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What-ifs and Elseworlds - The June/July Vignette

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This is an IMAGINARY STORY (which may never happen, but then again may)… This is an IMAGINARY STORY…, Aren't they all?

      - Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow?



For this vignette we explore the what could have been with the theme of alternative universes, a theme that I’m sure of many of you know I’m a fan off!


So you can explore a version of your character where there life took a very different turn at a key event in there life (a What-Ifs) or one where the world they live in is very different from that of Earth Prime (Elseworlds). And it doesn't have to be the present day it could be the distant past or the far future where someone, or anywhere in between. Please just remember that whilst some alternatives get pretty dark keep things within the site general PG-13 tone, apart from that go crazy.


The story of this alternative world should be posted in this thread no later than the 31st July.


(As a reminder, vignettes follow the same general rules as posts in terms of content, player character limits, and so on. You may have only one vignette per player character. Each vignette should be at least one page (~500 words) in length; if posted in your thread counts at the end of the month, it is worth 1pp for the associated character. An especially long vignette, 1000 words or more, may be worth up to 2pp. Multiple players can collaborate on a single vignette - we recommend Google Docs for this, it's very useful - but the vignette should be about one page per participating player.)

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The hoverbike screams between her legs as she pulls it up, soaring towards the sky. The curve is far steeper than what a standard model can handle, but with the city’s Chess Guard on her tail, she doesn’t have much choice. The emerald hued holographic neon of the cityscape is a distraction. Flashing, changing, switching. Advertising the latest MarsTech technological breakthrough, the newest Emerald City developments. It is almost blinding, but she can’t let it stop her. Behind her, the Pawns break off. They can’t follow where she is going. The Knights are another manner entirely. They get the good tech. But at least there’s no Bishops or Towers on her tail. Those are the bad ones.


Something inside the hoverbike dies. She can feel the vibration rocking through her body, as her ascend begins to slow. Whatever she is hoping to do, the hoverbike can’t handle it. It simply won’t be enough to get her to the top of the Viridian Tower, and the Chess Guard knows it. She can hear the chatter on MarsNet. They’re laughing at her. The Chess Guard get the best tech. Much better than what’s available to the public. They keep law and order in Emerald City, after all. Of course they get the best that MarsTech has to offer.


Too bad for them that she’s got something better than MarsTech.


She crawls forward, towards the nose of the hoverbike as she angles it ever further up, going straight up by now. It won’t last long. It sputters, smoke rising from it, while she stands on the nose. Even the Knights are struggling with an ascent this steep, fighting to keep up as they pass the fabled floor 100. So high up, above the ground. She must be crazy to do this. On the other hand, she wouldn’t go against MarsTech if she wasn’t already a bit crazy. A few seconds more, that’s it. All that she needs. The hoverbike’s engine finally gives out in an explosion of neon yellow energy, catapulting the front up, further. She stands, kneeling down on the remains of the hoverbike, and then, she activates the flow of the strange extradimensional power that courses through the armor. The purple pink energy runs through the powerlines on the purple suit, lighting up, making her clearly visible against the emerald city around her. She leaps, a powerful burst of energy from the sole of her feet catapulting her up, farther than ever before. She leaves the Chess Guard behind as she reaches her goal. A single, secret entrance on the Viridian Tower’s 126th floor. Placing her hand on the secret spot, she lets her tech do the work. Move through the archaic digital architecture, disable the locks, and the secret entrance is open. She slips inside, running through the halls. A few floors to go, just a few more, and she would get to her target.

It impossible to do this alone. One woman against a whole city. Luckily, she had help. She wouldn’t ever have been able to find out about the secret entrance without her allies.


The Rebellion had spread its consciousness across the citizens, hoping to find anything, anyone, that might know something that could work. It had taken years, but the Rebellion’s effort had borne fruit. It had found a man, on death’s door. An old man that was ready to be a rebel once more. He had shared what he knew, all the Emerald City secrets, before he passed.


The Spider had found the connections. With the knowledge shared by the Rebellion, the Spider had been able to discover the true purpose behind the Viridian Tower: It wasn’t simply a place for MarsTech’s experimental weapons: It was a stronghold, a fortress, meant to protect MarsTech’s greatest assets.


Even now, the Rebellion, the Spider and many others are out there, fighting in the city, distracting the eyes of MarsTech. The Rebellion and the Spider are fighting the Takazumi-Malakov Mafiya: Challenging the leaders of the Emerald City underworld is bound to get the Chess Guard’s attention as well. At the same time, the consciousness of the ancient MarsTech android is waging open war against the secret mind that hide inside MarsNet. Others are out there, as well. The robot from a parallel timeline. Magicians, monsters and heroes. Friends and foes, they all want one thing: To put an end to MarsTech’s reign, to set Emerald City free. This is it, after all. The big push. And it all rests in her hands.


The sound of her heavy boots echo through the strangely silent halls. Everything here is too silent. She shouldn’t be the only one here. The halls should be swarming with Chess Guard by now. She finally comes to a stop, almost crashing into an iron statue that stands guard in front of door that leads to her goal. The man is old, dressed in some kind of ancient ceremonial armor. A sword is stuck in his chest, protruding out through his back. His hands hold on to the sword. Stepping around the statue, she reaches the door and pushes it open.


