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Couple random thoughts...


-Currently I'm inclined (partly on a whim) to make Gawain be good at cooking. I've got a couple musical PCs and a couple artistic PCs, don't have one that cooks yet.

-My mental image for the castle has it sitting on an asteroid sort of like the Watchtower from Young Justice; the castle being kind of tucked into the asteroid a bit, protected on 3 sides by it. But it would also have big, golden solar sails/panels, less as a means of propulsion (I imagine it just teleporting around), and moreso to capture solar power (Gawain's big on solar energy!). 

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So, I made a first draft at a guidebook page, trying to gather together everything from this thread. Obviously still need some things, especially in the character descriptions. Let me know what you think!


Cosmic Camelot

Behold! The cycle begins anew! A new Camelot, for a new age! Gathered by Merlin, the Knights of the Round Table rises once again! 


Throughout history, the cycle has continued. The rise and fall of a mighty nation, a tale of valor, chivalry, heroics and knights. The tale of Camelot is told and retold through eternity, each time a reflection of the world at the time. Once, the Knights of the Round Table were literal knights. They fought against great evil, they sought to establish their rule, to bring enlightenment to the world. Now, Camelot has been reborn into a changed world. Where once they sought to protect only Britain, the scope of the knights' mission have grown to encompass the whole world, if not all of reality. Now, the newest incarnations of the Knights of the Round stable stand poised to protect and inspire all. Camelot has been reborn into the age of super heroes.

The Knights of the Round Table can be reincarnations of past knights, but not necessarily so. Rather, they are new heroes that fit in the archetypes presented. They might have the same familial relations as the knights of past cycles, they might have analogues to their relationships, or the relationships can be completely different. These new heroes take on the mantles of the knights, taking on the characteristics, abilities and roles of the knights of ages past. The knights all wear WonderTech armor, created from the fusion of sorcery and science, which grant them super human abilities, though they might posses less powers without their armor and weapons.



Since the end of the medieval cycle, Merlin has remained trapped in the hawthorn tree, forever altering his role in the cycle. At some point, potentially during another cycle, the hawthorn tree were anchored to an asteroid. Maybe it was a curse, meant to further punish Merlin. Perhaps Merlin did it himself. Or it could have been an attempt by an outside force to break the Camelot cycle once and for all. Merlin keeps the secret.

For the past few decades, Merlin made use of what remained of his magic, pulling together the materials he needed. Fusing science and sorcery, Merlin created WonderTech, bridging past and future into one. Through magic, he stretched the roots of the hawthorn tree throughout the structure. He became one with the castle itself. While Merlin was occupied elsewhere, a stone appeared before his tree. The next day, a sword had been stuck into the stone. All was as it should be. Merlin brought the Round Table to the throne room. The same table that had been used in every cycle. He had done his part. Now all he could do was wait for the Pendragon to appear and start the cycle anew.

Cosmic Camelot stood ready for years. Cloaked from the eyes of man, the asteroid remained in orbit. The sword remained in the stone. The seats by the Round Table remained empty, and within the hawthorn tree, Merlin grew restless. Had he been wrong? Had the cycle ended? Where was Arthur? Had he seen the last Camelot?

Merlin was proud. He refused to admit the possibility that he might have been wrong. Expending the last of his magic power, Merlin forced the Round Table to call the Knights, and soon, the first mantle bearers of the cycle appeared at Cosmic Camelot.


Cosmic Camelot
Cosmic Camelot is a majestic castle of WonderTech built into a asteroid that currently orbits the Earth. At once ancient and futuristic, Cosmic Camelot seems to be a mixture of an ancient castle and technology that seems like it should not exist. Glowing powerlines and advanced technology intermingles with ancient arcihitecture, culminating in the symbiosis called WonderTech.

The castle is dominated by a massive hawthorn tree in its courtyard, its massive roots stretching throughout the entire asteroid and the castle itself. Merlin lies trapped within the tree. The magical tree is superconductive, plugged directly into all of Camelot's system. While Merlin's magic has been weakened, he is now essentially connected to a super computer, allowing him to roam the halls of Cosmic Camelot as a holographic projection.

The throne room holds the original round table. Encouraged by Merlin, the table called forth the champions that would take on the mythic roles in this cycle, but many chairs stand empty, including the throne of King Arthur, the Pendragon. 

Before the hawthorn tree stands a stone. A sword is embedded in the stone, waiting for its rightful owner.


While the classic tale of Camelot revolves around ruling Britain, the Knights of the Round Table of Cosmic Camelot instead seeks to protect the Earth and reality itself. The claim cosmic jurisdiction, primarily dealing with grand threats, rather than simple purse snatchers and the like.

The Knights search for the missing Pendragon, or at least for the person that will take up the role. In the cycles of the past, Camelot stood and fell with Arthur. There is little reason to believe that this time will be different.



  • Bedivere the Wizard Knight
  • Gawain the Green Knight
  • Guinnevere: Queen Guinnevere is missing.
  • Lancelot the Best Knight
  • Merlin: Still cursed from the previous cycle, Merlin remains trapped in the tree. He has spent decades building Cosmic Camelot, before finally bidding the Round Table to call upon the knights of this new cycle. Merlin is eternal. He was there at the rise of the first Camelot. He will be there at the fall of the last.
  • Mordred the Dragon Knight
  • Owain the Lion Knight
  • The Pendragon: King Arthur Pendragon is missing.
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I am 100% on board with this so far. Loving the imagery here. The touch of Merlin getting impatient and forcing the Table to pick the next Knights is a nice touch. Especially since he probably only thinks he knows what that does/means...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am, but I would hazard a guess that we've stalled because we haven't figured out a common baseline for our sheets. 


Edit: I see nothing disagreeable with the Guidebook entry and think its pretty rad, especially in regard to the mission statement being broad enough so that our knights can deal with anything from Space stuff to High Fantasy. 

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