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Okay, Alice is going to grapple Billy, using All-Out-Attack to it's fullest, putting her Defence bonus to +0 and her attack bonus to +7 and fly away as fast as she can without hurting Billy. Interpose is still on Billy. Assuming he resists the Grapple the rolls are as follows:

Attack: 1d20+7 = 8! I am DEFINITELY using that last HP on this! (I noticed you put 3HP on her initiative. Alice has so far used 2 in the thread, were they reset or was it just a misprint?)

Attack (HP): 1d20+7 = 26 (+10 due to being less than 10)
Grapple: 1d20+21 = 27

My rolling is terrible tonight, but at least the Grapple being low doesn't really matter... hopefully.


Writing up a post now

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I'd forgotten you had used them!

That's a hit, and Billy can't possibly make that grapple atm, so... he's grappled!


All four fire: 21 14 8 18


All but one hit, with you shielding Billy, and... your Impervious takes care of it.


17 - Shooting Star - 0HP - Unharmed

7 - Attackers - x4? - Unharmed

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Alice is going to find somewhere a decent distance away that she can deposit Billy, hopefully with somewhere he can hide and tell him to stay put while she goes to take out the guys who just tried to gun them down, before using her movement to head back to the school, since without Billy she won't need to worry about moving slower so I assume she can get back in one turn.

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it'll be a move action to get there and a free action to drop him, so another move action to get back.


For the record, if you wanna do all that with just one move action with your high speed, pick up the Move-By Action feat.


You're fast. But the moment you get back they all open fire on you... but now they're switching things up a bit: 21 11 11 13

Just one hit, but... Give me a DC15 Fortitude Save vs. Stun


17 - Shooting Star - 0HP - Unharmed

7 - Attackers - x4? - Unharmed

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