 “You must be the new Justice.”


An ancient woman with long white hair lies in a bed, her body attached to several machines. Vital signs flash over several screens, with commands appearing to regulate any divergence from her baseline. Her voice is pleasant, despite the circumstances. She is blind, her eyes milky white, with severe scar tissue around them.


“You’re Tomiko?” Justice isn’t sure that she believes it. Tomiko was supposed to be a precog. She was a beautiful young woman. Part of the Takezumi-Malakov Mafiya, not some old lady. She looked like she was at least a hundred.


“I know why you’re here. Don’t worry, I’m happy that you’re here to end this, to kill me. That’s the only way they won’t be able to use me again. Just, please make it quick. Give the world a little justice.”


Tomiko sounds almost happy. She wants it to be all over. With a heavy heart, Justice raises her gloved gauntlet, a flash of rainbow colored energy summoning a heavy weapon. She takes aim as the weapon charges.




An explosion rocks the Viridian Tower. Debris fall to the street below. A woman in a purple armor with purple pink powerlines steps into the hole she had blown in the side of the building. She is holding an old woman in her arms.

Tomiko holds on to her, a slight smile playing over her lips.


Justice leaps from the building, towards the darkness below.




Justice 2099


Future Justice

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Victory Over Death 



From the universe of Freedom Combat  - a game coming to your favorite PC and console this Christmas. 


Alternate Skins: 

Watchdog: Copycat, Raven III


Prefight Banter 


Watchdog and Daystar enter the fight together, Watchdog in front, a glowing Daystar in the back. 


A: "Stay behind me!" 

J: "Ah can fight!" 


Ashley and Judy are walking down a street together when there's a noise - they duck into an alley, hastily pulling off their civilian gear, and emerge in the fighting area. 


J: "Wh-what is that thing?" 

A: "What'd'you think you're doing?" 


Clash Dialogue 


A: "I'm going to blow that stupid look off your face!" 

J: "Get 'em!" 


A: "Slow down a little!" 

J: "Ah'm just getting warmed up!" 


Mirror Match 


A1: "Grue!" 

A2: "Robot!" 

J1: "Are - you ME?" 

J2: "You wish!" 


A1: "I can't believe you're the Raven!" 

A2: "I can't believe you're not!"  

J1: "Do they have to fight like this?" 

J2: "Ah think they do!" 



"Got you!"


Watchdog stuns their opponent with a blast of pepper spray, then closes with her batons. With a bone-crunching crack that plays in slow-mo, she beats them across the jaw, then kicks them into a wall. The opponent's vision clears - just in time for a POV shot of Daystar blasting them through the wall and out the other side.


"God loves you!" 


Fight Victory 

Watchdog handcuffs her dazed opponent, then throws him into the back of an unmarked black SUV that pulled up from nowhere while Daystar dusts off her hands. The scene cuts to inside a limo where Ashley is driving and Judy is busy texting, both of them smiling. 


End-Game Victory 

Watchdog stands over a fallen Zeus, dual pistols raised in the air and smoking from recent fire - beside her, Daystar is a glowing pillar of fire with a hand over her mouth in shock. 


A: "What was it like to fight a god with the fate of the universe at stake? It was completely <beeping> terrible! I gave the power of Zeus back to Phantom and let the capes handle that one." 


J: "The Olympians said that our leaders were false gods - but that Ah would marry Hercules, they'd make an exception for America. Turns out they're just as vulnerable to radiation as anybody else, though." 


Ashley and Judy are standing in a White House bedroom, the latter in the midst of an argument with her father - then packing her bags.


A: "I was ready to go back to Washington and pretend the whole thing never happened, but Judy was on fire the minute we got back to Prime. She told her father she wasn't going to put up with his bull<beep> anymore - even if those weren't her exact words." 


J: "Ah was so scared! But Ah knew Ah couldn't live a lie anymore, so Ah started telling the truth - and it felt really great! Ah knew Ah was walking the right path for the first time in a long time. Well, maybe walking wasn't the right word." 


In Lor civilian dress with Fa'Rua at her side, Ashley is standing amid a group of Lor soldiers, a brightly-glowing Judy visible off in the corner.  


A:  "Having a tag-along when I went into space wasn't exactly my first idea.  But I wasn't just going to leave my sister back on Earth - and she's doing better here than I ever expected. As for me, they're always looking for people who know how to shoot and know how to fight up here - and the company couldn't be better."


J: "Sometimes Ah worry that Ah'm going to go too far. But as long as Ah have my family and my God,  Ah know I can't make too many mistakes up here. Ah have a lot of power, and up here Ah can finally use it without having to be afraid.


In the midst of a big space battle, Daystar is zipping along in the company of a small squadron of Lor starfighters, trading energy blasts with a fleeing pirate squadron. The scene changes, and she's sitting around a table on Earth with Watchdog, Fa'Rua, and the extended Tran-George clan. 


A: "I make it home more than you'd think. I always have a story to tell for my mother and sister - especially lately. But the truth is I'm happy here. For the first time in a long time, I'm not a government agent, I'm not a bodyguard - the only person I'm responsible for is me. And that is - perfect." 


