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  1. Think I;ll help protectron since leaving one guy alone seems like a bad call
  2. oh man I completely forgot about this. I'm sorry if during my absence I held this up at all.
  3. "Well. My turn." And with that, Visionary threw another punch, a clumsy, untrained punch that once gain failed to hit the Oni
  4. 20 to snare the guy with some silly string?
  5. Oh yeah, sorry I'm going to throw a punch. 14 to hit a guy?
  6. Well...the short answer to that is...no. As Visionary just stands there as he is swept into "Sir I must ask you to cease aggresion please."
  7. Visionary stares into into space as the maze spreads through his mind, just barely snapping out of it. Enraged by this...mental hijacking he fires off a blast of Protonic energy from his eyes, only to...hit nothing "This is getting us nowhere!"
  8. ... So thats a 10 on the save which I reroll with a HP to get...16
  9. "Sounds like a plan." Gimmick puts the magentized lock back and turns to Queenie. "Shall we get moving?"
  10. "No...no at least not straight up telekinesis" Gimmick said as he examined the lock. Trying to force it closed again the mechanism repelled itself. "Looks like it was magnetized. Granted, doesn't rule out some form of telekinesis..." He then let out a bit of a chuckle at Queenie's Oz joke. "Heh. Not bad, not bad at all. But it would work better at the Emerald City zoo."
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