek smiled at Jerome. 


"I've been doing some extensive research on the recent moves within Summers Advanced Design, but I'm of the mind that the most accurate picture of what's happening will come from the people involved in the work. In the trenches, if you will. So I would absolutely appreciate a brief recap of the current state of things as well as the action items on the agenda today."


He reached down and shuffled some papers, and as he did so threw out a casual comment.


"That's also why I have interviews scheduled with a random sampling of employees at all levels of the company for later today. I like to get a good cross-section of something when I'm working on it.

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Nevermore II


Wait, wait... did those people in SAD uniforms have guns under their arms? That didn't make a whole lot of sense, did it now? No, Charlie was pretty sure that the cleaning staff wasn't supposed to be armed here. He looked at the lady that had been yelling at him for pretty much no reason at all, how could he get away so he could tell Alek about it, or better yet, do something about it? He had to figure out a plan here, get her out of the way before these guys did something and... She went completely professional whispering to him and pulling him along to an office. Which, good. It got her away from them for now. And he had his utility belt in his suitcase, even if Alek thought he didn't need to bring it and he could come up with some plan and... 


Right, the woman was still here. Time to play idiot. Put those acting lessons to work.


"What are you talking about? Would you let go of me? My boss is gonna get pissed that I haven't joined him yet."

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The Scarab III

Kamala took control of the situation dragging the idiot into a near by office, she’d considered calling her carapace but that would be too obvious. Still she was very smart and could improvise thing well enough.


Keep an eye out for them, once they’ve secured the area they’ll probably start going office to office.”


As she spoke she went through the basics, checking her cell, the offices phones and computer. All of them blocked. Going through a mental inventory she took a screw driver and began to work on the computers power pack.


If we’re going to avoid those thugs we’re going to have to work together. I’m something of an inventor, specialising with superconducting materials” she waved the screwdriver around “What exactly can you do?”

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GM Post

I’m here to make an offer to roll this company into Majestic, with a generous share option entice you all to sign.” he smiled a shark like grin “We have a rather extensive portfolio to explain the benefits to yourself and the company.”


He began to operate the tablet set into the table, looking momentary confused and frustrated as the device didn’t seem to do what he wanted it to. Before speaking his frustration he looked up and apparently understood why the system wasn’t working. Alek’s didn’t need that though the subtle ka-chunk of a bolt being pulled back on several automatic weapons.

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