A shot of Ashley and Fa'Rua kissing while Judy beams, literally, in the background. 


J: "As for me, Ah send stories about space back to Earth every day. Maybe there's a little girl out there who'll decide to learn about the stars because of me, or maybe somebody out there will learn how to be brave. People aren't really bad - and they're not really that strange. They just need a light to show them the way.


Watchdog and Daystar stand back-to-back as their theme music plays. 

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Lets make this clear. I am NOT a vigilante. Dogpound leaps across rooftop to rooftop in the Fenz. Despite what some people in the city will tell you, I’m no Menace either. As the much younger hero runs across the rooftops we see a billboard advertising the reopening of Freedom Hall. My name is Jack Sounder. 6 months ago,  I took an after-school job at ASTRO Labs. While I was there a Test Dog that the staff affectionately named “Butcher” bit me. Afterwards I started to develop some new abilities. My teeth got sharper, I could hear and smell things better. I run fast enough to keep up with cars and I’m strong enough to rip doors off them. I’m not what you’d call “Normal”. I started using this new, particular skill set to help out in the Fenz and so far I’ve been pretty successful as “Dog Pound”. Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding during my first outing a lot of people think I murdered a guy, so the rest of the Superhero community thinks I’m some kind of violent anti-hero who needs to be stopped. I’m sure you can tell how that complicates things a bit.

Dogpound, who as he comes into the light we see is at most a 16 year old jumps over a ledge, seemingly following a highway alongside the buildings. There is an armored car speeding down said highway. I’ve had some success since I started heroing over the last few months. I mean, what else was I gonna do? I took out a few of the more C lister guys. Some of Augustus Roman’s goons. The Bee-Keeper, well the second one, some jerk who stole the original’s gear after he retired, beat him too. But today is nothing as flashy at all.

Inside the armored car is a group of men in ski masks. These guys aren’t super-anythings. Just a bunch of fruitcakes with guns who think they can get away with hijacking an armored truck. So generic. Nothing creative about it at all. There is a firm Thud on the roof of the Car. The goon driving leans out of the window with a pistol and is pulled from his seat. So I won’t be creative either. “Should have worn your seatbelt pal.” With that, he jumped off the Armored car, still holding onto the goon as he landed in the street behind the car. As it slammed into a light post, he tossed the driver into an open dumpster nearby.

Those things were built to survive heavy fire. The guys in the back are… The two goons who had been in the back emerge, mostly unscathed. Yeah, that. Need to wrap this up quickly though, before the Freedom League gets here and try to arrest me again. Dogpound rushes the two, hitting the first in the stomach before he can pull his gun, ducking under a shot from the second, closing the last bit of the distance and landing an uppercut on his chin.

And now I need to go. Immediately. Or else Captain Thunderpants is going to try to toss me in the lock up again. I flee the scene, leaving a note for the cops on who stopped these guys, and just like that I’m outta there.

--------YOUNG DOG POUND---------

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Sea Devil 

Fight Song


From the universe of Freedom Combat  - a game coming to your favorite PC and console this Christmas. 


Alternate Skins: 

Aquaria Innsmouth (with no armor), the Last Leaguer (Daedalus's armor) 


Prefight Banter 


Sea Devil leaps out of a body of water that doesn't seem to be present in the other parts of the fight on this map and strikes her trident against the ground. 


"Ia! What goes on here?"


Aquaria hops to a bipedal stance from praying before a squamous altar to a nameless god. 


"This is my place!


Clash Dialogue 


<with one of the other Castle crew> 

"After this, let's go fishing!"


<with Singularity> 

"I'll walk the dog tomorrow!


<with an Atlantean character, or Poseidon> 

"I'll bite your face!


Mirror Match 


SD1: "You smell false, stranger!

SD2: "I am Dagon's champion!

SD1: "I'll bite your face!"


SD1: "Are the stars right at last?

SD2: "I have traveled worlds to put out their light!

SD1: "I'll bite your face!""  





Sea Devil tears a portal in the air with her trident and kicks her opponent through it, following quickly. They land on an ancient, rocky island where a a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind grabs her opponent around the midsection and smashes it head-first into rocky columns on each side. Just as the creature tosses the opponent into its mouth, there's a flash and they are back where they started. 


Fight Victory 

Sea Devil strikes her opponent in the head with her trident and stands astride their prone body. "Ia!" she declares, then drops down to all four, staring at the player with gold-black eyes as the camera pans around her. 


End-Game Victory 

Sea Devil stands over the fallen form of Zeus amid the ruins of Atlantis, her trident buried in his chest. As she speaks, lightning crackles up her trident and into her eyes. 


SD: "I had done it! The false gods were defeated and the world was saved! And their power was mine! All mine!"  


Sea Devil stands before the humbled Council of Olympians, then suddenly turns and cuts open a portal in the air, one lined with a sudden forest of reaching, grasping tentacles. 


SD: "So I did what any Deep One would do - I used their power to tear open the prison that holds _my_ gods in check! Dagon and Hydra were free!


Singularity and Seven are both glaring at Sea Devil, arms crossed, as a background of Olympians wrestling with great tentacles shifts behind them. 


