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  1. Gimmick sighed, bounded across the room and tapped an open palm across the Best Man's chest, sending an electric shock through his system with no permanent damage done, but a lot of stunning for the criminal. "Trust me, I know everyone's a Critic but you do need to take some legitimate criticism, also the Best Man just gives a speech at the wedding, he doesn't have anything to do with the Bride unless something real messed up happens. So the dress trap was kinda stupid." Gimmick's trench coat was left behind after that jump, revealing his Jesterish costume.
  2. Another punch is thrown in the fog, Visionary swinging wide, unable to see his opponent due to the fog. He made a mental note to inform the other heroes of Emerald city, especially Venomax, that he does not, in fact, currently have super senses... "So, keep in mind it's my first time running into these gentlemen, how large of a portion of the Emerald City Yakuza are actually Oni?"
  3. My bad I misunderstood how that worked 23 to hit
  4. gonna try to punch with the Joy Tazer, 26 to hit, 20 for Unreliable Stun feature so he'll have to beat the stun too
  5. A multi-colored set of sticky strings fire toward The Best Man, Gimmick flashing his best gameshow smile as he managed to muck up the crook, only for his barrage of silly string to go completely avoided by the Best Man. "Wow, you just stole the Gentleman Bandit's bit and added a marriage twist didn't you? Speaking as quite possibly the leading authority on the subject, if your going to devote yourself to ONE Gimmick at least make it original"
  6. Going to try and smack the guy who went to punch me. I have to roll to beat the obscure right?
  7. "Worse, desperate people" Gimmick followed behind Angelic. "They can be so much easier to pull one over on." Taking note of the folks in the store Gimmick began going through some of the things on the shelf. None of this made sense, selling desperate people things that at best could sure a headache when they need treatment for much worse. And far worse, there was nothing Funny about it either. "Heh, Get your Essential Snake Oils here! Essential Snake Oils for sale." He muttered.
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