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  1. "No...no at least not straight up telekinesis" Gimmick said as he examined the lock. Trying to force it closed again the mechanism repelled itself. "Looks like it was magnetized. Granted, doesn't rule out some form of telekinesis..." He then let out a bit of a chuckle at Queenie's Oz joke. "Heh. Not bad, not bad at all. But it would work better at the Emerald City zoo."
  2. Can gimmick use Craft: Mechanical to get any clues off the locks?
  3. Visionary wasn't 100% sure what was happening, only that the Protectron had charged at the two Animal People, which likely meant they were the bad guys. After the Doormouse escaped he ran up to the Lizard. After closing the gap, Visionary threw a clumsy punch that quite literally went over the villains head. "...So. Uh. Might need to learn to through a punch."
  4. Going to try and attack Bill with unarmed and Super strength if thats ok.
  5. "Oh. So PETA is here." Gimmick sighs as he opens his bag of tricks and produces a Buisness Card, giving it to Queenie. "Gimmick- professional crime fighter and aspiring Comedian, at your service ms..." Gimmick walks over to the lock on the cage door. "Huh. So...Did he have any devices or anything? Or did he just...literally pop open a locked cage with his bare hands"
  6. As Gimmick took a slash from the lions claws, tearing into his colorful costume, he stumbles back... "Geez, tough crowd" And he pulled a aeresol can from his bag and fired off another round of Silly String, this time it functions as intended and hardens a few seconds after hitting the lion. "Hah. There we go. Last batch must have been expired. That's non-toxic by the way, it should be fine. You see what happened by any chance?
  7. I'll take a ten and Snare again, DC 17
  8. Is queenie not there? She got higher init than me
  9. https://orokos.com/roll/824230 18...
  10. https://orokos.com/roll/824222 7. Jeez
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