SD: "I tried to tell my friends that everything had worked out for the best, but they were very angry for a while! Still, I know I did the right thing.


A distinctly altered Olympian scene now plays - the gods, their eyes wide and staring, sit around a table emblazoned with a golden sign, Dagon and Hydra squatting together in Zeus's seat, the stars overhead shaped in eldritch patterns.


SD: "Everything is fine! Dagon and Hydra have a realm that is Theirs, one that will never trouble Earth-Prime again - and I am their hero! And the magic of my people has never been stronger. I...still need to make rent, though.


A shot of Aquaria working in her apartment kitchen, peering over her shoulder at Jessie, who is watching television in the living room. 


SD: "I know I made a mess of things here, but I am a good friend, so I will clean everything up. I will make sure my people can find their new home in our new world, and I will keep the Surface World safe too!


Aquaria curled up in a wading pool by Jessie's feet in the living room of their apartment.  


SD: "But for now, I am very tired - and so tonight, I shall lie in my own place, dreaming... 

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A Conspiracy of Ravens


Their God called, and the Ravens answered. The conspiracy gathered by the feet of the One-Eyed God on his throne, mighty spear in hand. As always, their order was concerned with one thing above all else.




There had been a murder most foul, in the City of Freedom. Foul treachery had taken the life of one of their own: Duncan, the first and greatest of the Ravens, had been slain at the very grounds where he trained the heroes of the next era. The identity and allegiance of the killer was unknown, even to the eye of the Allfather. He was displeased at the turn of events, Duncan had served the King of Asgard faithfully, and he had earned his rest. The Ravens were to find the killers, and visit upon them the wrath of Odin himself.


The Ravens moved through the City on dark wings. The unkindness moved in silence, until the youngest, Charles, spoke. “Who would dare to strike the retired servant of the Allfather? Is he not Odin the All-Seeing?” He was young, still. His training far from complete. He knew little of the horrors that awaited the life of the One-Eyed God’s Ravens.  His teacher, Aleksander, eyed Calliope, their leader. An unspoken question on his lips, he received a single nod in response from their leader. Quickly holding out an arm, Aleksander stopped Charles in his track. Calliope and Ashley continued on, towards their goal.


Charles perched upon the building. On the street far below, he could hear thunder and smell smoke. The Hammers of the Thunderer or Zeus’ Chosen were at work again, it seemed. Aleksander saw that his student was losing focus yet again. He gripped the youth’s shoulder tightly. “Focus, Charles. One day, it will save your life.” The youth looked appropriately apologetic behind his heavy hood and cloak.  “The Allfather has many enemies, as do we. Perhaps the murderer killed Duncan simply to spite our Lord. Perhaps it was an old enemy, or a rival from another pantheon. A coward’s declaration of divine war.” Charles seemed to give it some thought. “I thought the Allfather knew all. Why do we have to find the killer ourselves?” Just one more time today, Aleksander resisted the urge to slap his apprentice. “Our Lord knows everything because of us, Charles. We are his eyes and ears, his spies and his vengeance. Do you understand?” Charles was silent, simply nodding. He could feel his mentor was on an edge. There were better times to push him. “Good. Then come, we have a job.”


The pair arrived at the site of Duncan’s last stand. Even with their delay, little time had passed. Duncan had still been bound to the One-Eyed God, and he had known about the death of his former Raven as soon as it happened. Calliope and Ashley was there, examining the site. Duncan’s body laid broken and bent on the ground, barely recognizable. Calliope was clearly distraught as Charles approached. “He was her father,” Aleksander explained as the younger Raven approached. “We don’t have time to grieve,” Ashley added. She was kneeling on the ground, examining it not far from where Duncan laid. Charles approached her, and Ashley noticed the look in his eyes. “See that track here?” She pointed to the ground, where a long, thick track ended abruptly. In the other direction, it seemed to stretch on down the street, through cracked pavement and broken cars. In several places along the path it had created, parts of the ground was burning with a strange green fluid. “It’s big.” Charles felt like an idiot as soon as he said it. Of course, it was big. Why did he feel the need to tell the rest of them? Ashley stood up, shaking her head. “More like huge. Maybe you should keep the kid out of this, Aleksander.” Charles hated when they spoke as if he was not there. “The Allfather wanted him here.” And the Allfather’s word was absolute.


Turning from her father’s corpse, Calliope wiped her tears from her eyes. The other Ravens knew better than to mention it. “Whatever did this crushed him, but he died fighting.” She paused before saying he was in a better place now, instead holding up the end of a broken spear. The jagged tip of the wooden spear was dripping with green blood, a vicious flow that slowly fell to the ground, leaving burning marks where it fell. “He wounded the killer.” Charles hugged his cloak tightly around himself. Even to the newest Raven, it was clear what they had to do.


The Ravens followed the track. It snaked through the City of Freedom, an intricate pattern through the neighborhoods. The Gods’ Chosen were out in force on this day. Whatever had attacked Duncan seemed to be part of something greater still. And yet, on this particular day, the Ravens did not care. They were hunting a killer, a murderer of one of their own. They could not care that the Horus’ Chosen were fighting a frog beast dedicated to an unspeakable horror, or that followers of some archer deity were fighting against giant wolves. Charles would stop on occasion to watch spectacle, only to be pulled along by Aleksander once more. The leagues and interceptors of the world would keep it free. The Ravens had their own mission.


Finally, the track ended near the docks. The conspiracy of Ravens gathered where the killer had disappeared, into the waves. The Ravens could do much in the sky or on land, but not beneath the waves. As the older Ravens talked, discussing their options, Charles approached the dock. He stared into the water. He thought he might have seen something, or perhaps he was wrong. Every now and again, bubbles sizzled and broke into steam on the water’s surface. He looked closer, while the other talked. Saw a flash of green before the bubbles and the sizzle. He turned, he ran to the others. “It’s still in the water! It’s still there!”


As if called by command, the beast rose from the water. A worm, one made for conquest, landed on the docks. A broken spear stuck in its belly, vicious green blood flowing from the wound. “Jormungandr.” Calliope was swift in her decision. “A Conqueror Worm,” Aleksander agreed.


The Ravens moved as one. Even Charles, inexperienced as he might be, dove towards the beast. With feathers as sharp as steel, Charles struck again and again, drawing the attention of the beast. It howled in frustration and range, throwing itself among them. They evaded, and another struck. Again and again.


Had they been alone, the beast would have killed them, as it had done to Duncan. But they were not alone, we they? And in that thought, Charles realized the greatest strength of the One-Eyed God’s Ravens: They were not alone. They were a conspiracy. And together, they would succeed.

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The five thousand year war.

The Traveller


The crashed ship was cavernous and very old, as the young clone mused as she rappelling through the space filled with a forest of ancient trees that must be as old as the Empire itself. She paused halfway down to enjoy a moment of silence, something she enjoyed more than her clone sisters. The psychodoctors though there might be something slightly off about her memory engrams wanting to spend time alone than with her clone sisters, it made her an excellent scout which was why she was on this backwater planet chasing a rumour about an ancient cache among this crashed ship.

Touching down on the forest, and starship, floor she lifted up her arm to look at her wrist computer getting faint energy readings, something that shouldn’t happen in a ship of this age. Taking her bearings she made her way towards the energy reading, she didn’t need to report until she’d knew more, not that anyone would have been paying attention to her report. Unlike her sisters, her armour wasn’t the stark white but a mute series of colour that allowed her to blend into the environment, allowing her to sneak through the forest unseen, at least if anything lived in this forest.

Through an airlock door was another world a stark, yet somehow beautiful, corridor filled with the soft hum of equipment. It felt like the crew could come back at any time and not a craft that had been abandoned for millennia, it was kind of spooky and despite being told repeatedly that clones like her didn’t she felt a tiny shudder of apprehension. Still, she carried on, though she drew her blaster just in case they hadn’t left after all. The corridor only seemed to lead to one place and she wondered if the ship was somehow morphic, a few AI’s controlled ships would adjust there layout so people would get where they wanted, or needed, to end up. The door at least had the decency to be locked, so she didn’t feel any more that she was walking into a trap than she did already. The room lit up as the door opened and she paused at the threshold for a few moments just in case. She wondered if her sisters should any of the caution she felt right now? Maybe she was a broken, a 99, only good to go back to the vats.

The room was stark white and appeared to be some kind of medical facility full of the sounds of monitoring equipment, could there be someone in the room? Gathering up her courage she finally stepped into the room to explore things further, reminding herself that this ship had been here for longer than the Empire itself. A soft glow led her to an alcove bathed in soft blue light, her readings showing some kind of stasis field which seemed to fade to become more translucent as she got closer showing a figure inside, the instruments showing that they were still alive in the stasis field. The face of the humanoid behind the stasis field cause her some pause, so much so she failed to notice that the field was shutting down because the face she could see was hers.

Being a clone she was used to seeing other with her face, all her sisters looked the same after all, but not only was the ship older than her original clone sisters but the face was younger than when clones were activate, around 16 standard years old. She’d never seen her, or her sisters, face at that age it was strange, philosophically she knew that someone could have grown up with her face but to see someone that had it so long ago. She was still processing this when the figure collapsed onto her sending both of them sprawling to the ground.

<”Are you okay sky man?”>

Opening her eye she saw the humanoid above her offering a hand to help her up, she wondered how she could understand the language the stranger was speaking despite the translator did not recognize the language.

“Sky man? Oh the helmet.” knowing the air was safe she retracted the helmet, to that the other her she cocked her head and looked at her quizzically

<”You don’t need to wear my form to make me more comfortable, I’ve seen your real form before and I recognize how you make me understand your words.”>

She didn’t expect this young woman to accept the strangeness so readily accept all this, still confused she sat upright with the woman sitting cross-legged across from her.

“No this is my face, I’m a clone Sit-8A.”

The woman laughed, an unexpected joyous thing in this stark cold space.

<”That is my name as well, Sitara!”> she looked at Sit-8A cautiously <”A clone? The sky-people said they’d explain this term later, did they send you to wake me for the sleep?”>

“They have been gone for a very long time, five millennia.” this Sitara was curious and questioning, a thing she’d also felt but was often told was wrong for any clone to feel.

Sitara was quiet for a moment, with looking sad for a moment.

<”I knew I might never see my family again, but it seems strange that so long has passed whilst I slept. So the Sky-people didn’t need our help after all? I guess they made you to fight rather than train me in their ways?”>

“From what I understand the Founders raised us Lor to protect the Empire from outsiders. They gifted us to help them protect and fight for the Empire since the founding.”

<”Then these Founder has bought peace to the sky, you must no longer need to be needed to fight wars. It must be amazing to be a traveller among the stars.”>

“No must keep fighting and expanding until the galaxy is at peace under the rule of the Lor Empire.”

Sitara’s face frowned at this and she thought for a second before standing, only then did Sit-8A noticed her nakedness and how comfortable she was despite this. She looked very determined as she looked at the clone.


<”Well that doesn't sound right to me, I’m going to have a look to see what can be done.”>


The clone sat for a few moments considering her options, she never questions the Empire before but this young woman seemed to awake a curiosity in her for the truth.


Standing up she followed her ancestor beyond this hulk and to adventure.

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Classic Systems 


The Steel Angel games follow Eira's adventures, typically in the fictional Freedom City with Eira as the player character. She is often joined by her mother, Steel America, and occasionally by other members of the Angel cast. As in platform video games, the player runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemies in themed levels. The games have simple plots, typically with Eira rescuing the kidnapped Prince Peter from the primary antagonist, Soliton. The first title in the series, Steel Angel Girls., released for the Freetendo Entertainment System (FES) in 1985, established gameplay concepts and elements prevalent in nearly every Steel Angel game released since. These include a multitude of power-ups and items that give Steel Angel special powers such as lightning-throwing and size-changing into both giant and miniature sizes.


Synopsis - Steel Angel Girls

In the heroic setting of Freedom City, a group of alien creatures known as the Boo Grues invade Freedom City and uses the magic of their queen, Soliton, to turn its inhabitants, known as the Freedomites, into inanimate objects such as bricks, stones and horsehair plants. Soliton and her army also kidnap Prince Peter, the Master Mage of Freedom City and the only one with the ability to reverse Soliton's spell. After hearing the news, Steel Angel sets out to save the prince and free the kingdom from Soliton. After traveling through various parts of the city and fighting Soliton's forces along the way, Steel Angel reaches Soliton's final stronghold.


Once there, she reassembles the scattered fragments of the Power of Freedom. (She has already located and braved the eight strongholds, and retrieved each fragment from their defeated guardians. With the completed Power of Freedom, she is able to infiltrate Soliton's lair in Claremont Academy, confronting the princess of darkness and destroying her with the Lightning Spike. Obtaining the Power of Freedom from Soliton's ashes, Steel Angel returns it to the rescued Prince Peter, and peace can return to Freedom.


Synopsis - Steel Angel Sunshine 


The game takes place on the tropical Isle Vibora, where Eira, Kimber, and Prince Pan are taking a vacation. A villain resembling Eira, known as Skadi Eira, vandalizes the island with graffiti as Eira gets blamed for the mess. Eira is ordered to clean up Isle Vibori, using a device called the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (F.L.U.D.D.), while saving Prince Pan from Skadi Eira.


Synopsis - Pan's Mansion 


Prince Pan is notified he has won a mansion in a contest he did not enter. He informs Steel Angel, and they agree to meet up outside the mansion that evening. Prince Pan follows a map to the mansion, finding it more sinister looking than the supplied photo. With Steel Angel nowhere to be found, Prince Pan enters the mansion alone. He is attacked by a zombie, but is saved by a scientist who tries unsuccessfully to suck up the zombie with a vacuum cleaner.


The two evacuate before more ghosts can arrive, and the woman introduces herself as Steel Dragon, who explains the mansion is supernatural in origin and only appeared a few nights prior. Steel Dragon tells Pan that she saw Steel Angel heading towards the mansion, but has not seen her since. Upon learning that Pan is Eira's "good friend', Steel Dragon entrusts Pan with her zombie-hunting equipment, including the Zombuster 3000 vacuum cleaner and Game Gal Horror communication device, and Pan re-enters the mansion to look for Steel Angel.


Synopsis - Dr. Angel 


In this falling block puzzle game, the player's objective is to reprogram the robots populating the on-screen playing field by using colored circuits that are tossed into the field by Steel Angel, who assumes the role of a scientist complete with lab coat costume. The player manipulates each circuit as it falls, with the goal being to align similar colors which removes the robots. The player progresses through the game by reprogram all the robots on the screen in each level.


Synopsis - Steel America Teaches Typing 

The CD-ROM release of Steel America Teaches Typing and Steel America Teaches Typing 2 feature a story in which Steel Angel and Steel America encounter a magical typewriter. After Steel Angel incorrectly types a phrase that would destroy Soliton's castle, the typewriter - and Steel Angel -  explode into three pieces. The pieces of the machine are retrieved as the player progresses through the game lessons; when the typewriter is fully repaired, Steel Angel is able to type the phrase correctly, resulting in the destruction of Soliton's castle.


"For me, the interesting relationship is the one between Steel Angel and Soliton; I mean on some days they fight to the death in fiery climactic showdowns, while on other days they go go-karting together, play tennis, even team up in some of the RPGs. Sure, she kidnaps Prince Pan a whole bunch, but no-one seems to begrudge her for that anymore; it's just what she does."


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Magical Fairytale Soldier Little Mermaid


They were too late. Again. The mirror shard had wormed its way into yet another heart, amplifying a man’s feelings of loneliness, until his heart had broken… and the mirror shard had taken over completely. His name was Lasse, he was a nice guy, but he didn’t really have a lot of friends. He was too busy with his studies. He had just pushed everyone away, they had given up on him, and it was just getting to be too much for him. Mette had tried to stop the transformation. She had walked around, trying to cheer him up, she had sought out his old friends, she had brought them back together, and they had even reconnected. Muirne had helped out too, and Eira? She had been there, snarking about it all the time, wondering why Mette even bothered. “Just let him transform already so we can kick his ass and get him back to normal,” was one of her more memorable quotes of the day. Not that it helped. Once Lasse’s old friends left, he was right back to despair. He really needed some professional help, and then, it happened. The mirror shard started the transformation.


Even though she had seen it many times before, Mette was still horrified as the ice broke out of Lasse’s chest. It spread from his heart, covering his body, growing in density and size until it covered the ground all around him, and it still kept growing. This was a big one Mirror Monster.


“Finally!” Eira was next Mette, cracking her robotic knuckles. “I knew it was just a matter of time!”


“You don’t know that! It could have worked! We can’t stop trying just because you want to get home to your boyfriend.” Muirne stood back and shook her head, then immediately covered her mouth in response to Eira’s death glare. She was ready, but she had hoped that their efforts would have worked.


“Yeah, yeah. Alright.” Mette stood her ground and put her feet slightly apart. Eira had a point, of course. Their attempts to stop a transformation before it happened rarely worked. The Snow Queen’s magic was just too strong for regular, positive emotions to change things. Sometimes, it worked, and that made it worth the effort. Not that Eira agreed. She just wanted to get it over with and go back to doing whatever she was doing before the mirror shard got inside Lasse.  


The ice shattered. Pieces fell all around the shape that had been Lasse moments ago. Now? A wolf man that stood on two legs, with a massive jaw that took up most of his upper body. His fur was black with red and white specks mixed in, his eyes strangely human-like. A Mirror Monster, an emotion gone wrong, stood before them once again.


“Is it time yet?” Eira was impatient. “We gotta do it now, right?” Muirne too. Alright, Mette had to agree with Eira here. This was the best part of their gig. “Yeah!” Mette turned her right side towards the wolf-like monster. It snapped its massive jaws at her, releasing some sort of corrosive spit. Mette thrust her right hand forward, clenched fist pointing at the wolf man. “Let’s go!” Eira and Muirne mirrored her movement. Brilliant light shone from the three young heroes, all but destroying the corrosive spit before it reached them.


Once upon a time…


Muirne closed her eyes, stretching her arms out to the side. She looked serene, calm. Muirne smiled, she danced, made a pirouette. Mid-spin, a dark shadow appeared on the ground beneath her foot, surging up along her legs and across her body in uneven, jagged patterns. Muirne kept dancing, spinning, and she leapt. When she landed, the shadow cracked and fell away. A dark grey dress with jagged black patterns spilled out. Parts of her arms and backs were bare, the shadow whirling around her on the ground in a spiral. Taking a few more steps, Muirne spun one final time and pointed towards the monster with her right hand, the shadow on the ground whirling across her body, a black domino mask finally appearing over her eyes.


Cast your shadow! Magical Fairytale Soldier Shadow!


Fire erupted from Eira’s fist, spreading out across her body, burning away clothes and fake skin, revealing her robotic form underneath. She pulled back, crossing her arms across her chest and grinned, cold robotic eyes staring straight ahead, only her hair left behind. As she threw her arms out to the sides, Eira’s back erupted in burning wings, while a dark red knee-length dress appeared, burning across her form. The dress had silver accents at all edges, a somewhat militaristic style, broken by spikes and studs. She threw her right hand up into the sky as the final flames burned dark red opera gloves onto her arms. Her heavy red boots left burning imprints behind as she took a few steps forward, a dark red domino mask finally appearing over her eyes.


Burn bright! Magical Fairytale Soldier Little Matchstick Girl!


Mette stood perfectly still as rain started to fall all around her. She was drenched, water pooling around her feet, a veritable flood, until it whirled up, water all around her. The water hit her, again and again. With each splash, her posture changed and more of her bright green dress appeared. It was slick, with a scale like pattern and white accent. Like the others, the dress reached her knees. Her boots were knee high and white with red accents and soles, her short fingerless gloves were the same green as her dress. Her arms were bare from the shoulders to her gloves. The shoulders of her dress were big, puffy and white. A single white line ran down the middle of her dress, stopping at her belt. Water whirled in the air around her, covering her face for a brief moment, a white domino mask finally appearing over her eyes.


Make a splash! Magical Fairytale Soldier Little Mermaid!


“Magical Fairytale Soldiers!” Muirne took a step forward, standing to the left of Mette. Mette smiled at her. Shadows swirled around Muirne’s outstretched and open left hand, her eyes glowing faintly.


“Standing ready to fight!” Mette looked to Eira on her right, flames blazing brightly around her right hand, raised in a fist into the sky. Her eyes were burning.


Mette raised lowered both her hands to her side, bent at the elbow and her hands tightened into fists. Water erupted in a half circle behind her, as she stared directly at the Mirror Monster. They could do this. Her eyes glowed a faint greenish-blue. “Until happily ever after!”


Behind them, a massive grey, red and green explosion rocked the scene.

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Valkyrja – The Sword


I don’t believe you used to call this place home it’s a dump.” Gajue’wji’j sulked as they trudged through the forest.


Takhi didn’t bother to point out that the smoking crater just outside this wood was actually her original home, the almost constant bickering of Gajue’wjj’j was something she’d gotten used to over the years. After being orphaned she’d been taken by the Stellar Khanate forces where she’d first met the young feline humanoid, growing up together as they were trained to serve the Star-Khan. When a scout ship picked up a strange signal on this planet, the Khanate not much concerned with the scattered human survivors to have more than a skeleton force, Takhi force had been dispatched to investigate partly due to her knowledge of the area.


After a few hours they’d found nothing and Gajue’wji’j was getting bored, which was generally bad for those that just happened to be around. She’d knew it was a lost cause but something had caught her attention, something she wanted to check out before they let to return to the fleet.


Gajue’wji’j return the squad to the ship, I’ll join you in a moment.”


You want to check out that boring rock again don’t you?” Gajue’wji’j knew her so well “I’ll leave you and pet rock to have you fun…” with a sneer she rounded up the rest of the team.


Using the servo’s of her suit she lifter the large stone she’d seen earlier, feeling that it had some importance in her past. Most of it was a vague set of emotions, most of them pain and torment, but she did have some memories of this forbidden forest. As she’d expected the stone contained as series of marks, some kind of language is guessed her translation device not having any data on the language. Clearing away some of the dirt revealed a picture in the middle, surrounded by the text she couldn’t understand. It was a little faded but it seemed to show two women fighting, or perhaps hugging, and behind them was a sword bisecting the stone. The sword seemed important somehow and her eye looked downward to catch the glint of something buried under a thin layer of soil. Wiping away the dirt she could see the hilt of a sword almost identical to the one carved into the stone. Also most without thinking she grasped the handle and lifted it out of the soil, for a moment she was disappointed that it was just the hilt but only for a moment...


As she held the hilt up to examine it the blade began to coalesce out of thin air, bathing the area with light as it appeared. And as the light flowed over her she began to changer, her power armour struggling to adapt to her increased height. As it did it began to also its outer form taken on a more Norse like appearance and mix of ancient Asgardian styling and modern technology white with runes and edges picked out i gold. Taking off the helm she shook out golden hair styled into two plats, rather than her rather modest short hair in an up-do. Awakening into this new body was somebody that had been rested all these centuries Sanngriðr, the Valkyrja sent here who broker peace with this sword. There were of two minds and yet one as Sanngriðr accessed the mind of Takhi, what had happened to her homeworld whilst she slept.


<"This is wrong."> was her first words she'd spoken in centuries.


Gently putting down the stone she strolled off through the forest to determine the best way to help free her newly refound world, ignoring the small disagreeing of Takhi in her mind. Straight into the surprised path of a pair of local inhabitants who had come to investigate the glowing lights in the forest. The woman looked on with some shock at the amazonian figure of the Valkyrie whilst the man at least had the presence of mind to point his bow towards the warrior.


"Do not be afraid I am Sanngriðr. I am here to help you." it took a few tries before she spoke in a language they understood, with some excitement and trepidation they led her away to where they were camped.


From the trees Gajue’wji’j watched on in some confusion. She'd not seen the transformation just that her friend had disappeared in the area that this giant woman had strolled out from, only to straight away hook up with these Terran rebels. They obviously done something with Takhi, so she had to admit she cared for deeply, so without informing the rest of the squad she began to follow the trio out of sight of them all. Even if she couldn't recover her friend she would extract her revenge and gain honour for the Great Khan whilst do it.


Around a campfire sometime later the two humans had told Sanngriðr what had happened to their planet when the aliens had come, details that the now quieter Takhi confirmed, with the abuses they had committed when humanity had resisted there benevolent rule. It hadn't taken long for Takhi to begin to see how they'd been mistreated, coming to some sort of peace with the woman that now controlled the body they were both in. Sanngriðr had been in many strange and curious events and this was just another thing she accepted without question. It was Odins way after all. With the two voices now in agreement they decided on a plan of action Sanngriðr relented there form back to Takhi, who resorted to her normal form, and the two went to find the ship. There they could feed information back to the human rebels, and maybe even help them in the battles ahead.


As she left the forest for the landing craft she found Gajue’wji’j waiting for her, she didn't know what was going on but she suspects something strange was goin on. She'd have to watch to see what would unfold in the future, not quite accepting her friends explanation of "getting lost".


Either way both suspected that there time on this planet wasn't coming to an end, instead it was most definitely...


        The Beginning! 

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